Defend against Invasive Surrounding 5G and EMF


Operation Disclosure | By MrOxygen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 11, 2021

Defend Against Invasive Surrounding 5G & EMF

In my well researched opinion, after much deep deep research that took many years to accomplish, there is finally a scientist proven super easy way to defend yourself from the overwhelming daily onslaught of unwanted and unasked for 5G and other EMF electricity energy fields we humans are constantly being subjected to.

I always seearch for, and immediately tell you about the best of the newest of each Crown Jewel of Health as I go along. Search and see.

This is the cutting edge “latest thing” effort designed to be very effective at countering the poisonous energies we can’t get away from and that our bodies absorb constantly. The answer many are looking for.

Publishing this is a key objective of mine and in direct line with my publishing my core values through The Breath of God Ministry. See this short 11 minute video testimonial compilation proving some of my worth to you.

Ed testimonials Mp4:


Healing using Energy has been and is prominently one of my Crown Jewels of Health solutions since I announced them in 1988 in my bestseller “Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease!”

I followed that up with my bestselling book and video “Flood Your Body With Oxygen” ( and

(and that most of the real healers use as the basis of their treatments whether they realize it now or not.

At 72, multi generations have come along and some have gone since I started lecturing around the world, and some healers and users never heard of me but still unknowingly use my modern active oxygen and minerals teachings and discoveries.

They learned them from their own master teachers who personally studied my work or attended my lectures. I am a part of their every day lives in their work helping with their phenomenal successes over the many years.

Opposed to them, hidden anti-human life perpetrators have infiltrated among us and ensconced themselves in high places and are immersing us constantly in their poisonous rays trying to kill the unaware ones who poorly choose electronic conveniences at the expense of and over natural life.

Considering our poor education systems who can blame the users for their choices? But since we live in a duality system every evil machination is matched by a solution. We just have to find it – like the natural Vitamin C healer found in every living thing around us.


That’s the law. It has to be that way for life to continue. So remember to keep your eyes and ears open for the rapidly emerging cutting edge solutions (I was not asked to put this up) like this one: To purchase Anti 5G & Anti RMF

I will continue to announce them as I find them.

After all these years of suffering and giving it all away, can we agree that it’s finally OK to have our ministry collect a meager donation off any sales? I promise this is the best one I could find so far. More to come.

The problem is that our bodies “think” the 5G and EMF coming off everything around us from TV’s to toasters and laptops and routers and refrigerators and cars and cell towers and the new streetlights in this “Internet of Things” surrounding us are all natural sun energies.

So we have little in the way of natural defenses against them. And the truth can set you free.

But these conveniences are not the same as the beneficial sun and earth energies our cells are set up to absorb naturally so they can make Vitamin D, and our cells are meant to be absorbing the sun’s life giving rays constantly.

So we have no defense against these man made for convenience energies. Sensitive people can attest with their own lives as proof that they are actually harming us, and the other species around us like the disappearing bees who’s pollen spreading fertilization is so necessary to all life here. Look it all up, it’s all true.

To purchase Anti 5G & RMF
To purchase MrOxygen Bestselling book.


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