Starship Earth: An Ancient Plan is Unfolding


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021: An Ancient Plan is Unfolding [videos]

The Plan put in motion long, long ago (much longer than we know) is unfolding in favour of Humanity. Questioning what has transpired, or why, is fruitless. It will all go as it needs to and we will be released from a hellish existence as a slave race and ascend to the 5th Density. Other souls do this organically but we had to have help to escape from a prison with invisible bars. The dark can no longer hold us back. No more boiling frogs.

On the face of it, the current agenda may seem to be about politics but it isn’t at its root. It’s about the end of the reign of terror of Satan and his minions. At the chosen moment, spell-bound members of Humanity will come out of their trance and see their world for what it has become. It’s a teaching/learning process.

So much has been done in ways that were not apparent unless it was pointed out to us. We needed dots connected to see The Big Picture. It’s not about who won or lost an election or any other the other sideshows we’re currently witnessing. It’s about who we are, and restoring our sovereign rights as Human Beings.

While much of the world yet slumbers in blissful reverie, we, the awakened are advancing the agenda for us all.

There are no more borders in this fight; not really. We are one race, with one common foe. Evil itself. The globalist puppets look at everything as one, and do what they can to remove borders and turn the nations into a slave soup that’s easy for them to stir and add or subtract their latest putrid ingredients as they see fit.


They point out imaginary enemies and boogie men to distract us from the true jailors; themselves. We are not at war with each other, and together as a unified whole Humanity will help to lift up the rest, even the ones with their heads in the sand; brainwashed by television and social media “social engineering”.

From a Toronto attorney who has taken on the psychopaths from a legal standpoint on our behalf…

Are the fake rulers of Humanity really so insanely confident that they have never heard of the new Nuremberg trials?

If you missed yesterday’s article from a seasoned investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport, it’s a must read. Not long, but he has a mean left hook.

O Canada, you’ve got medical Nazis; their stench is rising into the sky

David Icke is amping up the alarm, as well. What will it take to reach the snoozers? Video at the link.

Psychopaths are killing your kids – Where the hell are you? – David Icke Dot-Connector


It’s difficult to fathom how some people can remain so detached from what is unfolding and we keep trying to reach them. It’s frustrating and sometimes painful, but we don’t give up.

There are wise, very credible souls sharing the truth about what is unfolding and they are attacked. Who are the subjects of the attacks? Those are the ones you should listen to first. The Internet trolls point out the best sources by trying to discredit them. Such a stupid tactic. By doing so they tip their hand, but no one said they’re smart.

Jason Shurka discusses the overall “ostrich” problem, the reasons for it, and how to handle it. Great perspective. 9 min.


The psychopaths are exposed daily for their criminal activity. Who can learn that these globalist crony corporations manufacture, market, and sell toxic products for our babies without conscience and still believe there is no conspiracy to harm us? (or depopulate the planet)

These companies are large and successful for a reason. We should shun them. Shut them down. We don’t need their products.

The lawsuit concerned the company’s baby powder, which the plaintiffs alleged was contaminated with carcinogenic asbestos. A jury in St. Louis found in favor of the petitioners, who were ultimately awarded that $2.1 billion as a group. The amount is the sixth-largest award in the history of the American legal system.

Supreme Court Rules Johnson & Johnson Must Pay $2.1 Billion in Baby Powder Lawsuit

LT brings us a new And We Know update today.

6.11.21: The MOMENTUM is shifting as many are FIGHTING BACK with TRUTH! PRAY!

It’s because of the expectation of things like this that we should prepare at least in a small way for whatever The Plan may deliver in the way of unforeseen events.


Did you hear about this unfortunate incident? “Solar panels”. Uh-huh.

Amazon warehouse fire in Maryland ignited by solar panels: investigators

The election audits are stirring up the panic and turning on the heat. Here in Phoenix they’re saying it will be 114F – 116F from Sunday to Friday next week. Perfect timing. Maybe the lunatic left are hoping some of those ballots will be eliminated through spontaneous combustion. I think it’s a little late for that. “We have it all.” says Q.

Senator Rogers Taunts Merrick Garland Threat to Scrutinize Audits: ‘You Will Not Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines Unless You Want to Spend Time in an Arizona Prison’

It will get interesting. Just remember to enjoy the show.

Jetson White does what feels like an excellent job of explaining what is happening in the background that most Humans wouldn’t understand. I’m really enjoying his videos and the dots are connecting… slowly.

We’ve Got the Magic Wand REMASTERED (2 of 7)

I also took in the latest Kryon messages last night. I don’t listen to much channeling but how can you not follow someone who says they’re “in love with Humanity” and brings such positive material and wisdom? 59 min. for all 4 parts included in one video.

Kryon – “Four Spectacular Controversial Truths” – 2021

The Official Lee Carroll – Kryon Channel on YouTube.


I’m getting late starts on the blog this week as I have a lot of yard work to do first thing when it’s cooler, and with my other half away I’m taking care of the packing and shipping of stuff so it’s a busy week and the posts are coming out later than I would like.

Thanks to the crew for all the great material they share and for the positive messages and support. Until next time…  ~ BP


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