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May 24, 2021

May 27, 2021: Chugging Up the Hill on Our Roller Coaster [videos]

We made it. We made it over the hump(s). It’s Thursday, and we’re still here, the “forbidden” message is gone, Number One has done his diagnostics and some tweaking and we’re back to tackle another day.

Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I finally left the spinner going yesterday and did the grocery shopping and when I got back the “publish” button was back, too. That’s when I got the “forbidden” and threw up my hands in disgust.

Anyway, it was a very humpy ‘hump day’ and we appreciate your kind thoughts.

Breaking just prior to press time:


Maria Zack, who exposed the fact that Italy played a major role in the rigged election, JUST announced on Stew Peters’ show that Russia Gate is directly tied to the election theft.

She also confirmed that she DID report her findings to John Durham 

Here on the bridge we’re back to normal for now. What a relief. We’ll see what happens in the next few days. I’m hoping the plugins were the problem but turned the new ads off as well. Fingers crossed, but WordPress did an automatic plugin update a few days ago which I completely forgot about and it seems it royally messed things up. Thanks a lot, WordPress. It caused our host to shut us down because there was so much of a draw on their servers.




Early Wednesday morning, Mica and I narrowly escaped being road kill in a crosswalk when an inattentive lunatic went screaming through the intersection after we waited for the “walk” light to cross the road. Fortunately the driver slammed on the breaks and swerved to miss us. No apology or remorse, he just roared off to greet the day. An NPC?

Back to fighting the good fight.

So! We have confirmation that our “fearfully and wonderfully made” bodies will protect us from the dreaded covid cold virus.

New Study Finds Even a Mild COVID Infection Leaves Long-Lasting Immunity

This is “news”???

If we care for these incredible meat suits (avatars), they will serve us well. If we abuse them, they might not come through in a crunch. No mask, no vaccine, no drug is as effective as our good ol’ immune system. We are SuperHuman, and loaded with Light.

And look—Facebook’s new study shows the Wu Flu is generally accepted as a bio-weapon! ;0)




Facebook lifts ban on posts claiming COVID-19 was man-made

BBC, eh? Interesting. More blood clots. Why would blood clot in some people and not others? Different blood?

Lisa Shaw: BBC Radio Newcastle presenter dies aged 44

I’ve been looking for this. Project Veritas strikes a lethal blow. 10 min.

Facebook Insider Who Leaked ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Docs Morgan Kahmann GOES ON RECORD After Suspension

Have you noticed that the old Covid Facts you need to know underneath YouTube videos has now been switched to the following? The brainwashing is constant, relentless, and criminal.

Vaccine hesitancy
Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines – some people are hospitalized, some even die. Immunization is our best protection against these diseases.For information purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice. Learn more

You had to know this was coming.

Dominion Blames ‘Human Error’ For Pennsylvania Voting Machines Not Showing GOP Ballots

“Dominion deeply regrets the confusion this error caused,” Nollette said.

“Confusion”. Oh, brother. What they deeply regret is getting caught, with much deeper regret to follow. We will see the proof that Human “intent” is what programmed the machines. Evil in, evil out.

Did you listen to the address from Romana Didulo I shared two days ago? You might want to do that. As the Commander-in-Chief she tells you how to address the tyranny, fear mongering and crimes against Humanity in Canada.




Whiplash347 did a couple of Telegrams about this. It needs to roll out at the local level, folks. Each of us, joined with others in our community create a groundswell of power and momentum the criminals will not be able to withstand.

We have sheer numbers (and by now, possibly desperation) on our side. Unify. Plan. Execute. Take control. We have to show them we’re not having it any more. As Juan O’Savin exclaimed many times, “Effing slaves no effing more!” When are Canadians going to get THAT angry?

And if your response to Romana’s video was that she can’t possibly lead the nation—why would you say that? Insert attitude adjustment immediately.

The leadership of our nations is going to change. No more fancy suits with forked tongues, spouting promises and seasoned with virtue-signalling and guilt-inducing platitudes. We want honesty, sincerity, self-less authenticity. We want people who speak the truth and do what they say they will do; people who live by the same laws the rest of us do; no exceptions. No privilege.

