(Reader: Kanandaa) When will More People Realize Legality is Controlled by the Deep State?


Reader Post | By Kanandaa

How many years have many been talking about a restored US Republic via Gesara/etc? I have been aware of all that since 2005 and I’m only a second waver, some have been hearing about that since 1980 like James Gilliland of ECETI ranch.

How much longer will legal citizen slaves continue believing someone in the legal system will save them when it hasn’t happened for the last 40+ years? You remember what Trump said about the supreme courts refusing to even look at the evidence for election fraud? He said and I quote “the supreme court really let us down” and that is as much a controlled opposition response as it could be. What he should have said if he cared about justice at all is that the legal courts are the lynchpin of the deep state and therefore the main reason the US election was able to be stolen, the crooks who stole it knew there was zero chance of them being prosecuted within legal courts because they are all part of the deep state.

How many people have you heard say that the US supreme court refusing to look at the evidence for election fraud was the single largest miscarriage of justice aka obstruction of justice in US history? Isn’t obstruction of justice a crime? Of course it is, but since the legal courts have ZERO REAL WORLD BOND with any legal citizen (just like the rest of the deep state/govt/etc), they can do whatever they want because there IS NO REAL STANDARD OF JUSTICE WITHIN THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

Legality is pay to play bullshit, based in a foreign private language called lagalese which looks and sounds like english to trick people into believing they have consented, but how can anyone truly consent with what is never fully disclosed? The legal system never fully discloses its legalese language to We the People, there is nowhere any of us can go to read in full their legal definitions from their legal dictionaries, and thus why LEGAL CITIZENS NEED TO BE REPRESENTED, THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN SPEAK LEGALESE BECAUSE IT IS NEVER FULLY DISCLOSED.

How much longer will americans pretend to be deep state terrorist legal citizens before they wake up to the biggest lie IN THE HISTORY OF THE ENTIRE WORLD? What other fraud has stolen so much from people other than legality lying to people about everything while completely ignoring the Law of One?

Legality is a world wide disease, and thus why most people see americans as self centered and idiotic, when those americans believe that saving their country is the solution, when the legal country they are trying to save is the exact mechanism the deep state uses to rip them off and lie to them. Legal corporations have been used to hide the truth to protect the deep state satanists from being exposed as who they really are, and the longer that people idiotically continue calling legality ‘the law’ is the longer people will continue to suffer by their own choice of laziness and ignorance.

Have you ever read any legal dictionary ever? No? Then how can you be a legal citizen when you fail to know and understand the full legal definition of that legal word? You can only believe you are a legal citizen if you fail to know and understand the full definition. When will americans grow beyond the deep state brainwashing of being a “patriot aka nationalist” which directly supports the deep state divide and conquer agenda?


Freedom with justice is exactly what the US and most legal places have right now, freedom to be a criminal under the legal system because there is almost zero real world justice being served through the legal system especially when it matters most like the US election fraud.

Gesara cannot happen until enough of We the People transcend satanic cult legality and choose to


so we can start speaking sane english, get way more people involved in the decision making process and start doing things like how most people know it should be done.

The truth is setting us free.

Peace and blessings to all you dear masters. Namaste.




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