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MONDAY MAY 24 2021
This Is Devastating: Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Taking Deadly KILL SHOTS – Look At The Evidence

I am indeed continuing to follow the increasingly troubling reports about HOW these deadly KILL SHOTS that so many STUPID people out there have already taken into their bodies, is not only making the area around the ‘injection site’ magnetic as well as generating electromagnetic fields….  I have already stated in several previous articles my own speculation that our bodies are not only being purposely depleted of vital Iron (Fe) but other key trace metals as well as all of those metals are being used by the nano-technology that is now in these fools’ bodies to manufacture further nano-particles..

But I want to turn my attention back to the damage being done by the depletion of Iron (Fe) that is obviously being gathered at the injection site, and especially the HELL that is being done to the body’s red blood cells that use Iron (Fe) for the vital transmission of Oxygen around the entire body…

I therefore want to first present the following very important report that comes from Jeff Rense’s website at… This one is a MUST READ by everyone, and is entitled: “Shocking Live Blood Analysise After Vax -LOOK!” and I have it right here first and foremost for everyone to see right here for themselves:

Shocking Live Blood Analysis After Vax – LOOK

From Social Media

This was posted on a social media site. We are expecting more Dark Field Microscope Images will be posted showing the CATASTROPHIC changes in the blood of people who have taken the deadly injection…which is NOT a ‘vaccine’ by ANY stretch. Here’s the text that was posted with this image.

“I have a friend who is a Nutrition Microscopist. She is an expert in her field and has helped me immensely. She has many clients who took the so-called vax and asked them to come in for a free blood analysis. To her utter horror, this is what she saw. The top image is of completely healthy blood and blood cells before the ‘vax’ injection. The blood cells changed drastically over the next few days. The third picture (bottom center) shows countless, foreign nano particles (white specks) that show up in your blood shortly after the injection. Your body can NEVER detox from this and eventually those nano particles will enter every cell in your body.”


What this means, in short, is that you will never be the same and your health will be heavily impacted for the rest of your life…however short that many be. This is, without question, a crime of mass genocide against humanity.

Note the final picture just above, the fourth image, shows this person’s blood cells no longer being smooth and symmetrical. They are now covered with lumps and protrusions. This is an intentional world war on human blood. As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Luc Montagnier, and others, are saying, the injections will kill and will never stop killing. Dr. Montagnier, perhaps the world’s top Virologist, projects the life expectancy of all who have taken the kill shot injection is only 2 years. Remember the projections…only 99 million Americans will be alive by January 2025 …that’s just 3 and 3/4 years from now.

Also remember, all the top politicians and ‘name’ players such as Brain Dead Biden, Ho Harris Emhoff and arch fraud Tony Fauci…were given a blank saline injection…not the real shot. Fauci couldn’t even remember which arm he took the injection in the very next day…

NTS Notes: OK,  I have to hand it to none other than Jim Stone ( that had speculated late last week that the body was being permanently damaged via the accumulation of Iron (Fe) at the injection site and doing permanent damage to our cells via Ferric crystals forming in our cells… Here in fact is Jim’s article here:

The two shots proven to magnetize people are Pfizer and Moderna.


Update:The following may seem like I am tooting my own horn a bit (and in the first paragraph I am) but what I am saying here as a conclusion is extremely likely to happen, JUST WATCH IT HAPPEN. The magnetic spots are very likely to spread due to the fact that the shot is genetic modification, and “magnetic everywhere” may end up being the new normal.

Every last thing you are reading on the web about magnetic vaxxes, AND the fact that the vaccinated can’t go into an MRI if they did not get the saline started on this site. All others are building on what started here. And since I was the first with this, I am going to take it a step further and tell you the next step in all of this, in sequence, with the last part of the sequence not admitted to yet, but it eventually will be:

1. The shots are not vaccines, instead they are GMO shots that program your body to rob it’s blood of iron and build with that iron. I have not seen anyone else state even step 1 elsewhere yet, but this is the reason for the clotting, it is not the spike protein. Whatever the body is being commanded to do by the shot to get the iron out of the blood is being seen as an attack by the blood that is causing clotting.  Blood clots when it detects an injury, it is how it blocks a vessel to stop bleeding. When attacked for it’s iron, it sees the attack as an injury and then clots, it is that simple and when it all washes out 3 years from now, there won’t be anything other than this said. 2. Once taken from the blood, the iron is somehow transported back to the injection site where it is transported across cell membranes that normally won’t accept iron, but it is being accepted. I do not know how this could possibly be done, but it is being done.


3. Once the iron is inside the cell, another aspect of the vaccine – possibly the spike protein – is assembling the iron into crystals that span the entire length of the cells and it is doing it without killing the cells. I had assumed an extra-cellular structure was being built but today I came across something that indicates that the structures are being built inside the cells themselves, all the way to the epidermis just under stratum cornicum which puts the magnetism right on the surface, and that’s what the magnets are sticking to.  Mark my word, I am right. I am 100 percent right that the magnetism is originating right from the epidermis (and probably a lot deeper also) but the epidermis is involved.