Note that Canada, the USA, and many other countries have unified to take down the cabal. Together. That’s how it’s done. The Earth Alliance.

Re: Forced Masking and Vaccination at work.

Here is what to share with your Employer.

“Boss, in case you didn’t know your business is now operating inside the Republic of Canada. Corporate mandate(s) being issued by the corporate government of Canada from Ottawa or the Provinces or Cities- have no power over the men, women, and children of the Republic.

Masking, vaccinating, quarantining, testing, and social distancing has been declared unlawful.

And, IF, you don’t change your social policies immediately, the Republic Government, has the power to order the US and Allied Special Forces to arrest you for crimes against humanity and confiscate and seize your company and assets”.

Organize Community Shopping Buddies Group/Networks. Then, go out in groups and shop to your hearts content.

Start in your town/City.

Romana Didulo,
Head of State, Commander-in-Chief, and Head of Government of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.


Re: Students being forced to take the vaccines to attend classes or participate in Sports or keep their Scholarships.

Remove your Children from the School system and home school.

IF, they are at University/College – ask them to withdraw from all their classes and ask for refund.

We are going to overhaul the educational system Folks. Meanwhile, you have to stand up and protect your children from the jabs.

Romana and her team have a couple of Telegram channels.  You might want to have a boo.

“Oh look! Suddenly Alberta is presenting a reopening plan?” they  say.

Did you notice Justine’s teeth? I happened to look at photos like these just the other day because I was looking for that. Another replacement.

And check this out, Canada. Your military speaks out. This guy says he’ll probably get in trouble for saying this but he doesn’t care anymore. That is the point Canadians should be at.




What is more important than survival? Nothing. If you’re sick, imprisoned in a FEMA camp, vaccinated, surveilled 24/7 and you have no choice in anything, it would be preferable to be dead.  A short video at the link. French and English. 

”A brave Canadian Soldier is a whistleblower” speakout against a deadly vaccine.”Can anyone fix this video for it’s a important! Please share

Aw, it’s okay. Jagmeet is sorry and I’m sure will never do anything like this again.

NDP leader Singh sorry for breaking COVID rules

This is what it’s come to, folks. The People are fed up with being told what to do and having idiotic, tyrannical, unscientific, unjustifiable restrictions put upon them while their rights are stripped. For SEVENTEEN MONTHS. Just STOP FLYING. It’s that simple. You can’t drive from Northern California to Southern California? It’s not like it’s NY to LA. They have NO RIGHT to insist you wear a mask at all—let alone over your nose. Stop letting them tell you what to do.

I have noticed a difference in Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and went looking for photos the other day. The current one is more appealing than the old. (man) And The Real Dark Judge on Gab popped in as soon as I fired up the beast this morning and said this and showed a video featuring a better-looking Ardern, I assume since the alliance already dealt with “it”. As we’ve been told, a lot of the “earthquakes” are not earthquakes, they are the alliance taking out deep underground military bases (DUMBs) with tactical nukes.

“QUAKE not QUAKE”We still got the video as proof for you.

Anyway it & the rest of the its got their marching orders.


For anyone who let little Greta get under your skin and set the guilt juices flowing… think of it this way.

In closing, here’s a Whiplash347 question for which most of you already know the answer, and probably could see coming. The gathering storm is about to dump a deluge on America, and possibly the world. It will be staggering. Debilitating. People will be gobsmacked. Possibly incapacitated.

What kind of a ‘storm’ would it be if Durham drops the hammer concurrent with an FBI investigation going public with numerous Hunter Biden/Joe Biden bribery/tax evasion/money laundering charges parallel to it coming out that the China virus came out of the Wuhan lab at the same time the AZ audit results are announced and there was massive fraud? On a scale of 1 to 10, what would that measure?

Dan Scavino gave us this: Woo-hoo!

Signing out for now, my friends. We’re chugging up that hill on our roller coaster car and all we can see is sky. Strap yourselves in.

If you’re going to have a big ‘long weekend’ for Memorial Day, good luck with the gas prices.  ~ BP





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