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Submitted on June 16, 2021


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The invention that the Ukraine was not part of Russia started in Austria during World War One when they launched a propaganda effort to weaken Russia by seeking to separate the Ukraine from Russia and it worked. The Ukraine was separated from Russia and its soldiers left the Russian Army for home greatly undermining the Russian Army. The Bolsheviks initially supported this to undermine the Russian Duma which is why it happened but later in the Civil War took the Ukraine back. In order to assure the future loyalty of the Ukraine Lenin placed part of Russia now called the Eastern Ukraine into the Ukraine and much later a Ukrainian named Nikita Khrushchev gave the Ukraine the Crimea which also was historically part of Russia. In the treason of Yeltsin he gave up the Ukraine including the Crimea run as he was by the US CIA.

Now, what was the CIA trying to achieve when it broke up the USSR or Russia. First, they wanted to break it apart as much as possible into fifty Ukraines each independent so that they could loot them without fear of any one of them becoming strong enough to oppose them. The CIA teamed up with Baron Jacob Rothschild who financed the Trotskyite oligarchs into buying for pennies on the dollar the giant Russian state owned enterprises and proceeded to loot Russia of its wealth transferring it through their central bank to the west. A key person there at the Central Bank for these transfers was Sergey Shvetsov.  Western loans were largely used for this purpose to provide exit cash as in the Ukraine now by its oligarchs also connected to the Rothschilds as the Trotskyites were connected Baron Eduard de Rothschild. History repeated itself. Russia collapsed as desired and the population below the poverty levels in Eastern Europe and Russia went from 14 million in 1989 to 168 million in 1996 under the Jeffrey Sachs shock treatment of the CIA.  If we examine the Treaty of Brest Litovsk the issues there are totally similar to the issues Russia faces today:

By the terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Russia recognized the independence of Ukraine, Georgia and Finland; gave up Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to Germany and Austria-Hungary; and ceded Kars, Ardahan and Batum to Turkey.

The German Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg demanded Poland, the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia be separated from Russia so that his left flank would be protected for World War Two and the buffer states should be removed. Nothing has changed. This was the same goal of the of the CIA when it dismembered Russia in 1990-1991. This was largely a military consideration though CIA hates all slavs. We saw this when they tore apart Yugoslavia by stirring up Sudetenland style ethnic strife and bombed for 78 days Belgrade into the ground over a fake massacre in Kosovo that finally woke Russia up. We are not going to say that this is only based on race but largely balance of power considerations.


This is also why the US dislikes the Minsk Protocol for if the eastern Ukraine is allowed to vote then the National Socialists in the western Ukraine will lose control of the Kiev legislature and the Presidency. NATO does not want this to happen for they want the next war to start close to Moscow to avoid the delay caused to the Germans by the buffer states in World War Two. Anyone who thinks that democracy has anything to do with this is a fool. It is just a tool in the geopolitical toolkit.

The US sponsored the growth of China to destroy Russia as a power which worked as the surrounded Russia collapsed under the burden of having most of the world against her. In 2000 China only made about two million motor vehicles a year while the US produced about 13 million motor vehicles and the US did not sense a future geopolitical shift. Now, China makes 25 million motor vehicles a year to 11 for the US and the US hollowed out industrial economy is far smaller than the Chinese economy.  

Steel Production by country in millions of tons:

World Production



In the meantime, Russia advanced their military complex by spending huge amounts of money on advanced weaponry which leaves the US about twenty years behind in offensive and defensive missiles with a completely modernized Russian Army.

The US does not know which way to move. It cannot face Russia and China together. The EU is really nothing but Germany and the US attempted to block Nord Stream Two so that Germany would have to rely on the US for its oil and natural gas for it fears if Germany moves too close to Russia there may emerge a Eurasian land alliance of Germany, Russia and China which will shift the US into a subordinate nation. This is what happened to Germany in World War Two as it ran out of oil as the British fleet blocked imports by sea. Hitler was a fool to have invaded Russia for oil as Russia would have supplied it to him as now.  The US can block Germany from any oil and natural gas by sea as the US controls the seas by 11 aircraft carrier task forces. If Germany allies with Russia and China according to Mackinder, the US will shrink into what might be regarded as merely an island force no longer a world power. This was the great fear of Nicholas J. Spykman that should Germany and Japan link hands controlling all of the Eurasian land mass from the English Channel to China, the US sphere of influence would shrink to North and South America if that.

Kissinger is frantically advising the US to try to move Russia away from China to balance against China but this was opposed by the US deep state for which reason they ousted Trump who wanted to abandon Europe to its own devices as well as Asia since they had destroyed by rigged currencies half our industrial power.  


Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

Thus, Putin who sits in the middle should remember what the alliances with the US meant for it in World War One and World War Two where in World War One they were betrayed and in World War Two they were betrayed again after the war.  Putin will pick China as a faithful friend. And Germany will shift to Russia as Bismarck as the US industrially crumbles. That is the future.

This does not mean that Putin in Switzerland will not accept the Minsk Protocol as that will eventually give him control of the Ukraine as the Ukrainian people will vote for friendship with Russia rather than their thieving oligarchs and Nazis who have economically destroyed the country. Russia does not have to invade the Ukraine to achieve that.

David Lifschultz


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