Starship Earth: Your Sunday Digest for Father’s Day and Summer Solstice, June 20, 2021


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

June 20, 2021

Your Sunday Digest for Father’s Day & Summer Solstice June 20, 2021 [videos]

Shields up, Lightwarriors—turbulence imminent, and happy Father’s Day to all.

Unfortunately, some fathers are unable to be with their families today; and this could be the reason. They are in the military and they are beneath our feet in the darkest, most terrifying recesses of the planet, fighting demonic creatures and rescuing children and trafficking victims. [not all Human]

If you can imagine making your way in silence through black tunnels where you only have night vision goggles so you don’t alert the enemy… never knowing what horrors you might discover beyond the next bend… not knowing if you will survive a battle and see the blue sky and your family again…

It’s not a job most of us would even consider, but many young men are doing this to serve their country and Humanity. Risking it all. What they are discovering in the bowels of the Earth is almost indescribable because most of us have never experienced it or knew it existed.

Keep these heroes in your prayers today and every day until this mission is complete. We understand most of the tunnels have been breached, emptied, and destroyed so the enemy can never use them again but we’re not there yet. It’s an epic tale still to be told when the Earth Alliance decides it’s time to reveal it all to the masses. Link to Telegram post.

This is what Our #military is fighting in the #Dumbs
May GOD protect these heroes

We have confirmation from reliable sources that quakes and booms have been felt and heard in various parts of Canada very recently which we believe are related to the military activity in the tunnels.

There have recently been reports of UN vehicles in Canada, which we don’t want to see. Romana Didulo speaks to this after vigilant patriots took video and photographs for examination:

Dear Canada 2.0 
Re: #UNTroops in Canada = #FakeNews 
There are #Zero UN Forces in Canada.
The Military Aircrafts you see landing/departing are:
1) #US Special Forces Aircrafts
2) #Global Allied Special Forces Aircrafts
3) #Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces (unmarked = no flags) Aircrafts
4) IF, you see #unique Aircrafts -they are our #InterGalactic Federation Allied Special Forces.
They are in Canada per my prior informed written consent.
~Peace and Prosperity~
HRH Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
Queen of Canada

With respect to the “queen” title, have you considered a chess board? A queen protects her king, does she not? Who is the “King” of Canada? Why, it’s King Trump, of course. Who’s got Trump’s back in Canada? Romana Didulo.

Some may believe it’s absurd but the plays on this 5D chess board over the past few years have seen Trump take command of the planet, lawfully. He knew he wouldn’t be able to personally and publicly rule every realm, but he can appoint others to support him and protect his people.

For those of us who hold extreme disdain for royalty, kings and queens it may be a trigger to see Romana use that title but much of what is unfolding is for our benefit and if we use the proper lens, we can connect the dots.

Does Trump want to be a “king”? Of course not. Does Romana believe she’s THE QUEEN of Canada? Of course not. Don’t take everything literally, folks. The metaphor of the chess board is important. There is much unfolding in higher realms that we are unaware of and we have to trust that this war is being won on our behalf by some powerful entities.

The military in Canada, as in the USA, is running the show, but they need a “face man”. The Earth Alliance does not want to scare the People of peaceful nations like America and Canada with a military takeover/martial law in the true sense of the word. It’s happening behind the scenes—so far.


Trump was the face man in America, and Romana appears to be his “queen” in the Great White North (gulag). I thought it immensely amusing that the name “Romana Didulo” rearranged is “I am ur Donaldo”. Unless you’re new, you know who il Donaldo Trumpo is.

This is one crazy war, my friends. It’s tactical, it spiritual, it’s Universal, it’s an info war, it’s a war for the survival of the Human race, yet it’s silly, and allows time for laughs and absurd humour to relieve the tension. We get to let off steam. To fully appreciate the scale of it, we have to “learn the comms”, as Q advised. There are layers of meaning to much of what is said. You have to read between the lines.

I certainly don’t understand everything that is happening [particularly in other realms], and it is most intriguing, but I do know we will be successful in eradicating the psychopaths and returning safety and sanity to our civilization. We have the very best of warriors leading us into the fray and we are protected.

