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Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Enclose a partial transcript from a 6-11-21 cirstenw interview: Gene Decode #41.

Gene Decode is one of the finest and most brilliant Truthers out there. He is beloved by MILLIONS around the globe. 

Whenever I post anything from Gene, I receive 99% glowing feedback.

There are shills, bots and deep state demons that can’t stand him (or Charlie Ward or Juan O Savin,) but their reasons are clear: Gene, Charlie and Juan are over the TRUTH target and very effectively RedPilling the planet. They have MILLIONS of followers and attract more every day as more and more people awaken and hunger for TRUTH.

Then there are the MILLIONS of Digital Soldiers posting TRUTH 24/7 and we are driving the deep state and MSM totally bonkers. They’re literally spinning like tops. It’s so fun to watch.

#4855 video link

“To our Digital Soldiers thank you; you guys are awesome!
Thank you for helping humanity.
Ignore the MSM, Saboteurs, and Charlatans.  
They are scared Schiiiiittttless that all their corruption, lies,  criminalities, crimes against Humanity are being exposed.”

Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government and Queen of Canada.

On his 6-9-21 Insider’s Club video, and I do not believe he will be upset with me for reporting this, Charlie Ward verified that the City of London Corporation was kaput as of June 8, 2021.




Couple that with the news Gene Decode brought us and one can see that the Q-Team White Hat Alliance are thrashing the deep state demon bloodlines but good!! So exciting.

I would add to the above summary:

-3 cabal cities down, Vatican, D.C., City of London, Buckingham Palace, 13 bloodline families, royals, rothschilds, rockefellers, kaput.

-Global D.U.M.B.S being cleared of MILLIONS of precious children, a Googolplex of assets seized, Sacred documents, Art, adrenochrome stores and then being blown up.

-Governments toppling.

-CEOs resigning, mysteriously dying.

-Corporations dissolving.




-They can’t escape Earth in stealth ships because President Trump’s Space Force is zapping them in the air.

-Unrelenting weather warfare, especially in China. Tornadoes, hailstorms, pelting rain, flooding.

-Tribunals winding down. Trials at the Hague starting up.

-The Quantum Financial System has been up and running since August ’20 (thank you, Charlie Ward) and it and Starlink are about to (are?) come online.-The Audits are scaring the bejeepers out of the deep state.

Pepe Lives Matter, Telegram GIF


Kat Note: I make the GIFS in my blogs and anonup posts. I don’t put my name on them because it ruins the esthetic for me. I strive to ALWAYS acknowledge the designer of a GIF. If you don’t see a name on a GIF, it’s probably mine. 


Then there’s the Flags. “Trump Won” flags are showing up every day EVERYWHERE!! Fenway Park, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Memorial Day boat regattas, Guatemala Embassy, the U.K., etc.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

In a 9-18-20 interview with Charlie Ward, Gene Decode said the following:





“Charlie Ward & Gene Decode: Alliance Victorious, Wondrous World Incoming” by Kat 9-18-20

17:51 Gene Decode: I never thought I would see this… 
When I first RedPilled and I started realizing 
and investigating this cabal… 
I didn’t think it was possible… 
I mean I spent 20+ years watching it 
get worse and their power grow… 
But now to see all the pieces coming out 
and watch it coming down 
I did not think that was possible…

28:19 Charlie Ward: I’m just glad to be alive right now and watching what’s happening…

29:25 Gene Decode: It’s so amazing to watch this all come about… and come into play with what originally started out as a 3-inch binder in 1903: From Tesla to Howard Hughes to Van de Graaff to the Trump Brothers, [to President Kennedy…]

29:43 Is now a massive set of binders that goes into every play and counter play that the cabal could possibly do… they have literally taken.. even including the CME… everything… they’ve taken in every possible thing… there’s no play… it’s Zugzwang… what we call in Chess Zugzwang… where no matter what move the enemy does, he’s done… he’s going to be checkmated it’s only a matter of time…

30:13 People don’t realize… IT’S ALREADY DONE… THE MAJORITY OF THE WAR IS DONE… all the upper handlers have been removed…

