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June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021: From Fear to Freedom [videos]

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Unity is key in moving forward successfully in our new civilization, and remember:

Snowflakes are one of Nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.  ~ Vesta M. Kelly

Snowflakes are an exceptional example of synergy. The whole is so much greater (and more influential) than the sum of its parts. I noticed yesterday that the Jumbotron freeways signs made no mention of the Wu Flu or vaxx. A result of my letters, or the result of many letters? Most likely the latter. Synergy.

Humanity is organizing and bypassing hurdles. If you are seeking mask/vax-free employment in Canada or Australia, see this post on Telegram.

Kevin Annett speaks out in this shocking update on the excavations of multiple mass graves at Indian Residential Schools. Everyone needs to know this information he shares here. The murders are not relegated to decades-old deaths of school children, or to Kamloops. He speaks of 29 sites, recent murders and intentional coverups by many parties, including Indian band members, as I suggested earlier.

Please share widely. The atrocities committed by the sub-Humans who have been running this planet must be exposed for us to move forward as a race. This is genocide, people, and betrayal of the highest order.

Listen right to the end, as he addresses the status of the current Canadian administration and tells us it is our duty, if we do not wish to be associated with genocide, to break free from said government and form a new government body.  11 min.

More mass graves of children identified in Canada – War Crimes trial, independent digs to commence


Romana Didulo posted the following on Wednesday afternoon. It would not surprise me. When it comes to those who harm children, the White Hats mean business. There is no punishment appropriate for those who prey on children other than removing them from our midst—permanently.

The real Pope Francis + 31 Cardinals all were shot on site!
Vatican was the children sex trafficking ring Master.

As we have heard from President Trump, General Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and others, it’s about the Rule of Law. Law and Order must return. Justice has been elusive, to say the least, but is mandatory.

The People must cease to blindly “obey” and must instead do what is right; just; lawful, and in accordance with our founding documents, constitutions, and charters of rights and freedoms.

THAT is our duty. Our duty is NOT to obey tyrants and psychopaths. We must cease to do the bidding of perceived authority figures. Just because they issue a mandate or “order” does not make it lawful, legal, or binding. Even “statutes” are not “law”. If the instructions sound wrong to you, just stop doing what they tell you. Together. All together as One.

All we need is Natural Law/Common Law. It’s just common sense.

Below is another great video from the crew to show us that we have been lied to about everything; manipulated, misinformed, and dumbed down. Regardless, the Laws are what they are, and it’s time we learned them.

You may recall the Bible telling us that God “spoke” Creation into being. It sounds odd, and doesn’t make sense unless you know the Laws. How would they explain advanced concepts to a simple, uneducated people? It wasn’t easy, and they used terminology and situations they might better understand.

It’s catch-up time. Would you like to know how the multiverse really works? When we understand this, we also understand the Q Team’s prognostication: ‘The world is about to change.” And “back to the future” makes more sense, too. It’s not “new” technologies that will transform our civilization, but old ones we were not allowed to have.

Here is more evidence from the White Hats as to the nature of our reality. We’ve had our glimpse of what comprises this construct and is so deceiving to our eyes. It was Charlie Ward who first pointed me to Jetson White videos and I’m so glad he did. I’ve had a blast exploring the material he presents and the ideas he puts forth.

Jetson does a 3-part presentation involving what’s really going on above our heads. I think you’ll agree it’s not what they told us. He states that it’s apparent that for a time, the White Hats allowed us to get these images of the artificial construct and some of the mechanical pieces running it. It’s fascinating. Most of his videos are around 6 minutes in length.


ISS Adventure -Ep 1

If that intrigues you as much as it did me, you can watch the subsequent Episodes 2 & 3 by clicking this link.

This video is his most recent and is also riveting. We have discussed many times the reasons for the venom spewed about Q and those doing the bidding of the Q Team. The messages they brought us over the years were like an onion. They made sense on a very basic level we could all understand at first glance, but for those of us who understood the big picture—The Event, Ascension, the Division of the Families, the false construct we occupy, etc., it made sense on the broader scale if we cared to peel back the layers.

Getting into the Gematria and Numerology allowed us to take deep dives and decode the multitude of messages transmitted without actually saying them and revealed the connection to the “Biblical” references. So many puzzle pieces fell into place these past four plus years and it’s been a fantastical journey of knowledge, history, revelation and enlightenment.

Just what has the Q Movement, the Maga Movement, and this incredible awakening process really been about? It was never just about Donald Trump or America or politics. Here’s Part 1. Again, if you wish to see more of Jetson’s remarkable videos, click this link to get to YouTube, and click this one to watch on Rumble. Not all his videos have been duplicated on Rumble yet.

Moving Heaven & Earth

I hope you can see now that when we speak of the dramatic changes coming to Humanity like med-beds, healing cancer, age reversal, regeneration of limbs, plenty of money for everyone and abundance of food, clean water, shelter for every soul, replicators for all to manifest our needs, a Quantum Financial System that is consciousness itself and cannot be hacked, the Space Force, free energy… it’s not crazy talk. It’s real, and it’s coming. That and much, much more.

