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Far Be it for me not to discuss things I know little of since I am a simple minded story teller and of course I write solely for entertainment porpoises .

Yet , dates as a point of reference as opposed to being a point of reverence do matter in ” The Scheme of Things” especially when all roads will lead us away from Rome and Into
The Realm Of TRUTH.

Our Original Constitution
as to when it was written , will be in a State of Flux because Illegally the Native American Tribes Were Excluded From Joining Our Original 13 States By The Corrupt Entities.
( Was The Iroquois Nation The 14th State ?)( if all men were created equal why then were human natives not included ?)
Their Land Was Coveted .

[ When Will The Native American Tribes Be Brought Into The Narrative ??
Manifest Destiny Eradicated Their “Citizens” ]
Or is this a very large piece of the NESARA/GESARA puzzle…
The Restoration of the Aboriginal People

Now, it appears to me that energetically as well as historically , dates as a point of reference do coincide ,collide , meet and overlap as multiple false timelines have Diverged ” adding to our Human confusion… Let all of it go…
There is no Truth
within this state of lower dementia …

1913- The Creature From Jeckle Island was created… The FED
A Stolen Planet A Stolen Freedom
The Enslavement Of America ( 1871 )
And We Bought The Slogan…
Land Of The Free ( delivery with coupon)


Now. Let’s be clear folks , for the original Constitution did not allow for All American Citizens to vote .
Since then, the Democratic Party has pushed for an agenda Taking This
REPUBLIC [ for Which It Stands ] in order to change it into a Democracy which was not the Original Intent of The Constitution as it was written.

Hense the 17th Amendment
There’s that darn number 17 again
July 15 1913

From the previous Constitution ( As A Base For The New Constitution ) Will Arise A Code Of Conduct For All Global Citizens [ Sovereigns ]
[ Which Has Already Been Written And It Will Be Revealed In Time ]

1906 Hurst- Publishing Magnate Controlling the Print media . Propaganda Machine That Controls The Narrative .
” The Treason Of The Senate “
( Same battles being fought between the White Industrialist Establishment and Those who supported the Unions then as today Communist/ liberals / Mafia)

A New Constitution ?
A New National Flag ?
A New Country Will Require New State Flags ( Regional ?)
States may merge to form a More Perfect Union… Who needs 2 Carolinas and Two Dakota’s and then ..
Hawaii Will Become A Sovereign Nation

The Partitioning Of Native American Tribal Lands …
Before All Of The Requirements Of NESARA/GESARA Are Met The Unilateral Agreements Of Our Planets Aboriginal And Native Tribes Must Be Agreed To.
A Topic That No One Has Touched Upon While Discussing Reparations For Black Americans ???
Grey Lives Matter Too
Will The Lame Stream Media Bring This Up Before The Next Biological Attack ?

Perhaps The Gazillions Of Dollars From Our Hysterical Bonds Will Allow All Stolen Land To Be RePurchased And Placed In Trusts That Will Be Held For Perpetuity For The Utilization Of All Until Money Is No Longer Needed.


We Become / Are Stewards and Providers of The Wealth That We Will Have Been Endowed With.
We Will Have Much Guidance And Assistance To Put This Forward.
Fear ?? Not In This Quantum Equation
We Are The Ground Crew .

If We Stand On The Possibility That This Blessing Is Not My Money Per Se ,But Ours To Disburse When And How It’s Needed
This Abundance Will Have Been Placed At Our Disposal With Love And Grace …
The Jubilee
Yes dears we are allowed to enjoy said abundance without fear or shame.

Speaking of Dates, July 17th looks good but hey, who looks at numbers anyways…
These next two weeks will be fun to watch though . What will they think of next ?
Whatever Needs To Become Reformed
* The US Military were given till Sept 1st to get the Vaxx ( many said they will quit) (That’s turning swords into plowshares )
Now That’s An Insurrection

I’ll keep my eyes on the water but
It’s still Raining…



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