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I have seen videos with people such as Dr Tenpenny and others describing the vaccines and how they may cause damage. Not being in the medical game I have been trying to follow the technicalities but am having difficulties as it seems quite technical. So I asked my pharmaceutical specialist a question, Can mRNA vaccines alter our DNA? 

I got the following answer. If any knowledegable virologist can critique this for me/us I would be grateful


  • Double helix structure
  • Contains your genes
  • Contains individual nucleotides – cytosine (C), guanine (G), adenine (A) and thymine (T) plus a sugar (deoxyribose) and a phosphate group
  • Adenine will always pair with thymine and cytosine will always pair with guanine (as it has an opposite due to DNA being a double helix)
  • Nucleotides are joined together between the sugar of one nucleotide and the phosphate group of another
  • Both strands contain the same genetic information – this is replicated when the strands separate – these strands run in opposite directions to each other
  • Coding sequences of DNA (the C, G, A, T) will result in proteins – the majority of human DNA is non-coding and doesn’t result in protein generation
  • Present in the cell’s nucleus
  • The storage and transmission of biological information only occurs in DNA


  • m = messenger
  • Produced from DNA by transcription using an enzyme (RNA polymerase) – this basically unwinds the DNA strands and creates a strand of RNA that matches each strand of DNA that has been unwound (i.e. mRNA is a copy of the DNA)
  • Is a single strand unlike DNA which is double stranded
  • The mRNA strand is ‘tidied up’ so that only the bits that code for proteins remain in the strand
  • Once this has been completed, it is taken from the nucleus to the cytoplasm in the cell – it is completely useless and can do nothing if it remains in the nucleus
  • Once in the cytoplasm it goes to a place called the ribosome that translates the mRNA strand to produce a protein – important to note, this only occurs outside the cell’s nucleus
  • It is just taking a message from the DNA to become a protein and that is all

The process from DNA to RNA to protein is as follows:


  • Y-shaped proteins
  • They are released from the cell and search for a target (an antigen – something that causes disease)
  • The 2 prongs in the “Y” bind somewhere specific on the antigen and the bottom part of the “Y” binds to other immune system compounds and together this helps to kill the antigen

Key concept in regards to getting sick or receiving any kind of vaccination

  • Known as adaptive immunity – the body is triggered by the presence of an antigen; it develops a way to treat it (through an antibody)
  • The reason why you need a new flu vaccination each year is that the influenza virus mutates meaning that the 4 strains you received a vaccine for in 2020 will not be the 4 strains that are likely to be circulating in 2021
  • For the southern hemisphere (i.e. Australia) the flu vaccine is developed based on the 4 most pathogenic strains of flu that are circulating in the northern hemisphere’s previous winter – the WHO determines what strains will be in the flu vaccine each season (this information is publicly available). And likewise, the flu vaccine for the northern hemisphere winter is based off our flu season here


  • Has spike proteins (amongst others) on its surface – spike proteins enable the virus to penetrate a host cell and cause infection
  • Without this spike protein, this virus wouldn’t be able to penetrate the cell

This is the premise for how the Astra Zeneca and J&J vaccines work:

  • Genes from the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein are isolated in the laboratory and are added to a harmless adenovirus (as a vector) and injected into a patient
  • This adenovirus vector has been modified so that it cannot replicate or spread to other cells
  • The vaccine then enters the cell which starts to produce the spike protein on its surface
  • This triggers the body’s immune system to react as it recognises this as foreign and develops antibodies to kill these cells
  • There is no live SARS-CoV-2 antigen in this vaccine
  • There is no ability for this kind of vaccine to change your DNA

mRNA vaccines

  • Contain mRNA in the required sequence that codes for the antigen (i.e. the foreign substance that you want your body to build an immune response against)
  • Once a cell has produced the antigen, it breaks down the mRNA
  • Immune cells display this antigen on their surface – the body recognises this as foreign and mounts an immune response against this through the generation of antibodies
  • Therefore, you have generated an adaptive immune response so that if in the future you are exposed to that particular antigen, the body recognises it much much faster and scales up its disease fighting arsenal
  • One key safety consideration for an mRNA vaccine as opposed to other vaccines is that there is no live virus injected, so there is no ability to become unwell with the disease you’re trying to vaccinate against

Based on the above:

  • DNA is 2 strands and present in the nucleus and encodes your genetic material
  • mRNA is only 1 strand and is moved from the nucleus to the cytoplasm of the cell to enable the generation of proteins (and in the case of mRNA vaccines, these proteins are known as antibodies that then produce an immune response)
  • It is physically impossible for mRNA to alter your DNA – likewise, there is zero risk of a mRNA vaccine being able to insert itself into your DNA – it physically cannot get into the cell’s nucleus

From this response it would appear that we have nothing to worry about!

Did I in fact ask the correct question? Should I have asked something else, for example, How does the mRNA vaccine cause damage and how does it spread from person to person?

Grateful to get a reply. 



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