31:17 People don’t realize we’re watching a movie and they’re going to let this movie and the cabal play out right up to the end because you’ve got to get people to realize the lies for themselves… you can’t spoon feed people… here it is, here’s what’s happened… they won’t believe you… I’ve been doing that for 30 years… 

31:30 Let ‘em see how close the cabal came… to what they came close to… which was literally wiping out 11 out of every 12 people on Earth and enslaving everybody else… and everything they know would have been gone…

32:02 Yeah, realize NESARA is getting all of these Free Energy technologies and Anti-Gravity technologies… you’ve just made the entire infrastructure of the world go away…




33:02 It’s going to be amazing and glorious but there’s going to be so much work to do…


Kat Note: I reported the other day that all my blogs had been wiped by Google along with Patrick’s entire old IDC site. That’s still true, however, I’m finding that a LOT of my blogs were re-posted so I was able to find a link to Charlie and Gene’s 9-20 interview.I’m also finding a lot of my blogs in Chinese, Russian and German (!) It’s fun to see a blog by “von Kat.”


I never forgot that word, ‘Zugzwang’ and now we’re there. We’re truly at Zugzwang. The deep state demons literally have no play. They’re cornered.

Oh, they might try Alien Invasion or something off the wall like that, but it won’t work. On 6-9-21 Lin Wood surmised that 66% are AWAKE. I think we’re at the tipping point.

June 14th is Flag Day, and also very fittingly, President Trump’s Birthday (b. 1946.) As well, June 14th is the day the Arizona Audit is “officially” over, however, cirstenw surmises it’s been over for quite a while. 

I wonder if we’re EVER going to be able to put the Russia-dossier-hoax behind us?! 

Juan O Savin outlined the deep state sabotage-plan brilliantly in a video with Rogue News on 1-6-21. Here’s a link to the vid:





Explosive Juan O Savin: Deep Breaths, We’re Gonna Win, Support the President” 
by Kat, 1-8-21

11:55 Juan O Savin: BTW, when the President did his message after the breaching of the Capital building… and he told everybody to go home in Peace… he didn’t say I’m conceding, it’s all over… give up, we can’t do this… he just said everybody go home in Peace… 

12:17 That message was 1 minute and one second long… There’s a reason why they’re doing this… this is both sides communicating with each other using little coded messages and it’s not lost behind the scenes… 

12:33 11:11 is war… we’re in a Digital War… this was a Digital Steal… and now Americans have to communicate… it’s not about breaking anything down… it’s just saying NO we’re not standing for the steal… we won’t accept it… we’re not going to allow it…

13:38 Let’s get the facts out there about Foreign collusion, Foreign interference… this Dominion Vote Fraud was managed and operated both by Foreigners and by Domestic traitors working from Foreign soil…

13:53 Just like the dossier… remember the dossier trying to take Trump out at the beginning of this Presidency before he was even elected during the election period… that dossier was created and foisted on America through traitorous American citizens working from Foreign soil in London… in cooperation with Foreign agents [MI5 & 6] and American agents [CIA, FBI]…

14:24 [Stefan A.] Halper [American foreign policy scholar and ret. Sr. Fellow @the University of Cambridge, UK]… the guy, the genius that figured this whole thing out to go after Papadopoulos, try to honey-pot him, take him out… that was Halper who is the unindicted co-conspirator from Iran-Contra…  

14:35 We got lots of players here… that have a history in the American Intelligence Agencies that are in on this… CIA totally traitorous…




14:46 That’s why, going back to Kennedy and before… Truman himself said, “If I’d realized I was creating the American Gestapo I would NEVER have done it”…  

[9-3-46 President Truman officially approved Operation Paperclip to include 1,000 German scientists under “temporary, limited military custody.”]

Juan O Savin: Truman himself regretted having authorized the creation of CIA… called it the American Gestapo…


Then we have the G-7 clown show, that Charlie Ward called “a pantomime,” since, I believe, every one of those people has been arrested or are #Spacedust.

