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July 12, 2021

July 12, 2021: Is the War Heating Up or Winding Down? [videos]

Number One tells me the ship is under heavy attack this morning but so far the shields are holding up. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you experience turbulence or we lose our comms.

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We have this reminder from Q drops, as well:

Should the lights go out please know that we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.

I hear that social media in Cuba is being restricted today and a state of emergency now exists there. Nothing is what it seems, however and the disinformation is thick.




It’s amazing to see what is happening in Cuba and also very scary at the same time.

Cuba is a great example of their people wanting to get rid of their Communist government in their recent protests and its great to see. It’s also very scary to see unprotected, unarmed citizens pretty much get trampled over by their corrupt government and their lefty agents who are literally beating and killing their own people for saying words like “freedom”.

I always say the ones who cheer this same thing over here will be the first to be eaten by their Commie system. Seeing the Cuban people walk around with the American flag says so much and I was just sitting here waiting for our media to call them white supremacists as well but you know what Joe Biden and Big Tech did yesterday?

They gaslight a entire nation and world by saying there is unrest because they want covid vaccines and they aren’t available. Bejing Biden is in full operational mode. Commies deny, deny, deny until it’s accepted as truth.

The fact the former president of Cuba has left the country is a big tell that these protests sent a message to their government.

We have a snapshot for a Monday morning to summarize a number of current stories, coming from Telegram Trump Source:

What’s going on?

 Ballots tested in Maricopa County are being counted for the third time. Now the Arizona Senate is doing it.
The new recount focuses on the number of ballots and will not count actual votes, unlike the first two tables.

 Trump will attend a pro-election rally on July 24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Earlier, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano initiated a full forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election in several Pennsylvania counties. This news clearly shocked Pennsylvania Democrats.

The Pennsylvania Department of State issued a directive prohibiting county boards of elections from cooperating with the Senate election audit. Mastriano responded by telling them that he knew the authority of his committee and demanded the legitimacy of the process.

Arizona State Senator:
“Georgia has proof that some people voted multiple times. Americans don’t like cheating.”

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a report warning that the world is approaching nuclear war as Russia and China develop new nuclear missiles, bombers and submarines.




The Justice Department is creating a database of Americans and related data collected during the January 6 protest outside the Capitol.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones calls for an audit of the state: “Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger have failed to run a safe election.”

A recent study
in the United Kingdom showed that only six children out of nearly half a million cases of COVID died from the disease. The other 19 who died were children with pre-existing disease. Despite this, some countries, including the United States, continue to actively insist on childhood vaccination against Covid.

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee are pushing a plan to regulate social media, specifically allowing censored users to sue major social media technology platforms.

The last level of the fence erected after the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol was removed.

14 missiles hit an airbase in western Iraq, where coalition forces are still fighting the remnants of ISIS.

Leftist doctor on CNN: “Biden should tell Americans, ‘If you don’t get the shot, you have to sign forms and get mandatory testing twice a week.

Acting Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph said mercenaries tortured Haitian President Jovenel Moise before he was fatally wounded in an attack on his residence.

That last bit is one of the reasons we have to eradicate these sub-Humans. They have no Humanity; no ethics, morals, or compassion. They are dead inside. Soul-less entities.

Scott Mowry revealed on the Sunday night Miracles Intel Conference Call that each time the White Hats attempt to push the RV/GCR through, more swamp creatures rear their ugly heads and block it and more arrests have to take place. Scott says thousands upon thousands of arrests have taken place over the past few months for this reason and we’re ever closer to reaching this milestone in our journey to freedom.




If you wish to listen to the recording of that riveting call, you can dial in at the numbers below for one week or until the next call overwrites it, and we don’t know when that will be as it depends on the events unfolding, Scott’s NDA, etc. When Scott explains things, you have no doubt about the status of the war. It’s all good and the military are in control.Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access code:  767664# / followed by # again

We heard about the gallows constructed at the White House and hangings that took place according to military insiders at the end of 2020 and Scott said what is actually happening is that the cabal is being hanged to death right in front of us but it won’t be public until later. Guantanamo is full to capacity [including many levels underground] and MonkeyWerx shows us the tremendous amount of traffic to Guantanamo, Diego Garcia and other offshore facilities. Once the Ten Days of Darkness/Ten Days of Disclosure go live globally there will be no doubt about what is happening behind the scenes.

All the psychopaths have left is squelching the information we put out so the attacks will continue.

People are getting testy over the vaxxx and viral shedding potential. Fearful too.

