Starship Earth: Update for June 7, 2021


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June 7, 2021

June 7, 2021: [videos]

To say things are extreme on our planet is understating and the weather is no exception. Weather has been weaponized and we never know when it will be again. A hot, hot summer is on the calendar again this year. We have the annual eclipse on June 10th, as well, which could prove interesting.

Calgary, Alberta Canada had snow and then 30C/88F a week later, with winter storms predicted again now for the mountain parks. We’ve had gorgeous weather here in the Valley of the Sun around 100F (feels like 94) with climbing temps predicted for next week to 116F. Fortunately, it’s a dry heat.

China has been getting biblical flooding from rains significant enough to overcome dams, while the US western states are in a long-term drought.

Tornadoes have already caused devastation this spring, and while no recent hurricanes are threatening, they could be any time. We’ve been lead to believe that storms will only grow more intense, so it’s a good reason to stock up on supplies just in case. We can’t always predict what sort of situations may arise.

The showdown for planet Earth is a spectacle many are able to ignore, but not us. We’re watching closely for every move.


We may see them setting the stage for coming events and attractions under the big top this summer.

Deutsche Bank warns of global ‘time bomb’ coming due to rising inflation

Obviously the story to follow is the US election audits. Reps from Pennsylvania have visited the Phoenix audit site to review their procedures and now the Georgia contingent will do likewise. Some say every state needs to undergo the same forensic audit so… this could take awhile.

UPDATE on Arizona Audit: Georgia Team Is Coming Tomorrow – OAN Reporter Christina Bobb Says More States May Be Coming

Fortunately, the courts are not always against us and sometimes do the right thing. The Supreme Court has been under intense scrutiny but it seems may be more “co-operative” than they were.

Supreme Court: Immigrant who entered country illegally can’t get a green card because of TPS program

We have a new update today from LT at And We Know which I have not yet seen. 52 min.


6.7.21: The OLD GUARD is being DESTROYED! So MANY “HOPE HINTS” dropped everywhere! PRAY!

I made a point to check in with Richard, Citizen Journalist due to the heads up about “exercises” scheduled in DC today. You can see the video of the choppers on Telegram which show there is indeed activity there. Link to Telegram.

Canada is coming alive, and the feisty French people are largely responsible for the shows of opposition to the tyranny.

I believe it’s important for everyone to have an example to follow, whether it’s documents, wording, etc. or the actual process serving of the Cease and Desist orders. Here we have it.

We have seen similar actions to this in Austria where The People served notice to the administration there.

If people have instructions and an example, they feel empowered, confident, and armed to repeat the process. That is all they needed. They probably would have done it sooner but didn’t know how. Très simplement, n’est-ce pas?

I believe Romana Didulo came forward as a “show and tell” and strong example of how to seize our rights and freedoms and how to proceed to defend them and our nations. It takes guts to do this, folks, and she is unwavering in her warrior spirit. The Canada1st Party website is here. You can do some research there and see Romana’s videos.

She says…

Dear Canadian Patriots,

IF you are delivering the Cease and Desist Order in person (remember to sign it, “by: We The People”) and you feel comfortable, please video record it and share it with everyone here on Telegram (C & D, by Province/Territory).

It will help encourage other Canadian Patriots to go out and do the same.

And, will serve as resource to Global Patriots.

Canada 2.0, is the Global Freedom TEMPLATE.

Link to Telegram post.

Link to Telegram post with Cease & Desist downloadable file.

Also in Canada… the national airline relents:

Air Canada executives to return bonuses after government aid outcry


Scott Mowry did a Miracles Intel Conference Call last night and you may listen to the recording if you wish, for one week or until the next call over-writes it, at the number below. Future calls are based on circumstances, blackouts, NDAs, etc. and will be announced only a few hours prior to the calls.

Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access code:  767664# / followed by # again
Backup Number: 520-420-9092
If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

We have push-back from a sheriff, as well.

Sheriff Ends Relationship With DHS to Prevent Release of Illegal Immigrants Into Community

It seems like some people just can’t catch a break and we learned that Roger Stone and his wife are still having a really rough go. He mentions the cost of natural/alternative therapies and I have heard from a friend that some people who offer those services for cancer patients charge extremely high prices. We know there are many cures for cancer and hope Nydia gets the cost-effective care she needs very soon.


For anyone who has not yet heard, Hydroxychloroquine is both the prevention and the cure for the Covid-1984 virus/pathogen. Any GOOD doctor will tell you this, and anyone withholding this treatment should be arrested. Dr. Simone Gold shares documented data over 20 years.

There is no need for a vaccine with questionable efficacy and untold short and long-term health risks. 2 min.

Hydroxychloroquine Safety and Efficacy

I came upon this one just after press time on Sunday. It seems there is never an end to any story. It goes on, and on, and on. Deeper and deeper. These delusional people truly believe they can run the world.

Jetson White shows us the “coincidences” around JFK Jr. in this 9 minute video where he runs the numbers.


The 838 Dig

I couldn’t not share this. Il Donaldo is giving Catturd a run for his money.

And this concludes our update for today. Thanks go out to the crew for their shares and perspectives.

I hope you’re ready to rumble!  ~ BP


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