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May 24, 2021

May 24, 2021: Surfing the Waves of Freedom [videos]

There were challenging issues last night as I tried to access Twitter and other websites. I’ve heard there have been power outages in some places, as well.

It included difficulty loading and while Cox appeared to have issues reported all day long, Cox said they had no problems on their end. There were long delays at the Denver airport of up to 1 hr. 12 min. and the helm is sluggish again today.

Cox is still experiencing a lot of Internet issues at the moment. We’ll do our best to keep the comms open but we’re losing contact with the host again so… I think we can expect interruptions of all kinds in the coming days as satellite feeds, etc. may be tested for the coming “big reveal”.

Dan Scavino posted this on Twitter and by the time I found it, had logged nearly 8,000 views and a ton of ReTweets. Watch the water! The floodgates have been opened and a deluge is coming.

President Trump was scheduled to do the new Dan Bongino show today but I haven’t yet listened. Dan is replacing Rush Limbaugh. We may have a heads up here.


The drama continues…

I happened to stumble on a new Allison Coe video from May 22 and pounced on it. Allison’s clients always provide the most thought-provoking material in their Quantum Hypnotherapy sessions. I got the first half in before my trip to Sky Harbor and it discussed the event flash.

The And We Know video is having a familiar “extension” problem, along with Internet issues with Twitter, Cox, etc. You can use the link below to watch on

5.22.21: The AMAZING sound of [DS] FEAR is GLORIOUS! GA and AZ Booms! Pray!

It’s getting utterly theatrical now.

New Hampshire Police Arrest Maskless Parents Attempting to Confront School Board – Following Arrests Board Cancels Meeting To Avoid Parents

I get the feeling these nasty, rotten governors are playing a role and will be taking their bows after the grand finale.


We’ve heard it’s going to get crazier and crazier in order to reach the ones who refuse to awaken so expect more tales from the asylum.

This kind of stuff is getting wilder, too. I think I will keep an eye on these retailers and see what happens. This could all be scripted. Cuomo’s offering scratch tickets (lottery) to New Yorkers… nuts. I was in Kroger/Fry’s yesterday and a few less people wore masks but still a ridiculous number did and I couldn’t understand anything the cashier was saying behind the mask and plexiglass. I think the date is wrong on this article.

Kroger Offering $100 to Employees Who Get COVID Vaccine

Scott Mowry and team did a great call last night and the RV/GCR news is certainly getting the attention of people. Over 3K on the live call and a further 2K accessing the recording… it’s all about the money since “Tressy” came on the the call in April and gave us her intel on the currency exchange.

Up in the Great White Gulag they’re pushing the narrative very hard and a lot of Patriots are concerned because not enough Canucks are waking up. They’re just going along. I must say it is testament to Humanity’s spirit of adaptability, but the cliff approaches for the lemmings.

BC politicians want to change province’s name and flag to reflect “diverse” society

A friend sent this map from a website you may wish to check out. So… how do they know this? “The Plan”, I guess. “This month” means May. New York and Wyoming aren’t even mentioned. I guess they’ll never open. How many tunnels and DUMBS are there to address beneath those states?

This article got lost in the kerfuffle a few days ago. The New World Order doesn’t do anything that doesn’t yield major profits for them and their own peons.

40 Million Fake Masks, 200,000 Counterfeit COVID Tests Seized

This kind of surveillance state would have been a reality had Hitlary become president. Weaponized tech. Not everyone realizes their phone, iPad, doorbell, fridge, television, and electricity meters, etc. were set up to spy on them. For those who invited technology to be inserted into their body… all you can do is shake your head.


Oxford secretly used cell phone data to track millions as part of government-ordered vaccination study – media

Here’s an interesting Update on China’s Three Gorges Dam. Some believe it has already been addressed by the Earth Alliance. Beneath the dam are (were) a DUMB, with nukes, trafficked captives, etc. We’re told the earthquakes were the White Hats taking out the tunnels and DUMBS on the largest Human trafficking route in the world through China.

Florida is a model state for the rest. Ron makes it look so easy.

“Permitless Constitutional Carry”. Outstanding! Texas will be home to the new Capitol of America, in case you hadn’t heard. DC is toast. It became a swamp, and it will remain a swamp. Literally.

Politics has never been so colourful, has it? How can anyone respect a Speaker who can’t speak, and now mumbles behind a fashion mask (or two) coordinated to all her outfits? How can people stay asleep? This whole thing has been a nightmare.

Nancy Pelosi is ‘mentally ill,’ Congresswoman Greene says, comparing House mask mandate to Holocaust

Out: UFOs. In: USOs

There has indeed been a great deal of chatter about UFOs recently and the planned “fake alien invasion”. It’s partly a distraction.

It’s also old news and brings to mind this 2009 video (below) from Spanish fishermen. We see the fighter jets first, which always chase flying saucers (like there’s a hope they can catch one), then the saucer dives into the ocean, and then the black helicopter comes and threatens the fishermen who had been filming the encounter. Same old, same old. They have undersea bases all over the world and are completely submersible. USOs.

There have been positive and negative extraterrestrials on this planet for eons and the world leaders and military are well aware of it. It’s time we ended the charade and got real. Trump has mandated full disclosure by August so…


And during the upcoming Ten Days of Darkness when they stream the “truth videos” from Elon Musk’s Starlink system, the world will hopefully find out the alien invasion took place millennia ago and has been the source of our problems.

That is who the military and the benevolent ETs are working to eradicate from Creation. The invading satanic ETs and their Human minions are the virus in this holographic reality.

And how do you fix your computer when a bad virus infects it? Sometimes you have to wipe the RAM and external hard drives, reformat the operating discs and reinstall the programmes. So what can we expect in the upcoming RV/GCR/Reset of our world? As Q has said, “the world is about to change”.


It’s all coming to a head and the truth-tellers are bringing the masses out of the spell. Rand Paul is spelling it out for those who don’t yet get it.

If Rand Paul, a doctor, is telling us it’s a good thing a lot of people got vaccinated, I don’t think we need to worry much. I’d still never get a “vaccine” or pharmaceutical. Therapeutics only to boost the immune system, where the army resides who can take out any threat to my sacred organism.

I believe there is validity to the following opinion piece. At some point the pendulum has to swing the other way. We’ve hit what—twenty seven sexual gender terminologies now? There’s nowhere left to go but back the other way.

The sexual counterrevolution is coming

For the Q diggers out there, you may like this deep dive. It’s hard to describe, so you’ll just have to dip your toe in.



That is today’s update. Stay on your toes and expect the best.  ~ BP


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