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Reader Post | By Frank from Germany

Game, set, match Deep State Germany
On November 3rd 2020 Donald J. Trump won the presidential election by a very clear margin. A majority of 100+ million Americans gave President Trump a mandate to Save America (and the world). Unfortunately, he could not assume office because there were still too many braindead zombies around who would have turned America into a battlefield. So, as part of a global reeducation program Team Trump had to ostensibly let Sleepy Joe “win” in order to show the leftist zombies the consequences of their ignorance and stupidity. In for a penny, in for pound.

What is the lesson the leftist minority learnt from all this? You only have to kick and scream and blackmail and threaten society in order to get what you want. The good guys will eventually give in for the sake of civil peace. Instead of showing these leftists what they really are – a minority – Team Trump gave them the feeling that they are a majority and thus psychologically boosted their self-perception. Speaking in football terms this is like leading 2:0 in the 90th minute and then unobtrusively letting the opponent score 3 goals out of fear that they might get violent after the final whistle. What does this kind of “winning” do to the already mentally impaired leftists? It makes them believe even more in themselves and in their cause and in their ideology. Voilà, you have created a highly motivated and self-confident enemy – not only in America but all around the world. At the same time, you have crushed the morale and the spirit of the good guys.

A Plan to Save the World?
Whereas in America Trump´s popularity and influence even beyond the election is strong enough to reverse the self-inflicted defeat, European countries and especially Germany were left behind and are now more than ever under the iron fist of the Deep State. From the moment when Trump and Melania came down the escalator, we have been seeing an information war for peoples´ minds and opinions. The Deep State has been trying everything and anything to denigrate and smear Trump but Team Trump, as far as America is concerned, has been successfully countering these attacks by doing what? By destroying the US Fake News. Thus, more and more Americans have been waking up and are now enabled to take their country back. Whereas in America people were offered the antidote, in Germany we are experiencing the very opposite. The leftist media campaign is just as relentless as in America but there is nobody to counter it. There is no Trump, no opposition and the Fake News outlets are still spreading their contents in an almost unobstructed way.

Why the emphasis on Germany?
Germany is the most powerful country in Europe. If the German Deep State falls then the European Deep State falls. We are in the unfortunate and at the same time lucky situation that one single country can influence and shape of the whole European continent. This is why it is extremely frustrating to see that “The Plan to Save the World” does not enable us German patriots to do the same as our brothers and sisters in America. In August 2020 an estimated 1 million protesters gathered in Berlin showing the world that we want change. The protest was easily subverted and quenched by the Deep State with the same tactics as on January 6th in D.C. in the Capitol and the Fake News have made sure that the movement lost its support among the population. So, yes, we need some help. You cannot drain the fish tank and then blame the fish for not swimming.

The point of no return
When a tumor is detected and removed at an early stage then the patient has good chances of surviving. If, however, the tumor is detected and then left alone the likelihood of metastases spreading all over the body are high. There is a point of no return beyond which the patient will die even if the tumor is removed. It is just too late. In Germany the tumor called leftism has been detected but the doctor tells the patient that he cannot intervene for the time being and that the body either has to heal itself or die. 80% of Germans believe the Fake News narrative in every aspect of life and the tumor of leftist ideology is unstoppable in news, entertainment, schools and universities. The point of no return has already been passed.

Germany must perish 2.0
Germans are happily wearing masks and getting vaccinated in droves. Due to summer time a bit of people´s freedom has been given back and guess what – the zombies are delighted. After 14 months of back and forth, lockdown, easing, new restrictions, easing and so forth the zombies have forgotten what life was like before Covid and have accepted to only get let´s say 30% of their freedom back. On top of that the UEFA Euro finals are currently taking place. The entire event only had 2 purposes: to distract the zombie´s attention and to propagate the Great Reset agenda. But “hey, what counts is that we can go back to the football stadiums and watch the stars kneel down and show their BLM/LGBT propaganda”. Consequently, there are no protests anymore and the anger against politicians has more or less subsided. The culprits will soon be presented as saviors. The Great Awakening has become a marginal phenomenon of the past. Game, set, match Deep State. I never thought I would say something like that but the German mentality and obedience is a major threat for the country itself and for the whole of Europe. My hope is that the rumors are true and that vaccinated people will soon die of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). Thus, the tumor and the metastases would be removed leaving only the healthy parts of the body.

It has been a nice show, really. All these funny actors and rubber masks and CGI glitches. We enjoyed it but now we are at a point where the “show” has dramatic and existential real-life consequences. Consequences which could easily be stopped by the good guys. Afterall these good guys were able to prevent a world war (which the Deep State would love to trigger) but they cannot stop the vaccocaust? One might wonder how good the good guys really are. Look, It is very simple: 80% of Germans are just too stupid to understand what is going on. No matter how obvious and ridiculous the show becomes, no matter how blatant and open the Deep State thugs reveal their plans … the German zombies ARE NOT GOING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON!

Best regards
Frank from Germany



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