Just a point of interest: Most of us have seen plenty of chemtrails or aerosols sprayed into the sky but have you ever seen one like this? This is like a curtain and certainly suggests heavy metals. Look at the faces in there. It’s a Telegram from Ghost Ezra. I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s possible the attacks on our website occurred because I spoke at length about the fires, both Lytton and California, and the “anomalies” concerning those events.

It’s important that people understand that these areas were not “burned” in the traditional sense. If you’ve ever seen a burned building it’s black. Jet black. These sites, Lytton, Paradise, and the World Trade Center were not black. They were full of a pale grey ash. They were basically what I call, “dustified”. And the dust surrounding the Twin Towers in Manhattan caused cancer in thousands of people. We are not being told the whole story but we can see, with our own eyes, that these events involved too many “coincidences” to be what they claimed.

The fires in Paradise, California and Lytton, BC and also Fort McMurray, Alberta not long ago and the Waldo Canyon fire in a neighbourhood in Colorado Springs, Colorado share a number of similarities. Homes are turned to dust except for bathtubs and some twisted metal. Grey ash is all that’s left—except for trees. Trees and shrubs seem immune. Here are some shots from Waldo Canyon taken after the “wildfire” of June 23, 2012.

This one is Fort McMurray, Alberta on May 1, 2016. Why would a wildfire level a neighbourhood—and then stop at the next house leaving a wooden fence with zero black soot on it, and trees left standing?

Why is the entire area levelled? Collapsed? Why do all the vehicles in these fires look the same? Burned out from the inside?




I think those images could have been mistaken for California. Or Lytton. You get the picture.

Canadian researcher Polly St. George gets into the Lytton situation in an excellent video below. If you paid attention to the many videos shared by patriots in 2018 about the California fires, you will recognize the commonalities. If you are not familiar with that evidence, I shared some of it in yesterday’s post and you can review it. It worked, folks. They started some forest fires as cover and then attacked innocent civilians in their homes. So they keep doing it.

Very little that happens on this planet is an accident and we no longer believe in coincidences. Listen to Polly’s thorough examination of the unnatural situation in Lytton, where Dr. Charles Hoffe cares for a small community largely comprising the First Nations people and expressed his alarm at the negative side-effects displayed by his vaxxinated patients and wrote an open letter which went viral along with an interview with Vancouver politician/activist Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson. This video is from  26 min.

It’s time Humanity learned that they are under attack—all kinds of attack. Be vigilant. Protect yourself and your family.

Ten years ago when I began this blog I stated that the cabal will never surrender, and they haven’t. As Scott Mowry said in last night’s call, “they’ll have to be taken out” and that is what is happening, every day. One per cent of 7 billion people is still a lot of swamp creatures and it’s a big job.

We also heard that they vowed to take as many of us with them as they could when they went and I believe that holds true, as well. Fortunately, we are for the most part, protected. Souls who wish to depart, of course, will do so. The rest of us do what we can to continue to fight the good fight and thank Source for the divine privilege to be here in witness to the greatest story that will ever be told about Humanity’s plight and our “great escape”.

What we see and hear in the “news” is an illusion. They will continue the illusion as long as possible, and the Earth Alliance will allow them to do what they will to show in no uncertain terms what they have in store for Humanity and would execute in full if they really were in control. We are nearly at the point that the truth will be told and the world will be forced to accept they were duped and have been asleep at the wheel for a long time.

The truth about the parasites feeding on Humanity will be out in the open. That battle rages every day. Canada Agent A1 and The Real Dark Judge have been terrorizing the pedos in Ontario, Canada on Telegram for days. They’re naming names and talking about the RCMP, the Ontario Provincial Police, child protective services, and on it goes. Link to Telegram.

These people are sick and must be removed from our society.

Roman Didulo addresses the burning of churches that has taken place in Canada recently after the revelations of the mass graves in multiple provinces. Link to Telegram.




The Burning of Churches in Canada or anywhere else is pure and simple #wrong.

The Church/building itself has no brain. It does not have the capabilities to make decisions to commit genocide against anyone.

It is the men and women in #Management in the Churches and #Governments who turned a blind eye to the genocide that must be held to account.

These Churches are places of worship for your Brothers and Sisters in many Indigenous communities. They do not wish for their Churches to be burnt down.

Stop the burning of Churches in Canada.

Scott Mowry says the word on the street is: “No more mercy for the cabal.” They had ample opportunities for years to surrender and they continue to attack innocent people so… they get what’s coming to them.

Signing off for now, folks. I believe the momentum is only going to increase so it’s going to be interesting. Let’s avoid the drama and stick to what’s important. With any luck we might have an RV/GCR this week. Fingers crossed.

Be sure to scan the comments for more good stuff from the crew.   ~ BP


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