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June 24, 2021

June 24, 2021: How Bad Can It Get? [videos]

How bad will it get? Bad… until the populace wakes up. Those we lose, well they got an early ticket out of here. They escaped the matrix. Lucky them.

We don’t have snow days in southern Arizona, but I did take a rain day yesterday. After my chores and a few morning sprinkles it actually rained and I had to be outside to enjoy it; only 80 degrees and a heavenly afternoon.

Back to work! This happened in Florida this morning. Concrete condos don’t just collapse all by themselves and there are reports of an explosion. An excerpt from the article below the Twitter post:

Burkett stressed that it was “not an old building. … There’s no reason for this building to go down like that.”

‘Felt like an earthquake’: Condo building partially collapses in Miami, spurring massive emergency response; at least 1 dead

We can’t get wrapped up in the death tolls and tragedy. This is war, it is what it is and we can only do so much from this standpoint. What matters is that we achieve our ascension and escape this holographic construct to return to the real world.


The following is really difficult to believe when you live in a civilized nation like America. Good grief. We thought Canada was bad. Video at the link from CBS News.

“Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown

It’s hard to ‘enjoy’ that kind of a show when you’re in the middle of it but take heart with this message from Romana, Queen of Canada: Link to Telegram

Dear “We The People” of the World,
Please, read these slowwwwwly.
1) We control, the Vatican
2) We control, London (no more fake UK Royals)
3) We control, DC
4) We control, QFS (new banking system)
5) We control, the Internet (new system)
6) We control, the Satellites (new system)
7) Our Military is with us!
8) We control, the media (new system)
9) We control pharmaceutical industry (bye bye)
10) We control, everyyyyyyything, everyyyyyyything, did you hear everyyyyyyything!!?? 

For those having issues with Telegram links, I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to follow a Telegram link to view a post. When someone sends me a link I have no problem. However, if you know the channel you can go directly to Telegram and probably find the post. I wish I could use Telegram to post the way Twitter links work so it will reproduce the post but it doesn’t work that way. Telegram opens a new tab to view a link, and you need to close that tab again afterward. Then when you open a new Telegram link you should be accessing the new post, not the same one.

You no doubt heard the buzz about the death of John McAfee. He has been a controversial figure in the past couple of years, kind of like Elon Musk, where it was difficult to tell whose side he was on. Some don’t believe he died, that he’s safe because he has key information to share. And I believe it’s safe and will come out in divine timing. I don’t believe the White Hats would let a key asset go down the tubes.

Some wonder if he had a dead man’s switch as posts were coming out, including one with a Q on it, and one about the elite using the blood of the young to keep them young. The truth about John will come out eventually but it’s going to be in the news for a bit. McAfee didn’t kill himself.

Ron/CodeMonkeyZ posted the following on Telegram this morning:

Remember when they took down the majority of the internet right when Julian Assange’s deadman switch was rumored to be activated?

Third week of October 2016.

The NWO is still trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible through their fear porn.

Election news races through the channels every day and I’m sure everyone can see where it’s headed. It’s not rocket science, or the “new math”. Just common sense.

Charlie Ward and Mel K did another update and kicked off the weekly call with discussion about the struggle with the cabal over the RV/GCR and the antics of several of the big banks. They’re really acting out, folks. Kicking and screaming. 32 min.


Dr. Joseph Farrell discusses the recent outage with Australian banks.


WATCH: Daszak Admits ‘Faking’ $7 BILLION Pandemic Grant Costs at Obama White House Meeting

Bottom line, conspiring to overthrow a sitting President and his administration is treason, and justice will be done. They’re using the “T-word” in the news now so the public is getting red-pilled. They will not be able to ignore what is happening.

From wise patriots’ Telegram

Qtah, [24.06.21 07:13]
[Forwarded from Red.Pill.Pharmacist (Red.Pill.Pharmacist)]
[ Photo ]
Really take a moment to digest what is happening. Think of all the different MOABs sitting on the edge of the cliff waiting to be pushed off and into full view to the world.
Think this is by happenstance? Coincidence? Luck? Good fortune?
You’re currently witnessing the WH masterminds placing their pieces into the final stage – Checkmate.
And to think, if [they] manage to neutralize one, or for kicks and giggles, even two of said MOAB’s, will it be enough? Will they make it out alive? Regain full control? Kek.
Anons know.
[They’re] drowning. Wave after wave, they’re being swallowed up by the truth we’ve helped push into the light. We know it and they know it.
Don’t stop, frens. We’re almost there.
Public Awakening = GAME OVER.

Since I didn’t post yesterday I’m going to publish this now. I’ll do another post later.


Be sure to check out the great material the crew shares via comments below each post.  ~ BP


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