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Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I wanted to express a feeling towards all to ‘Trust in the ONE for knowledge’. I know I have no right to dictate or coax you towards my views however, it is more & more apparent that these last few weeks are just information garbage…

I will go back a couple of weeks on a few for example like the ICC – International Criminal Court

Please go take a look at their cases & see if you can find / spot or have 100% proof that the D|S are on trial. Here is a Court Calendar:

Stop believing these sources using excuses to throw off your frequencies & hopes to only lead to negativity….

Another example with Mr Bi-dan / den (whoever that is) is there along with other ‘World Leaders’ for the G7 in Cornwall, UK.
I was at an RAF Base visiting & have seen the arrival & departure of the USAF C17’s. On Sunday 13th June 2021 – I saw Marine One take off with escort heading to Windsor Castle however – At the very same time on Live News from the BBC, ITV, Sky News they showed Air Force One taking off from Newquay in Cornwall…

Even with the parade to host Mr Bi-dan / den with the Queen before they go & have ‘Tea’ – all the timing was off. The news channels plugged different material, video footage, news ending abruptly almost every time the charade / parade could be seen to be fake e.g. Air Force 1 footage to when he arrives via Marine One, the departure to take off at London Heathrow from Marine One arriving back with the helicopter escort at the RAF Base – everything was off…

So, what is my point… My point is that before the G7 – Information Sources advising Mr Bi-dan / den visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace – No – That has been boarded up for over a year. The intel advising that the Queen is Dead & will die before Mr Bi-dan / den gets to visit her… Honestly – It won’t be revealed yet… Again, with the G7 who all huddle together, laughing, making contact, eating away at a BBQ when all of the world has to distance, stay separate, cannot meet or gather in numbers… Please my people – Stop & reclaim your freedom! The sooner you take back your Freedom, The sooner this finishes for the D|S.

Stop with the listening about a RV release as truth is – Basel III is what is going on with deadline dates… So let me put things into a big picture for everyone here.

Please go look up ‘Fin Tech Eco Systems’ & bring up some images. You will see – It all links in. That is the future model of finance, banking, payment, regulation etc…

This has been rolling out for the last few years so please – Anyone telling you about NESARA or GESARA – Please again & I point to news that Simone P ar kes recently announced that ‘Your Debts will not be forgiven but only the interest upon those debts’….

Please remember that if you void yourself from the materialist world then indeed you are free… Even under the Natural Law of the Land & above sits “Biblical Law” – You will know that you are truly free with no debt – You are Sovereign!!! So please, take time to align yourself with higher consciousness, stop following people who just recycling information you can find from other sites. They are not Intel Guru’s or recipients to help free you…

Trust in the ONE for Knowledge & you will begin to discover answers.




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