The Deep State Trump Ouster


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 8, 2021


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It is quite interesting to see these unanimous Supreme Court decisions on controversial areas such as the green card decision and Tribal Police and Immigrant decisions lately. It indicates that the corrupt Supreme Court is scared of its status over their ignoring the fixing of the Trump and Congressional elections.  The Court has agreed among themselves to try to regain its myth of independence from the deep state by issuing unanimous decisions in controversial cases that favour conservatives.  

Corrupt elections are as American as Apple pie as well as the judicial system. Let’s just take our pick from a few. In the 1928 Gubernatorial Election in New York State Franklin D. Roosevelt as a Democrat won by 1% of the vote stolen by Boss Flynn of the Bronx who was paid off to deliver the votes as he was being groomed for President by Baron Eduard de Rothschild’s people.  The Baron in 1929 initiated the stock market crash by ordering the Federal Reserve to contract credit, and Roosevelt won against Hoover in 1932 in the depression. The Baron in Paris bought massive amounts of gold on the international markets clearly visible in the French import records setting up for the devaluation of gold by Roosevelt. Roosevelt did his bidding by cancelling the protective tariffs that made the US the greatest industrial power in the world.  In the Kennedy-Nixon election, Mayor Daley delivered the votes for Kennedy that swung the election. And now we have the Supreme Court fix and election fraud all over the country on the Trump election. Trump was ousted only because the Deep State was infuriated at his efforts to make the allies pay for their defence which they regarded as undermining the national security of the US when it was they who were undermining it by allowing our internal industries to be destroyed through currency rigging.

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

As we have indicated in earlier pieces, the coronavirus epidemic is really the influenza that conveniently disappeared last year plus the fake PCR tests that were geared at over 35 cycles to create the epidemic scare with billions of false positives. Trump was ousted because he was regarded as wrecking NATO and the Ghost of SEATO. We could have created this so-called epidemic in 2018 just as well as 2020 in the election year. The so-called epidemic is now being used to foist an untested and dangerous vaccine that may adversely affect downward the birth rate solving for Bill Gates his problem with the population rise and climate change. The less people the less emissions. It is also being used against China as part of a new cold war since the communist geopolitical bogeyman is no longer available as China was organized just the way the Henry Fords had organized the US economy until the great depression.  In addition, it is also being used as a vehicle for Orwellian social, totalitarian control combined with Aldous Huxley’s medical tyranny described in his “Brave New World”. The vaccine passport will become a digital computer card that contains in a central location all of your citizenship data and health records for total social control.


The giant medical companies that Gates has invested in for his next monopoly will soon have a vaccine for every disease and more than likely cancer. The theory is that you can cure or prevent cancer by restructuring the genetic composition of the body. In the end we may be so genetically restructured to constitute a robot.  While the genetic vaccine is not really a vaccine in the traditional sense of giving the patient the disease to build up immunities against it as illogical as that really sounds, but rather a gene altering mechanism to prevent disease. The question is whether the medical profession really knows what it is doing in these areas. Edward Jenner started the ball rolling in 1796 by inoculating a 13 year-old-boy with vaccinia virus (cowpox) and demonstrated so he said an immunity to smallpox. The truth, however, was much different as the poor sanitary conditions in the western cities were causing the major diseases, and when the cities were cleaned up diphtheria, small pox, and typhus disappeared. If you think isolation or lockdowns are an original idea, isolation was used for small pox in the 19th century as described by George Bernard Shaw though then only the sick were isolated not the healthy: 

In 1944, in a letter to the Irish Times, Shaw wrote that:

Within my long lifetime, its ruthless enforcement throughout Europe ended in two of the worst epidemics of smallpox in record, our former more dreaded typhus and cholera epidemics having meanwhile been ended by sanitation. After that failure, the credit of vaccination was saved for a while by the introduction of isolation, which at once produced improved figures. At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox.

In other words, the cause of disease was not evil spirits or in today’s parlance germs or viruses, and the very isolation of the coronavirus in a test tube is disputed, but the sanitary conditions in European cities in the 19th century. As to cancer, Dr. Albert Schweitzer opened up a hospital in French Equatorial Africa in 1913, and did not see one cancer patient for 17 years until the European processed foods were sold in Africa taking over the market which witnessed a rise in cancer to European levels. Here the cause and effect were obvious and had to do with the inorganic fertilizers still used and inorganic additions to the foods and medicines. If we were to develop a genetic vaccination for cancer which is the theory Gates is operating under, we are really moving to suppress the symptoms but not cure them. Dr. Schweitzer believe that cancer could be dissolved by changing the diet to organic food and we do not need a vaccine.

There has always been a deep state in every so-called democracy or republic controlled by those who controlled the fiat and usury system called capitalism as a euphemism. Those who control the not independent central banks and banking system, or the fraudulent fiat money and usury system called as a euphemism capitalism, control the world and the democracies and republics.  This the whole issue is covered in Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice” where Shylock did not want his principal and money back but he wanted the representation of Christianity that opposed usury in the form of Signor Antonio dead. Signor Antonio was a threat to Shylock’s rule of Venice and the west as he would destroy the Satanic control mechanism of usury and free the people from slavery. The situation is no different today. This is over control of the world. You threaten central bank control of the world  today and you are dead. I am just an ignored pinprick. The new vaccine passport will increase the control of the people above that which they control already through the financial system and the bought politicians.