All they ask is that we take responsibility for our situation and do what we can in every moment to fend for ourselves, alert others who are willing to listen, and make these last days of the war as smooth as possible. They want us to prepare for anything, because there will be some turbulence as they sever our reliance on cabal communications and infrastructure. The old, corrupt ways have to go. And going, they are.

The image below came from Romana Didulo, and it’s easy to see why the trolls have been after her so vehemently. We know a lot of those “fireballs” aren’t meteors. Some were enemy ships. Some were satellites. There were Q posts telling us the cabal’s satellites were being shot down by the Space Force. i.e. #1033

What fell from space recently?
Accident or retaliation?

This lady deserves a crown. Thank you to Her Royal Highness Romana. Her most important messages are also posted separately en Français.

Re: Fraudulent Banking System
We are working on #eliminating your credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, interest payments, etc.
Hold the line  while we continue to #unshackle the “We The People” from the #enslavement perpetuated on Humanity.
~Peace and Prosperity~
I love you.
HRH Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
Queen of Canada
Telegram Link

I believe turbulence in the coming weeks will be minimal for most of us, but we have been warned that there could be disruptions in power, fuel, services, communications, financial institutions, and supply chain for anything we rely on so if we prepare we can minimize the inconvenience and ensure we are safe. Romana Didulo just might be far more than she appears.

Will “martial law” mean the military are on our streets? That remains to be seen. Possibly in some areas to keep the peace. We won’t know how this will look until it happens. If you are just learning about this wild summer we’re expecting and the “Great Reset” of Earth, you can get a synopsis at this link.

It’s a collection of information put out on the Internet from many sources. Just remember that “disinformation” is part of war, and putting out specific information to manipulate the enemy is part of it. Take nothing as gospel. Just prepare and know that we can weather any storm that blows in.

And the next bit of news I found was indeed about what Alabama saw blow in. We know the People will come to the aid of their countrymen. OAN covers the mayhem. This is one more reason to “be prepared” for any threat. Summer weather can be extreme at the best of times.


Tropical Storm Claudette Floods Parts Of Gulf Coast

LT brings us the Father’s Day edition of his And We Know update.

6.20.21: This is about PROTECTING our CHILDREN. For God & Country means so much more! Pray!

Yes, they are going after the children. Are the parents going to step up? Are the students going to step up and tell these tyrants they’re not going to conform with mandates about experimental and unscientific protocols?

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY: New COVID-19 Pseudo-Science Policies Discriminate Against Unvaccinated Students

Why on Earth would anyone get an experimental vaccine for a bug that is less harmful than the annual influenza? The people who are sick and dying got the shot.

For most of us, there is no doubt about what’s going on—at least on the surface. The conspiracy is in our faces. I love listening to David Icke connect the dots, even though I’m aware. He adds a bit of levity and it just might sink in for the reticent if they hear his monologue.

He’s been at it so long, yet he’s still out there at the huge rallies supporting Humanity. Video at the link. below. 1 hr.

David Icke: What’s Going On

More airlines interruptions reported this weekend through tomorrow, June 21. This time, American Airlines. Pilots getting sick???


American Airlines’ massive flight cancelations

Our counterparts in Oz have had enough of the medical tyranny and have been educating the masses and organizing to end the communist tactics. This gathering was June 2.


In the UK the alerts have been sounded. We were told that when “The Event” was implemented, there would be closed borders, grounded flights, electronic emergency alerts on our phones and broadcast alerts on televisions and radio, and possible power outages, Internet blackouts, etc. These things are happening, but are staggered so it doesn’t APPEAR that anything big is happening. Don’t be deceived.

You didn’t think they were going to announce it, did you?

There have been many “earthquakes” near nuclear facilities recently, and another recently in Iran. Whiplash347 says…

ALERT – Iran’s sole nuclear power plant Bushehr has undergone an emergency shutdown that will last for “three to four days,” according to Iranian state TV.

