(Reader: GK) Assault and Battery


Reader Post | By GK

You know what is really discouraging. It doesn’t matter which truth guru, self proclaimed white hat patriot you listen to. Which man of the internet cloth, or pod god. 

Even Kim says this.

After telling us about the good guys winning yadayada… They then say something to the effect of, “But we can’t win until we all join the fight. Or help ourselves or something like that.

Let’s examine this, while most of us share links and comments and chatter in social media trying to awaken our friends and family. What else can we do? And for that matter even if our friends and family woke up– they are as helpless as we are.  That’s why we have cops and soldiers. Our job was to work, pay taxes, make babies, remember?

We live in a punitive hierarchy that punishes people when they take to the streets. We can’t just shoot up the pirates of the corporate fortress. They shoot back. The police and militaries serve them.

In fact a strong argument can be made that the conglomerate at the top is stuck in the muck of a stalemate because we the masses aren’t getting violent. They NEED us to go crazy to trigger their next moves of Agenda this or that. Everything they do is Bob Conrad, knock this battery off my shoulder, I dare you.

Knock this magnet off your bicep. Freak out already willya? We are coming for your hamburgers. 

We are taking your free flow of oxygen… Fight back chicken shits… what part of taunting don’t you get?

These fantasy figures called white hats are winning but only if the rest of you stand up and uhhhh… you know… exercise what are very limited options that will get you fined or imprisoned.

Do we have to spell it out to you?

We need tens of millions of you to start shooting so we can shoot you.

Until then we are going to keep all the offices that tell our mercenaries what to do. In the meantime, we enjoy sex with kids and eating them.

So if you don’t like that then start shooting so we can shoot you.

And sure it’s a trick and we will perpetuate a horrible pecking order of just doing my job dickheads to follow our orders and lie to get elected and continue a Noahide system of supremacism that doesn’t include cows at the table.

However, if the cows can wrap their big passive clumsy hooves around a gun and start shooting, well we have weapons waiting to turn you all into what we will affectionately term, white supremacist treasonous hamburger. Your refusal to get the poison jab, threatens world health, threatens the  rest of the herd.  Come on slaves, die already. help us to help you die. Ingrates.

They even use the word herd.

So essentially we have done more to fighting off genocide by not doing anything then any revolution has.

So… we are winning but we can’t win until you join the school board or the city council and we can have our media call you insane white supremacists and anti-gay or whatever and get everybody angry at public forums so we can have our agent provocateurs shoot people so we can blame it on you and try and get you to escalate the violence.  Heck we will even tell other races whitey put the graphene in the jab. By the way… It was whitey. The fact that you don’t have a Bentley is whitey. Your car won’t start — whitey.

Your Daddy loves your sister more? Whitey… Nesara, gesara was only for whitey… we already cashed out and bought up all the houses… What you going to do about it…??!!???

The talmudist syndicate runs banking, banking makes all the plans for everyone else… Yeah I agree, the white mercenaries suck at justice but hey, let’s wrap our mild mannered cow brains around the simple minded tricks. Con artistry is the art of one entity tricking people into surrendering their money, time, lives to the con artist.

Jesus. knock this battery off my shoulder already, I dare you. You do nothing bastards. What you like tyranny? We here on this Patriot show are doing everything we can to help you get pissed off… Can you start shooting already because this shit is stuck in swamp muck.


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