One of the earlier studies I quoted stated that these iron crystals were tested in the brains of lab rats and when exposed to a magnetic or electromagnetic signal, they could modify behavior. That’s probably one of the big goals with this shot, but clearly there’s something else going on also.

I firmly believe that if I had not served the early magnet stick vids on this site so they could not be censored, this would have been successfully censored and no one would be aware of anything on this topic. But the genie is now out of the bottle, and it is not going back in.  Watch everything I said here be SPOT ON, no matter what trollage you see these people CANNOT go into an MRI EVER AGAIN and over time the magnets are going to stick more and more strongly, possibly across their entire bodies. This mess is not going to reverse itself, the body has been programmed to do this as if it was a natural function. This is not going to go away.

The most important quote from the link above: “To make the new crystals, the researchers fused genes encoding ferritin and Inkabox-PAK4cat and expressed the new protein in human cells in a petri dish. The resulting crystals, which grew to about 45 microns in length (or about half the diameter of a human hair) after 3 days, did not affect cell survival.”

IN OTHER WORDS: The iron crystals grow SO LONG they stretch the cells out but don’t puncture the cell membrane and kill the cell. They are programmed to the max size the body can survive making, and that’s why the magnets stick. Cells are a LOT smaller than half the width of a human hair, this is stretching the hell out of them.

AVOID THE CORONA JAB AT ALL COSTS, EVEN IF ONLY OUT OF SELF RESPECT. I was surprised by this, how audacious the people who did these shots really are.

Snopes would “debunk” this because the linked report does not have the words “epidermis” and “stratum cornicum” in it, when the fact those cells have to be involved to make the magnet stick is OBVIOUS.

AND #4: Once the top layer of epidermis dies to make stratum cornicum, the magnetic properties would be smack dab on the surface. Once this really comes home to roost, the skin that flakes off will stick to a magnet. God only knows how much losing iron from the body that way is going to impact people and kick off problems with anemia, but you can safely bet the creators of this shot don’t care. Maybe that’s why they are now working so hard to stifle meat consumption. Speed up the impending slow kill.

And they’ll just sit there and laugh as possibly the most key element in the body flakes away as room dust, leaving people in horrible condition, possibly even dead. Whatever happens will be determined by how widespread the magnetic effects eventually become. If they become widespread, where a magnet will stick practically anywhere, this is going to be killing people because their blood will be too raped of iron to carry oxygen and that iron will be sloughed away as lost skin. The body does not lose iron that way naturally, how’s that going to work out? MY BET: NOT WELL AT ALL.

JUST WATCH.  you heard it here first.  The full effects of this will take a couple years to play out. But if things go as bad as they could, they will.


We are headed into horrible now. How many people got this sh*t? it is likely that 60 percent of the shots were saline. How many does that leave in this condition?

Your typical leftist:  “I got the NEW shot that does not do this. See, no iron particles pull out and no magnets stick to me, THAT means I am OK so YOU have to take it!!!!


NTS Note: And earlier today, Jim wrote an important follow up article here:

BOOOOOOM! Rense posted proof the blood is being robbed of iron by the vax

Under a microscope you can tell the blood cells have changed, and are not as dark anymore and the more the damage progresses, the more the cells appear to be changed from their original form. This is not going to end well, one of the slides has the blood cells changing from round to having many points on them. They are round for a reason. One way clotting is triggered is by having red blood cells come in contact with uneven surfaces (like what an injury creates when it ruptures a vessel), how are jagged edged blood cells going to get along? Quite obviously not very well.

About the vax and the mark of the beast

There is no telling what the vax really is, but anyone ought to know that if it modifies your DNA (and obviously it does, the magnet test proves it) – if it modifies your DNA it is obviously forbidden so that alone puts you on not very good ground even if it is not the mark of the beast.  But about the mark of the beast –

I think mankind passed the test better than predicted. There is some variance allowed for in the prophecies for how many fall. I would say the mark of the beast is not doing very well. Even a large number of melinnials will not go for it. Do not be among the fools who accept it, there are a lot more people resisting it than predicted. Obviously people have not been tested to the fullest extent which will mean accepting the loss of everything (an obvious outcome to not being able to buy or sell) but I will hedge my bets that there are a lot more people out there who will refuse the mark and accept the sacrifice than people think. I know it all looks hopeless and it may end up being so but I believe those who choose the correct path will be in far greater company than they realize.

So go for it. Do the right thing. You will not be alone, even if it kills you.

Something I have been meaning to post for a while but keep forgetting –

It appears that the goal of the shot may be to produce iron crystals everywhere in the body, and not only at the injection site. The reason would be to have so many crystals throughout the body that they automatically end up being where they need to be in the brain to cause remote control of thoughts.

Earlier posts to this site cover how they already experimented successfully with controlling rats. However, that process involved injecting the rat brains directly. They cannot get away with doing that to people, so a different method was formulated via genetic modification to cause the body to make crystals, probably everywhere but they show up near the vaccination site first. The shot is too crude to select where the crystals are going to grow, they just grow everywhere and eventually enough turn up in the brain to do the job. This would obviously be horrible for health, but remember my post about the bad farmer? they clearly do not care.