First time since the power plant began operating in 2011 that such an incident is reported.

All Nuclear Plants must be shutdown for GESARA.

The Great Awakening is in full swing and building for the crescendo. If we had told the public the following truths, they would not have believed it. Now we’re getting to the point they can see it for themselves. This fellow feels very strongly.

Wyatt, Austere Deplorable@SayWhen2A·

The FBI knew in advance the Pulse Nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) & were tipped off by the local sheriff. 53 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the LV shooter had huge weapons stashes (Paddock). 60 dead. 800 injured.

The “kidnapping” of the Michigan Governor plan was set up by FBI.

The FBI knew in advance the Charleston church shooter (Dylann Roof). 9 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the San Bernardino Terrorists (Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik). 14 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the Sandy Hook shooter (Adam Lanza). 26 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the Boston Marathon Bombers (the Tsarnaev brothers) tipped off by Russians. 3 dead, hundreds injured.

The FBI knew in advance the Parkland High School shooter (Nikolas Cruz). 17 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the Fort Hood shooter (Nidal Hasan). 13 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the Boulder Colorado shooter (Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa). 10 dead.

The FBI knew in advance the Garland, Texas, shooters (Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi).

The FBI knew in advance of 9/11 that terrorists were training in US flight schools. 2,977 dead.

The FBI suppressed a massive amount of evidence concerning McVeigh’s accomplices of the Oklahoma bombing. 168 dead.

The FBI knew in advance that the Nashville bomber was building bombs (Anthony Quinn Warner).

The FBI entrapped General Flynn.

The FBI FISA abuse collusion on Trump.

The FBI knew in advance and facilitated 1/6.

The FBI and CIA is a terrorist organization weaponized against its own countrymen.

A veteran patriot, Brian Kolfage, who raised money to help finish the wall is now a target of the corrupt Department of Justice and needs help raising funds for his legal defense.

After the wall case began to fall apart following Bannon’s pardon, the weaponized feds had to save face by stacking more charges on Brian, this time for amending his tax returns in the same filing year! They charged him with tax evasion over an amended return. They can do this to anyone if we allow it to happen to him.

Brian has not stopped fighting and calling out the crimes that the weaponized DOJ is committing against him. They picked a fight with the wrong veteran. And for that they are trying to Michael Flynn him now.

This has to be one of the most egregious abuses of the Justice Department I have ever seen. 

Brian has vowed to not stop fighting to clear his name however he needs to raise some funds to pay the mounting legal bills. Brian is a disabled veteran, he’s not a general, he’s not a big name politician, he’s one of us and he needs our help.

Please visit his website and chip in a couple bucks if you can. The feds are slow rolling everything trying to run up lawyer expenses and get Brian to take a plea, which he has said he will never do.

This is how the enemy strikes at patriots, and it makes no difference that he is a triple amputee veteran.  Donate to Brian’s defense fund here.

There are plenty of uplifting and reassuring messages today, folks. [shields]

Stay with me..! 
The Saint

You may want to watch the short video on Telegram and follow the channel above.

If you have not yet watched the video about the Nuremberg Code, you probably should. Very interesting information about what is simmering beneath the surface at the moment and will come to a rolling boil in the months to come.

The Nuremberg Code

This interesting tidbit came in just before press time. Scott McKay of Patriot Street Fighter channel is distancing himself from [CIA – ITNJ] Robert David Steele and they will not be hooking up during Scott’s RISE road event. Hopefully the same will follow for Sacha Stone. [ITNJ] It seems some disinfo has come from RDS once again, which is no surprise as he put out that nonsense on Telegram a month or two ago saying Nicholas Veniamin died. It’s not difficult to see the character of these people unless the fog of war has set in. Scott McKay’s statement from June 14 is at the link below.

This is just cool.

No question, Patriots, it will be a summer like no other. One for the record books. Emblazoned in the historical records of the akashic for eternity.

It’s comforting to know that a great father figure is fighting this war and leading by example. Enjoy your weekend. Next week could get bumpy.  ~ BP

President Trump and grandchildren


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