Parisse Deza’s Response to Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post


Operation Disclosure | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 6, 2021

In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post

This short piece comprises an email letter I sent to the Arizona state coordinator for Connecting Consciousness, Simon Parkes group, of which I am a member. I wrote to her in response to Simon’s posting of a video on his site today (7/6/21) which I found disturbing in a variety of ways.

Knowing so many folks write to Simon, I decided to send the email to her requesting she get it to Simon, so strongly do I believe a redirect is necessary.

I have written three articles in the last few months attempting to clarify the central shift needed for moving into a new age of unity consciousness. Those articles are:

For Those Fighting A War With Evil – That Is Not How We Create Peace


A Radical Examination of Freedom and Happiness in America

The Key To Changing The World Is In Changing Perspective

The central tenet of these articles is simply that to be in the fifth dimension we must act fifth-dimensionally. Our thinking must not be duality-based, but unity-based, or we will just recreate the situations we are having now. That means we must stop viewing our situation as a fight against evil – which implies that we are victims to stronger forces – and instead use our divinely-bestowed prayer power – our imaginations directed by positive intention – to create something that replaces what we have that we don’t like now. When enough of us do that en masse, there will be no stopping a higher vibrational experience from permeating our present one.

It is my intention now to inspire others to pick up the ball and write to leaders like Simon to get them to change their wording in order to lift the minds of their followers to a Christ consciousness-empowered level. When we do this together, enough of us, the changes will manifest spontaneously in our Earth field without effort. Things that were previously thought to be impossible will just happen. That’s how the lifeforce works. (Our job is to say what we want. The “how” of it is the job of the divine.) The third-dimensionally-focused mind of the ego cannot understand this. That is why it is necessary for those of us who have a glimmer of unity consciousness and are brazen enough to want to be Christed beings have to go all out now and claim that power and that new world we desire to live in. We are not here to wait for an Alliance to save us. We are here to create our heaven on Earth by acknowledging our true nature as dynamically creative expressions of the Source of all life. In doing this, we empower actions by positive entities both physical and otherwise to work for us. The fact that we haven’t done this yet is why the changes we want have not yet taken place.

Here is the email…

Hello Susan,

I am writing to you because I wish you to direct my message to Simon, as I feel that if I try sending it directly to him he will never get it, as so many write to him, and it is critical that this idea becomes widespread.




Today I watched a video you just put on your site which was deeply disturbing to me. The soldier claiming to have secret information and blatantly war-mongering. 

I am disturbed whenever I hear anyone working for the Light claiming that we are in a war and have to fight evil. This way of thinking is strictly third-dimensional and dualistic, and has nothing to do with our transition into the fifth dimensional experience of unity consciousness. I have occasionally heard you refer to us as being in a war, though you are more soft-spoken about it than most. I joined CC because I feel that you are a conscious being with good intention, but I know all of us have things to work out of our systems. I have written several articles which have been published on many sites such as Operation Disclosure, Intel Dinar Chronicles, Era of Light, and others explaining this most basic understanding so to inspire others to let go of the dysfunctional viewpoint and behavior associated with the idea that fighting off evil will actually create a new age. It is a gross misunderstanding, contrary to nature and reason and all common sense. It is counter-productive, as something new is never created by trying to destroy the old to get there. If you pour gasoline on a fire you make it worse. The antidote to fire is water. In order to enter a fifth dimensional experience we cannot operate third-dimensionally; we must think and act fifth-dimensionally, and that means through unity consciousness and by putting all our energy into creating what we want to replace the old. Those fighting evil are trying to overpower darkness instead of ingesting it alchemically by using our divine power to create, letting the Lifeforce do what needs to be done with the transgressors.

Simon, when Nature creates a new season, a new age, She does not try to obliterate the old one to do so. She pulls her attention and energy out of the old one and puts it into the new one exclusively, and the old one dies from neglect, its parts composted to feed the new. We are participating in a creative project co-creating the new age with Source, not fighting to overcome evil so we can win and then be free. That doesn’t resolve alchemically any of the energies that made the duality possible in the first place. That viewpoint is totally futile and keeps us embroiled in conflict, which is exactly what the dark forces want us to do. Ultimately, light fighting to overcome darkness is the same as one part of an individual’s ego fighting to overcome another part it believes is working against it. In the end, only through integration of the two by the whole self is the situation resolved. They both have their purposes. We have yet to decide to act from our whole self.

Please stop promoting war and conflict. Make this your statement so others get it: Work fifth-dimensionally to create what you wantWithdraw all your energy from the old in any way possible and do not fight with any of it. Withdrawing our energy from the old starves it of lifeforce. This is the big lesson for humanity now. We cannot act in old ways and expect to make new things. No great being in life, from Jesus to Gandhi, would recommend fighting against an enemy to conquer it so we can be free. Gandhi freed all of India by not fighting with the British. He simply told them the Indians would no longer obey them and that they had to leave. “In the end,” he said, “you will see the wisdom of leaving.” And they did.

When we stop fighting we will stop creating the very conflict we are trying to get free of now. When enough of us see this most basic truth and follow it, we will have our new age. The reason we don’t yet is because we are still locked in third-dimensional duality thinking and are frightened of what might happen, instead of trusting that our new world is now being made. We are, in essence, fighting with ourselves when we should be using our creative imagination – which is pure divine power – to make what we want in place of what we don’t. This is the primary shift in consciousness needed for humanity, those who can, to move into unity consciousness. We are not victims to the dark. We are creators of a new reality.

Please take this message seriously and act on it.

Thanks and blessings, Parisse Deza

Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.


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