Remember the covid swabs that went very far in and swabbed the cribriform plate? My guess is that they were attempting to place gene modifying materials right on the brain to accomplish the same thing and it failed, so they moved on to shots that basically took the sledge hammer approach.

Once again, this is only a guess, but I bet I am right.

Covfefe – Covid-iron-ferritin?

I really hate to post this, but it is being said and makes sense:

CovFeFe really does match Covid, the elemental symbol for iron (fe) and Ferritin (the huge iron crystals made by the shot that are making the magnets stick). Is this mere coincidence? If so, that would be one hell of a coincidence. No one knew what covfefe meant, and if it does mean that, then what?


Fertility clinic warns covid shot kills sperm and ovaries

NTS Notes: OK, THIS is probably one of THE most important reports to come forward in a long time about these horrendous KILL SHOTS….. This is therefore one that DEFINITELY should be out there and shown to everyone that you can IMMEDIATELY..

I have also read several DEVASTATING reports and a few videos over the last few days that are claiming that the clock is now definitely ticking for those who have received these KILL SHOTS, and thanks to this horrific damage being done to not only their cells but to their very blood cells, most have now about a year at most to live…..

I therefore cannot stress enough the need for people to get this vital information and get them to ABSOLUTELY NOT even consider going out for these shots of certain death..   These reports alone should have everyone up in arms and put a halt to any further KILL SHOTS being injected into anyone immediately.

More to come



American Movement said…
Funny that my daughter the other day went to a doctor and that doctor said that her iron count is so ow that she needs and IRON INFUSION!!! I do not think that she took the jab though.
A nurse with whom i INTERACT also had mentioned the MRI aspect when I told her about the nano being injected and how many are becoming magnetized! I know a CNA who is magnetized – I had posted the short video on my GAB – but her ex-boyfriend who got his vjab at the same time she said that he was not magnetized!
She mentions how she has a weak immune system and had many of the childhood disease i.e. measles, chicken pox etc.

June 15, 2021 at 6:36 PM
Unknown said…

My husband of 45 years went secretly and got the first Moderna jab. He kept it from me until he was days from having to take the second one. Feeling guilty, he told me. I went ballistic crazy as I’m a retired magazine and newspaper writer and avid researcher and was up to speed on much of the controversy: (Wuhan bio-weapon, modified RNA potentially impacting DNA, health risks, futuristic passports to travel or do things based upon whether or not vaccinated, the effectiveness of Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine, Faux-chi’s connection to Gates and Wuhan, eugenics and its goals, spike proteins, results of the ferret tests in the early 2000’s when 100% died after being re-subjected to the CoVid virus)…..I obviously could go on and on. So, yes, my head (and heart) were shattered. (Still are, to be honest.) But, he did NOT get the second jab when he saw I was distraught enough at the deception to consider leaving the marriage. I know–TMI. But I’ve read how long your blogs are so you can likely handle it, right? Anyway…your recent blog is forcing me to write and you needed the above background info before replying. You also need to know that my husband has hemochromatosis diagnosed just last year. It’s a genetic disorder whereby the body makes TOO MUCH FERRITIN. The average person’s ferritin levels are around 60. My husband’s was 2300. He was born with it and never knew until a fluke blood panel showed it. They treat the fatal disease by weekly blood-lettings (phlebotomies) otherwise the ferritin invades vital organs and hardens them. His ferritin levels are now 30 and he doesn’t have to see his phlebotomist for 6 mon. (BTW–ironically, it was the phlebotomist who adamantly advised my husband to get the “vaccine”. I was furious.) At any rate, according to what I read in your blog, what are your thoughts on the risk level of one jab vs two? And COULD my husband’s body’s inclination to produce almost toxic levels of ferritin (if untreated) ACTUALLY help protect him? Thanks for your excellent blog.

June 16, 2021 at 9:03 PM
Anonymous said…

Just a quick comment. Covfefe could ironically stand for covid but initially covfefe means I stand long before this century. Anyway , I found your premise fascinating & terrifying at the same time. No, I won’t take the jab, my immune system is already screwed up from a contaminated stem cell shot. But you can bet your boots I am sharing this info everywhere. FB didn’t even give me the chance to post it. The minute I put the link into post format they flagged in seconds citing~does not adhere to our community standards. And that was on a conservative page.If it wasn’t a valid concern why were they so prepared to discount it without even reading it……Thank you for this information. Watch your back.

June 17, 2021 at 6:07 PM
Anonymous said…

Is the Johnson & Johnson shot involved in all this also

June 19, 2021 at 5:27 PM
Northerntruthseeker said…

The J and J shot is based upon the manipulation of the ‘adenovirus’ for the RNA application much like the AstraZeneca garbage… Thus the numbers would be in line for what we are witnessing with the ill effects of the AstraZeneca kill shots…

June 19, 2021 at 10:49 PM
Just Great 324 said…

Your blog is in line with this before and after video of the shot.



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