There’s a saying that goes: Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. In this case, whether people believe or not, it’s going to happen. Prepare to be wowed.

Whether the masses are prepared to take a leap or not, we’re all going to leave the evil behind. WWG1WGA. That Q-ism takes on a different nuance when you understand our ultimate destination; as does “Nothing can stop what is coming”.

It’s not only about exposure of Satan and demons, the criminal and inHumane activity, arrests, GITMO, disclosure of the ETs, technology—it’s the end of the satanic regime and their disposition to The Pit. They earned it.


The end of evil. It has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Buh-bye, you psychopaths.

Since we mentioned the “f-word” [FEAR] at the top of this post, we will address it here. Many of us have suffered emotionally, mentally and spiritually in this life and others, and it is helpful to understand how our experiences play out.

Knowing there is a problem is the first step in resolving it, and this article from Peers/Want To Know gets into it a little. Being a psychology fan I find it interesting. Humanity has been rendered “damaged goods” in many respects, and the med-beds will be able to heal us, but it’s helpful to recognize the symptoms and behaviours to enable us to navigate the mine field of fractured egos and “over-compensators” in our daily lives.

Examples of Common Core Challenges and Associated Fears or Beliefs

  • Abandonment – Nobody cares about me. I’m all alone. I don’t matter. I can’t trust anyone.
  • Arrogance – I’m better than all of you. I’m too much. I’m right and you’re wrong.
  • Damaged – Something is wrong with me. I’m a failure. I’m damaged.
  • Inferiority – I’m not good enough. I’m stupid. I’m worthless. I’m boring. I’m hopeless.
  • Rejection – I’m a burden. I’m unwanted. Nobody wants to spend time with me.
  • Shame – I’m bad. I’m evil. I’m a mistake. I’m a monster. I’m disgusting. I’m possessed.

You can learn more about core challenges at this link.

Q told us a “scare event” is necessary. Part of the reason for it as I understand it is because the Earth Alliance is undoing the trauma and mind control (and spells?) the controllers used to get us to this point. More trauma is uncomfortable, but we have to reach the deeply programmed members of society and a “shock” is required to do so.

My take on it is that the Kung Flu and vaxxx scenario with all the frightening prognostications about the carnage the “gene therapy” is going to do to us is part of the protocol designed to “scare them out of their wits”. If we believe that it’s a psyop (a positive one) executed by the White Hats, (which I stated from early on) and that the Patriots are in control as Q claims, then how can we believe this Wu Flu treatment will kill us all?

What has occurred to me, however, as I’ve said, is that the four branded treatments from Big Pharma just may be designed to take out our enemy. I got the distinct feeling that the people dying are not our friends.

You may recall a few days ago I shared a question from Romana Didule about the White Hats being in control of all the Big Pharma manufacturing and distribution facilities for the vaxxx.

How do you know that the Whitehats and Federation Alliance have not taken over all pharmaceutical companies and their vaccine manufacturing plants?

You may also recall that Trump repeatedly said the US Military was going to deliver all the vaccines. Charlie Ward confirmed that when Trump says “vaccine” he means something else and we know the US Military is “saving the world”. The cabal is the virus. I’m sure you can connect the dots.


Back on May 25th, Mike Adams featured the following article and video on his Natural News website. Mike’s monologues have been very entertaining to me of late in their extreme ridicule, and I’m thankful for the chuckles, but have a look at this and/or listen to his discussion of the idea that the vaxxx is a “trap”. Perhaps you agree. This is to explain why I say I don’t feel we need to be concerned about the vaxxx. No one I know has suffered anything major after the jab.

Whether it’s due to the DNA or the presence of adrenochrome, I don’t know, but I’m fairly certain that we’re at a point that a “shot” can be used to target specific biological organisms. A genocide of a different kind?

Article and video at the link below. I’m referencing the third video down, entitled Part 3 – Operation Warp Speed A TRAP for Democrats to EXTERMINATE themselves!

Superparamagnetic nanoparticles delivered via vaccines; Operation Warp Speed a TRAP for Democrats, and the engineered collapse of America accelerates

This is the final day of contractors in our home and the project went swimmingly. At least, it was until I just heard the ¡Aye, aye, aye!” in the next room, but what an incredible difference and the chaos was well worth it. I even got to practice my Spanish a little. ¡Estupendo!

Next, the cleanup and putting everything back together. I feel like I just moved all over again but colour has frequency and vibration and I need a harmonic environment to be comfortable. Of course you know that when you change one thing, it often creates a cascade effect and makes other things look incongruent so there is painting to be done!

Unfortunately, it seems one of our air conditioners is too tired to function in our recent heat wave. We expect 107 F tomorrow. Since it’s the original unit, 26 years old, we can’t fault it. We’ll see what the AC contractor says tomorrow. So much going on these days.

The day is waning in the eastern portion of the nation and it’s bedtime across the pond so I’ll sign off now. Tomorrow we’ll get into more of the political news but in the interim, here’s an update from LT at And We Know.  ~ BP

6.3.21: VENGEANCE is MINE saith the LORD! Coming to a STATE near you? WOW! Pray!



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