“We continue to learn a lot on how the world is truly run. 
The Great Awakening.”
 CJTRUTH, Telegram


On 6-11-21 Mr Pool posted 3 images of money on Telegram (he’s been suspended from Twitter—again.)

Hmmmmmmm. QFS, RV, GCR a go? When you know, you know…



Dear Canada 2.0 🇨🇦
Re: Signal back up contact Number for 
604. 229. 4911 add it to your contacts. 
This is for Canada only.
This number will only be used when the Internet and old Satellites are shutdown.
We will send #blast text messages from this number to keep everyone in the loop.  
IF you don’t have a cell phone number, you can sign up for #free at, “TextNow” 
Then, use that number to sign up for #Signal.  
Please, make sure you have enough food for at least 15  to 30 days. 
But, non-perishable food (just in case your local grocery store systems goes capot).  
Also, please make sure you have a way to cook your food without using electricity for 24 to 48 hours (just in case prepare for longer up to 10 days).
Peace and Prosperity or perish.
#WWG1WGA 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 world
Thank you,
Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief





For my last New Bulletin, if you’ve been feeling various physical sensations like ears ringing, headaches, digestive issues, lack of appetite, craving sugar and/or carbs, sleep issues, exhausted, wired, etc. it’s because the light factor on Earth, in you, and in the Solar System is rising up and up and up as measured on the Schumann Resonance chart. 

We are acclimatizing to Higher Light. All is readying for the jump into 5D+++ leaving deep state demons and whatever is left of their disgusting matrix far far behind.The blasts of EM-white light between 40hz to 100hz is the Frequency of 5D+++.

Unceasing prayers of thanks to Q-Team, our Divine leader, President Trump, the entire angelic White Hat Alliance, Truthers, Digital Soldiers and especially the awesome Global Militaries who are on the Front Lines of this battle with the deep state demons. God bless each and every one of you brave souls. Godspeed. 

Thank you for saving Earth, Humanity, Galaxy and Solar System. You will be honored eternally for facing the most despicable vomitus fiendish Army of all time and in God’s name, winning this greatest battle in Creation. Victory to the Light!

With blessings unceasing,

This is Kat, over and out.



Next week, Media down, the first Big A[rrest], 

Gene Decode #41 on China, Netherlands, Australia, Europe




Transcribed by Kat

18:08 cirstenw: OK. Take a good look at this face… [Bidan]… Is he impersonating a President? Will he be the first big arrest next week that will shock the world? 

18:22 cirstenw: And then the blackout will come… the audits will show that Bidan was not really the winner… hopefully sometime next week…

29:00 Gene Decode:  Donald J. Trump will be #19 POTUS of Republic, that will be beautiful.

29:30 In China they’re going house to house, door to door, D.U.M.B. by D.U.M.B. taking down the CCP. Xi Jinping is working with Putin and the Alliance taking out the cabal.

29:53 cirstenw: Of course I heard there’s other troops in there to help. There’s American troops, Russian, Australian, Canadian, English and S. Korean troops is what I’ve heard.

30:04 Gene Decode: It’s all a coordinated worldwide effort. Helicopters in Germany, they’re now also in Hungary, just like I showed last week with the helicopters. They have a HUGE Operation in Hungary. They’re gearing up for one in Australia.

30:30 They’ve already replaced Castro Jr. with a  Native American, Chinese, Asian Canadian lady who’s running the Republic there until they can have a Referendum and a new vote for a President so that’ll be upcoming as soon as Donald J. Trump is back in here… 

[Kat Note: Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son. Angela Merkel and Theresa May are A. Hitler’s daughters. The three are/were the continuation of their parents’ New World Order. However, as Romana Didulo wrote on her Telegram page, 6-11-21, “How does one attend an International Summit when one is already 10 feet below the ground?” ]

[Romana Didulo, Telegram 6-11-21 “Castro Jr. Trudy. = REMOVED!”]

30:58 Gene Decode: Romana Didulo, Canadian Head of State, is LEGIT. It’s a temporary holding maneuver by the Alliance until they get Trump in and until they can get a Constitutional Republic in place in Canada. 

