US Must Achieve National Self-Sufficiency on an Emergency Basis


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 17, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Comments from European Correspondent:

“Concerns over Russia”; It starts sounding almost like an old slogan. The same slogan that recently was used in Ukraine;

The SDCA agreement between Norwegian government and USA is actually increasing the instability with Russia, giving more reasons for concerns over Russia now than since WWII. Norway is now considered to be US’ prolonged arm in the Arctic. Not only by Russia, but by Norwegian military officers and lots of the people as well. Creating the same split between the military and the government as in France and USA.

The fact that US military personal stationed in Norway shall be exempted from Norwegian law if they do something criminal, actually reminds one of the recent Ukraine story. Making one wonder if Norwegian politicians have been given an ultimatum, or if they are just trying to further their own personal careers.


Admiral Moiseyev slams Norway’s ties with the United States as NATO kicks off major missile defence exercise


The US was once a towering, giant industrial power where 75% of the cars were made under Henry Ford. Ford was destroyed by the Rothschild financial power and it has been straight downhill since. The US won World War Two by its power of production which no longer exists as half of its industries are part of the rust belt, and China has an estimated GDP twice that of the US in real terms. I have justified this opinion by just citing steel production of a trillion tons a year versus the US about 87 billion, and motor vehicle sales for China of 27 million versus 11 for the US in 2017. You can run down the gamut and it is the same disproportion. I use the 2017 car figure as I doubt the reliability of recent figures.

In a Spykman-Mackinder geopolitical sense, the US has to create major alliances to shoulder the burden as the US is too weak. The trouble is the Germans do not want to spend the money on their military nor most other powers. So what is happening in Norway and NATO is really a bluff as there is no meaningful force in NATO at all and Russia can overrun it in two weeks. All NATO airpower will be neutralized in five to ten minutes as their air fields are destroyed by Russian missiles and the war will literally be over. The Russian shock armies will be at the English Channel in two weeks.

The US in World War Two needed allies such as England and Russia as it could not project its power n Europe alone. It needed England as a springboard to the mainland or it had absolutely nothing. In other words, as great a power as the US was it still could not project power in theatres of war without allies. Today England which then had a 1,000 ships only has 70 and is finished as a world power.  

The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom had a fleet of 70 vessels as of April 2020, including 13 Frigates, 6 Destroyers and one Aircraft Carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Inshore Patrol Vessels were the most numerous boat-class in the Navy, with eighteen of them in service. It only has seven submarines.

The US has 430 ships and 66 submarines. That may be enough submarines to stop any potential enemy from using surface vessels for oil, natural resources, etc.


Here’s the Entire U.S. Navy Fleet in One Chart

Scroll down.

Surface fleets are largely obsolete as submarines with guided missiles will rule the seas. China is building their submarine fleet as rapidly as possible and probably has more that 150 submarines and that may well be over 200.  In ten years it could be six hundred or more. The goal is probably at least a 1,000 as soon as possible. That is where the power will be. In a world war, there will not be any surface commerce so it is expected a country like England will lose a large part of their population to starvation unless it moves now to self-sufficiency. They must start farming all the old estates to be self-sufficient in food.

The key now is national self-sufficiency for each country. This applies to the US. Even today if a world war breaks out, which is very possible, there will be no commerce by sea. World trade grew based on the supposed dominance of the US fleet to control the seas but that is no longer possible. It is a myth. The name of the game will be ersatz, that is, every raw material or commodity a nation as the US needs they must produce themselves or a substitute. The nation that is militarily superior and self-sufficient wins the next war. Russia is rapidly moving to achieve that and planning for their eviction from SWIFT-CHIPS. Russia must achieve national self-sufficiency as soon as possible as Stalin under similar circumstances did by 1937.

Germany needs Russia and they need Iran. If Iran blocks the Straits of Hormuz and Russia does not provide Germany with oil and natural gas, Germany dies right now as they did under Hitler for the same reason. Hitler needed oil. That is why any sane policy maker of Germany will move toward Russia as Bismarck. Germany desperately needs a Reinsurance Treaty with Russia as the US is internally at war with itself and cannot help anyone as its affirmative action, sodomized, transgenerized military is worthless. It could not even intervene successfully to stop hundreds of American cities from burning down as such action would cause a Civil War in its low caste forces much less defend Europe.

Yakov Kedmi: US Army a Paper Tiger Composed of Low Caste Mercenaries, Not a Serious Force!

As Spykman points out, and I repeat again and again, the US is close to dissolution.

“If the rulers become inefficient, seem unable to deal with riots, or fail to repress civil disturbances, they will lose the support of wide sections of the population. There will be a transfer of allegiance by those who refuse to accept any longer the ideology of the ruling class, and by many who continue to adhere to that ideology but who have lost faith with the government’s capacity to rule and maintain order. WHEN THE TRANSFER OF ALLEGIANCE INCLUDES THE POLICE AND ARMY (as in the French, Russian and German 1933 revolutions), the rulers will have lost both consent and force, the two indispensable factors of government, and conditions will have become favourable for a successful revolution.”

US Generals Attack US Government as French Generals Attack France’s Government | Operation Disclosure Official

David Lifschultz



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