The banking system is intrinsically fraudulent in itself. It used to be that gold was behind each dollar and an ounce of gold was around twenty dollars in the US in 1920 but the nature of the usury system is such that the gold cannot procreate to use Aristotle’s metaphor or create its own interest. Let’s say all the gold in the world is 187,000 metric tonnes.  If I lend that to my neighbour at 10% usury for the term of a year where the principal and usury has to be repaid, it is impossible as the interest does not exist. This is the intrinsic fallacy of the entire system. The teacher of John Maynard Keynes at Cambridge, Alfred Marshall, was the last economist to work on this and he could not solve the problem. When rulers were wise, such as King Edward the Pious of England, all wealth gravitated to the usurer as there were continuous defaults for this reason until the usurers in England had all the wealth. When King Edward realized what was happening, and the usurer had become the substitute King, he arrested all the usurers and expelled them from England confiscating their wealth as the accumulation violated the Biblical law against usury.

This fallacy was solved by another fallacy of allowing fiat money to be created to pay the interest, or credit, and eventually the fiat money became disconnected from the gold since so much of it had been created. 


As Goethe wrote in Faust Part II:

I am fed up with this endless how and when,
if there is no money let us make it then.

For example, the Pound of England was backed in 1900 by a 3% gold reserve which made the convertibility of the pound into gold impossible. The mirage could not last. That is why we do not have twenty dollar gold anymore but around a $1,900.00 gold price per ounce. If we divided the 8,133.5 tons or 260,272,000 ounces of gold at Fort Knox and the New York Federal Reserve, which is not audited, to be divided into the M-2 of 20 trillion dollars of credit created, you come to seventy-sixty thousand dollars an ounce. Why, then, is the gold price so low? It is because the fiat money still works to a large certain extent as a substitute for gold.

The so-called internationalism that we have now is directly linked to the internationalism of the usury system where all the wealth of each member state is controlled by the central banks, commercial banks or usurers. It results in grotesque centralizaiton of wealth based on the principals outlined above that usury concentrates wealth. It also seeks to destroy the very concept of a nation. This is capitalism in its essence. In opposition to this is nationalism which requires self-sufficiency and is against the international division of labor.  Nationalism is Biblical  And second socialism if properly understood does not mean a guarantee of equality of result but rather a guarantee of equality of opportunity which is Biblical socialism.   Thus, a nation must represent Biblical nationalism and Biblical socialism. 

Here we find the Bible itself as siding with the nationalists as the world was divided in the Bible by nations descending from Shem, Ham and Japheth who were differentiated. They are not supposed to be mingled especially with Canaan.  And second, the Biblical laws prevent excessive wealth concentration as we will outline and we will call it Biblical socialism mandated by Heaven. In the Bible when the Israelites conquered Canaan where the Canaanites were disenfranchised by God from their land because of their sodomy, the land was divided equally between each Israelite man and his family. If he sold his land it returned to him in the Jubilee that took place very 50 years, and no usury was allowed. Thus all loans were poor loans released at the end of every seven year period. Here we had equality of opportunity but not equality of result as required by the modern socialist.

The concentration of power gravitating to those who control the money is just about absolute power as Mayer Amshel Rothschild is said to have explained in the following quote:

“Let us control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a “maxim” of the House of Rothschilds.

This control by Baron Eduard de Rothschild who in 1929 controlled the world was understood by Lord Byron in this very, very deep analysis of our system from his poem “Don Juan” in the Twelfth Canto:

  Love or lust makes man sick, and wine much sicker;
        Ambition rends, and gaming gains a loss;
    But making money, slowly first, then quicker,
        And adding still a little through each cross
    (Which will come over things), beats love or liquor,
        The gamester’s counter, or the statesman’s dross.
    O Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper,
    Which makes bank credit like a bank of vapour.

    Who hold the balance of the world? Who reign
        O’er congress, whether royalist or liberal?
    Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?
        (That make old Europe’s journals squeak and gibber all.)
    Who keep the world, both old and new, in pain
        Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?
    The shade of Buonaparte’s noble daring?-
    Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian, Baring.


    Those, and the truly liberal Lafitte,
        Are the true lords of Europe. Every loan
    Is not a merely speculative hit,
        But seats a nation or upsets a throne.
    Republics also get involved a bit;
        Columbia’s stock hath holders not unknown
    On ’Change; and even thy silver soil, Peru,
    Must get itself discounted by a Jew.

In the United States today the banks are paying very low rates for money and charging high rates on their credit cards unprecedented in history as our poor are crushed.

The federal funds rate is the interest rate that banks charge each other to borrow or lend excess reserves overnight.

The banks are making enormous profits at the expense of the poor through credit card interest rates for some approaching 25%. Here we see the rich in the US becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. And yet the banks who are owned by shareholders have the right to create their own US dollars as credit in the fractional reserve system which is really only a public right where using the euro system as an example a euro created by the central bank can expand in their commercial banking system 100 times and this is similar to the US dollar system. In essence the banks as private institutions are creating public dollars that they loan as usurious rates of 25% to the poor who cannot create their own money out of nothing. Since the banks can create their own money as private institutions, they essentially control the west. Their checking bank deposits do not receive interest and so their cost of money is lower than the bank’s own borrowing costs. And by this credit allocation they can sponsor their allies and by denying it to their enemies they can destroy them as their competitors.

Footnote one below:

David Lifschultz


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