31:29 Ramona Didulo is actually cleaning up and doing Tribunals, and that’s all going until they can come together and have the people vote on a Constitution and vote a new President for Canada.

31:42 And then each Province will have to decide, in their own Referendums, if it wants to be part of that or not. It will have to be by the vote of the people which will actually be honored which is the same thing with the situation here with DJT.

31:57 They’re going through State by State, Maricopa County, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, a lot of counties and states are doing the same thing and they’re getting things ready. So a lot is going on…

32:12 There’s continuing MASSIVE weather warfare in China, in Wuhan. Tornadoes, hailstorms, that’s continuing. Can’t even see Three Gorges Dam anymore. If you go on Google Earth it’s an old picture of the straight one…

32:43 The real Three Gorges is collapsing. There’s that island growing out the side of it, all that clay is being forced out and there’s this big huge island of clay coming out of the side of Three Gorges Dam…  trash and debris from all the dams that broke upstream. That’s ongoing. 

33:23 We talked about all the D.U.M.B.S. they’re taking out last time…


Kat Note: The Gene Decode, cirstenw video regarding the Weather Warfare in China is in the introduction of this post:


33:18 Gene Decode: Now they’re going into Dali [China.] A massive amount going on there. Yunnan Province… Hunan… 

White dots are the D.U.M.B.S in Hunan, Gene is pointing to water-ways and regular thoroughfare that hide the maglev noise

34:48 Gene Decode: Also, there’s stuff in Russia they’re taking out too… Also Amsterdam, Morocco, Greece

34:23 QFS is up and running, 
and they’re getting ready to bring that online too.

34:39 It turns out the Gold in the D.U.M.B. they’re going further into the Vatican D.U.M.B. towards Jerusalem and they found MORE Gold in the 1500 mile Vatican D.U.M.B. It’s not 34.7 QUINTILLION… that’s what they’ve already removed…

34:55 Now they got into another part… That D.U.M.B. goes from Rome, the Vatican, through Albania, down through Greece and all the way to Jerusalem. 34:55 Now, as they’re going into this area here… black pointer, they found more gold…

[Apologize for the map quality but it’s off Gene’s computer that’s being recorded on cirstenw’s computer and then mine.]

36:13 Gene Decode: That’s the Vatican D.U.M.B. still but they found more… so now they’re talking in the SEPTILLIAN… it’s like, why don’t we just say Googolplex? It’s like we’re getting numbers I don’t even comprehend…


Kat Note: Charlie Ward said the other day, “There’s so much abundance on Earth it’s staggering. In numbers incomprehensible. All will be reappropriated to We The People” from whom it was stolen and who created it in the first place. 

About 6 years ago, a kind reader on IDC taught me the word “Googolplex.” I’ve used it ever since. Before I learned Googolplex I’d say “Infinite.” Googolplex and Infinite are interchangeable. Point is, there is so much wealth on Earth it’s beyond calculation. 

God’s Plan was NEVER EVER lack for his children. That was the deep state demons. 

A point to remember: As Multidimensional Divine Beings of Eternal Light, we can CREATE ANYTHING we want or need. The demons, being lower dimensional fiends and worshippers of the devil, CAN’T CREATE ANYTHING. They need God-stuff. Humanity IS God-stuff which is why they enslaved us. To CREATE for them. 

The demons stole from us, lived off us, ate us, drank our blood, made us fight each other, turned us into barbarians and killers, and made us die and be reborn over and over again so they could feed off our energy.

God creates. Devil can ONLY replicate or destroy.

I know it makes people uneasy to imagine MASSIVE wealth but we are INFINITE Beings. At a certain point, wealth becomes immaterial. If you can CREATE anything you want, then a few pieces of monetary paper becomes superfluous. THAT is where we’re headed.

The transition to 5D+++ is money and tech. But I see those tools as transitional healing tools to help us out of the terrible darkness we’ve been imprisoned in for God knows how long. Eventually, the amount of Gold or money won’t matter. Everyone will have everything they could ever need or want. THAT is God’s plan. Always was, imo.


