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June 22, 2021

June 22, 2021: The People Have Been Activated to Deliver The Storm [videos]

As General Flynn said, it’s mandatory to get involved, to engage, and participate in this war. We must use the tools we have and join the assault on evil.

Join the storm, patriots. Won’t you help make it happen? It’s your move.

[I heard God wins.]

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The election was a watershed event. The globalists never knew what sliding down the other side was going to look like, and they’re still sliding—directly toward the pits of hell. The White Hats aren’t going to release everything just yet, but all in good time according to The Plan.


AZ Audit Reviewing Thousands of Ballots Where Machines Did Not Detect Vote for President, Audit Liaison Says

Simon Parkes posted this just before I went to bed last night. We love good news and intend it goes through quickly.

They Better Get It Signed Off Now!

US military in 5 Wall puts a “Rocket” up the attendees to “get this thing done!”

IMF and HSBC on board, so RV looking much more positive.

As meeting left in no doubt that it’s one team and they better get it signed off now!

And what have we here?

JUST IN  US has also seized the website of Sabreen News, the outlet that usually breaks Iraq-related news.

Speaking of news, I heard about a news organization supposedly created by the White Hats to counter the legacy media in the UK. You might want to have a look.

Following is LT’s latest update on the current battle raging quietly across the planet. Because this war is unlike any war ever fought before, most don’t recognize it for what it is.

How privileged we are to be here in the thick of it, more apprised than a civilian population has ever been. We have been activated to man our battle stations and do what awake, aware and responsible people can do. Most irregular warfare.


6.22.21: “I have not CONCEDED!” DC empty? 20 States jump in! What a battle! PRAY!

Where is this war going? Wherever it needs to go to show the world who has been running the planet into the ground and had they been permitted to continue, our civilization into extinction. It should be come apparent to even the most closed-minded, distracted people that there is nothing these aberrations of creation wouldn’t do to retain control. Nothing.

AZ Audit Reviewing Thousands of Ballots Where Machines Did Not Detect Vote for President, Audit Liaison Says

The truth about the brutality of the old regime must be brought into the Light. Stew Peters and Mitchell Gerber bring us shocking details about why we must eradicate the Chinese Communist Party. They treat Humans like livestock; to be harvested and profited from.

It’s not that no one knew about it, but by now you are probably aware what happens to those who tell the secrets of the psychopaths. It wasn’t until the world could be brought together to fight the common enemy and the rogue militaries brought to heel that we could hope to get the situation under control.

How can we NOT do something about this when 65,000 were murdered for their organs from 2000 – 2008 according to best estimates from those investigating the genocide? And how many since? We can’t turn our backs on any of the crimes against Humanity and hope to ascend as advanced Beings of Light.

EXCLUSIVE! Dems Profiting From Genocide, Organ Harvesting, Murder While ‘Media’ Ignores ALL OF IT!

The future will be almost unrecognizable as far as technology and almost every other aspect. Everything needs reform and upgrading. There are far better alternatives than what we have been forced to use and it really came down to greed and control.

Just because you haven’t seen or heard about something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Much has had to be kept under wraps until it’s safe to reveal.

We’ve been told that the Tesla tower in Texas could power the entire world with free energy. The video below shows us a Tesla power plant in Russia. These could be built anywhere. Do you think there will be a shortage of power on our planet in the near future? No more paying through the nose for energy. Energy is FREE. We allowed them to charge us for it.


Russia: EXCLUSIVE – Drone captures Tesla Tower – the Soviet era “lightning machine”

In the Jetson White video below we get a decent view of how controlled our world has been at the hands of these dark magicians. I believe that in addition to Trump addressing the sleeping masses and the awake patriots, he also includes specific comms for the starseeds. Others, of course, are meant for the White Hats, and others for the Black Hats. There is far more communication going on than most of us realize. Q was just the tip of the iceberg.

You will also get an idea of just how old ‘The Plan’ is. Watch right to the end, including the credits. 9 min.

We’ve Got the Magic Wand (2 of 7)

And here’s something else to think about. Was there a painting of “Satan”? This says there was. Interesting where they go with this video on Telegram.

They call her “Lady Liberty”, but it’s rather androgynous and these satanists love to parade their deities in our faces.

Seventeen—yes, 17, months ago today, the first Kung Flu case was reported in America. After seventeen months of almost no one dying the world is afraid of a boogeyman virus that doesn’t exist. They’re so afraid that they’re letting the government and corrupt medical practitioners shoot them up with toxic materials that can kill them. What a messed up world this is.

To learn what a snow job the psychopaths and their media did on Humanity, listen to this discussion with a nurse and a doctor who know the truth and have been brave enough to get out there and talk about it. I have heard the same from other doctors; that you can’t “catch” a virus. It would have to be injected into you. By now you may have come to the conclusion that it’s not about a virus at all. And you would be right.

Dr. Kaufman says when we get this “vaccine” which is actually “gene therapy” we become genetically modified organisms. I’ve been saying for years that we already are. The controllers messed with our DNA, and we’re about to get an upgrade.

You Can’t Catch a Virus with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Kate Shemirani


Why is Greg Kelly supporting a known pedophile? Anyway, Chrissy Teigen has been, shall we say, “decommissioned”. Apologies aren’t indicators of remorse; only regret over being exposed and removed. How close were you, exactly, Greg?

What’s shakin’ in Canada? Well, Banff was. We know the military is addressing the tunnels and DUMBS all over the nation to end the Human trafficking and subterranean breeding grounds. This is “the storm”.

Banff Springs Hotel

3.9 magnitude earthquake shakes Banff, Alta.

“While you were sleeping”, my Canuck friends…

Canada definitely needs help.  More Stew Peters with Chris Sky. It’s laughable.

Canada Completely Bans Free Speech Overnight, Passes Bill at 1:30 AM

Queen of Canada Romana Didulo continues to ask the tough questions, folks. ( Not really—we know the answers) but she and the Canada1st team are resonating big time, and the trolls continue to tell their lies to try to turn us against them. You won’t see those comments here because I flush them.

Are we getting an idea of the scale of the betrayal? Link to Telegram.

Of those who died during the Plandemic/scamdemic (no autopsy done no proof of real cause of death)

Some of their immediate Families were offered #cash/money

Some took the cash/money to have their dead loved ones’ death certificate show #coronavirus as cause death.

How much do you think these Families received in cash/money?


IF certain #Nurses were taking home $15,000.00 a #week supporting the corona_virus_19 genocide/plandemic/scamdemic…How much money do you estimate #certain Doctors, Judges, Police, Mayors, MPs, MLAs, Cabinet Members, Senators, Premiers, etc, were taking home each week?


Q: Are all @Canada1st, @Canada1stpartyofcanada, Group chats, Cease and Desist Group and Vax Group Chat gone?

A: All of them are very much #active and #growing by the hundreds daily.

And, @romanadidulo, Channel grows on average one thousand followers daily. 

I’m really sick of this B.S. How about you? It’s been fiction all along—and it continues because the sheep go along with it.

Perhaps this video from the crew will help you keep going; to hold the line when you don’t see an end in sight. It will all be worth it.



And with that I will close for now. Hang in there everyone. It’s getting more exciting by the day.  ~ BP


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