Operation Barbarossa, Part Two


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 18, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

This replies to Thomas Anderson’s critique of my Barbarossa piece in the next links.

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Thomas Anderson’s Response to David Lifschultz and Operation Barbarossa

I sequentially explained what happened but let’s just focus more deeply on what really was going on. England and France wanted Poland subjugated by Germany and Russia so that they would be neighbours. Once the Polish buffer state was eliminated, the two great powers would have an uneasy relationship bordering each other and English intel encouraged Germany to invade Russia so both countries would be destroyed. England had secretly sponsored the rise of Hitler through their intelligence agencies after reading his “Mein Kampf” that promoted friendship with England. That is where Hitler’s secret financing came from. It was not the Fuhrer’s infallible intuition the led him unscathed into Austria, Sudetenland, Czech, etc. but the secret communications by British intel that told him there would be no consequences. They even led him into Poland saying that he would not have to worry about his western front even though pro forma they had to declare war on Germany. This is what was called the Phoney War. A member of the British Cabinet rose to answer a member of Parliament questioning why England had not bombed Germany, and he replied: “My dear sir, are you suggesting we should destroy private property?”


These are keys is that Thomas Anderson is not aware of. If Russia wanted to destroy Germany the time to do it was when Germany invaded France with just about all their forces. Why wait for Germany to come back stationing a lot of troops on the Russian border where Germany could put 80% of its army against Russia which it did when it invaded Russia on June 22, 1941. There was no France in their rear.

Hitler explained his switch of strategy to his generals that if he became entangled in an effort to demolish the English position in the Mediterranean and Middle East, he felt uneasy having Russia at his back. Secondly, he did not have enough oil as Britain was blockading his supply. In addition, he had just taken over France and other countries who had been supplied by oil by sea when they were free which now was also part of the blockade. Thus, Germany had to supply the conquered nations with oil also. The German oil position was desperate.

Germany finds itself in the same position again today. It receives its oil largely by sea controlled by the US and the balance comes from Russia that they are alienating again. If the Straits of Hormuz are shut, and Russia cuts off its oil, Germany is just as much doomed today as it was in 1941. That is why it is essential for Germany to create again a Reinsurance Treaty with Russia that was the key to the power of Prussia or Germany in Europe under Prince Otto von Bismarck. Under the Prince von Bismarck, the oil question was not then the most important as coal was the main fuel but avoiding a two front war. The principle was the same.

Hitler felt after France had fallen, that his western front was now protected, and he could take advantage of the situation by moving 80% of his troops east for an invasion of Russia. A major motivating factor was the resistance tiny Finland had demonstrated against the Russians between November 39, 1939 to March 13,1940. Mighty Russia could hardly beat Finland so how could it beat the great Wehrmacht?

  ”We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down,” Adolf Hitler told his generals.

Here Hitler miscalculated the effectiveness of extraordinary defensive obstacles across a narrow area that made outflanking difficult set up by the Finnish army. This misunderstanding was behind his debacle at Kursk where he allowed the Russians months to set up tank traps and extensive defensive obstacles to his tanks which could not have happened if he attacked at once. Once the tank obstacles were in place, the entire area should have been outflanked. He stormed right into a trap. That was the end of most offensive operations in the east and Germany went on the defensive.

Another major error of Hitler was he did not follow his intuition that the oil was paramount, and he should have sent in 1941 his panzer armies to the Caucuses and Baku for the oil. If he cut off Russian oil, they could not fuel their tanks and industries. Instead, he yielded to his generals striking at Moscow which was a transportation center that was a secondary target which was meaningless without oil.


Once he headed east he should have screened Stalingrad by his panzer armies and not moved a panzer army into Stalingrad for street fighting it was not designed for. Since the primary objective was the Caucuses and Baku, Field Marshall Ewald von Kleist’s Panzer Army should have been protected from outflanking by Paulus’s Panzer Army.

Hitler also erred by failing to concentrate for the strategic objective which was the oil, and Rommel’s forces should not have been in the North Africa but in Russia. All forces should have been stripped from various theatres for Russia. That concept was just as valid then as under Napoleon.

David Lifschultz


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