36:24 Gene Decode: Who knew THERE WAS THAT MUCH GOLD?? This is The Alliance gold.

36:35 cirstenw: So who’s the gold going to? Us? America? Or where’s it going to?

36:40 Gene Decode: It’s going all over the world because they have meticulous records. For EVERY D.U.M.B. they find stuff in, they find METICULOUS RECORDS of where the Gold in that D.U.M.B. came from. This part now is from Singapore, Thailand & Philippines. The Gold they’re finding now in the Vatican D.U.M.B. is Gold from the Asian countries other than China, taken long long ago. Taken to the Vatican… They’re repatriating it to those countries (from whom it was stolen.)

37:39 Clearing out a lot of stuff in Africa. Ethiopia. Rwanda. Namibia. Mozambique.

37:57 Also into South Africa. I mean that’s the heart of evil. The most children in any D.U.M.B. is here in S. Africa. When they get to cleaning that out it’s going to be absolutely off the chart.38:15 They’re continuing to clear out the stuff we see in the U.S… 

38:16 Gene Decode: Central America, a lot of D.U.M.B.S. being cleared & taken out. [White dots on the map are the D.U.M.B. earthquakes]

38:20 Gene Decode: A lot of things going on. It’s really beautiful. We’ve got a new person running Canada…

38:31 Gene Decode: Cleaning out the CCP… they’re repatriating Gold… weather warfare is HUGE… I don’t know for how long… it boggles my mind  that Three Gorges is still there at all…  with the big huge mud cluster going out the side…

39:06 And people all over the world are WAKING UP… people in England? Look at this. People are waking up to the cabal…

↑ U.K. Video of people singing ↑ against the deep state… ↑ “Stick it up your…”

40:43 Gene Decode: In Australia they tried to take out a Space Asset… they’re working in Australia, taking out lots of stuff there… it’s all good news…

42:56 This is the province of North Holland…

42:56 Gene Decode: 60% – 80% of the Netherlands is reclaimed by the sea… there’s hardly anything above sea level… you have all these dykes and stuff but the whole place is actually a massive D.U.M.B…. they created a lot of things to pump out water but what you actually have is tunnels going everywhere…

43:46 The head of the Merovingian line, the cabal on Earth is the family of Orange, which is the Netherlands… black nobility line… it all has been taken out…

They have all these fortified cities…

44:32 Gene Decode: We had a man speak on Blessed 2 Teach about the satanic abuse he was forced into in these fortified cities… he’s the only living survivor… he had to leave the Netherlands… they have all these fortified cities and walls that are representing the crown… deep state dark nobility… Holland is NOT Netherlands…

46:09 Yes, they’re cleaning them out. They’ve done The Hague… so many children it was off the charts… all your museum, hospitals, prisons, mental wards… all of that is going to be run into the D.U.M.B.S., submarine facility museum, very big cabal and satanic… is a lot of what’s going on in there… it just goes on and on and on…

47:11 And all of these old, that look like abandoned? 

47:21 Gene Decode: They have these frequencies that they change it, it’s a tactile hologram… that’s how they make it look… so if you don’t have frequencies keyed up it feels like solid rock… but then they frequency match it and you can literally go right through it… so bizarre… so they have these entrances on and on and on… they have these old facilities that seem to be abandoned but they use them for ritual abuse and all of that stuff… and do their trafficking and all of that…

Rotterdam Port… where Evergiven was going… fully automated… D.U.M.B.S. everywhere… one way in, one way out… ships are off-loaded in total automation? What are you off-loading? They’re cleaning it out. There’s so much going on right now, it’s incredible.

50:00 They have 150 Osprey and Blackhawks… They’re American Blackhawks…

Sikorsky S-70/UH-60 Black Hawk

Black Hawk Helicopter

50:40 Gene Decode: There a big Op in Hungary now too… so that’s ongoing… that’s another thing too now… 

50:45 cirstenw: Did you hear what they’re gonna do to DJT’s clone?

50:55 Gene Decode: Yeah, they’re gonna try… not gonna happen…


End Kat partial transcription




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