Starship Earth: Why are there So Many Mysteries and Unexplained Events?


Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 18, 2021

May 18, 2021: Why Are There So Many Mysteries and Unexplained Events? [videos]

Why are there so many mysteries and unexplained events? We know the answer to that question. They don’t tell us the truth because many of us can’t handle the truth. The general public certainly can’t because they have no basis,  background, or perspective to understand. They don’t know there’s a war going on for our planet; for our very survival.

When something like this comes out, I’m thinking, “Thank you for finally being honest. It makes sense.”

I don’t recall who, but someone told us MH370 was popped out of this dimension, passengers intact, to protect Humanity. We heard they were fine. Obviously they wouldn’t be allowed to return unless a whole shit load of NDAs were executed. It would just be so messy, wouldn’t it? How do you explain that one?

That seemed entirely plausible at the time… and then came the gruesome stories about how the plane was taken to Diego Garcia, the passengers murdered, and the plane reused for the next false flag; MH17 shot down over Ukraine where the rescue team said the bodies had no blood and had not died on the plane. The covers are so elaborate and it’s intentional so no one can figure it out. Who knows what to believe any more?

If truth were told it would curl our toes, and one day we will get to it, but we know that if a plane disappears into thin air, there’s a damn good reason for it. We are being protected.


Taking down a plane is nothing to these psychopaths. They’ve done it countless times. THEY are the virus that invaded our world and have brought us to the brink of annihilation.

A Fox News analyst that reminds me of Tucker Carlson’s rants called out the cabal on their Scamdemic protocol. It’s excellent. Will Cain? Must be from today (Monday, as I write this) because it’s not on the Fox video site. More and more truth is coming on mainstream television. Watch it here. 6 min.

We thank the crew for sharing the viewpoint of Dr. Amandha Vollmer in Canada and I apologise for not providing the source of her inspiring video telling Ontarians how to deal with the contract law the NWO is trying to force on the sheeple. I had never seen her before. You can see her other videos on Bitchute. Here’s another.


The People are up off their knees and calling out these traitors in the UK.

BBC viewers ‘switch off’ and slam Andrew Marr for ‘scaremongering’ over Indian variant

A new variant requires a new vaxxine, right? Link to Telegram.


This probably comes as no surprise to our astute subs and crew. A great video. And 5 min.


The plandemic has certainly exposed a lot of evil people and agendas, hasn’t it?

Wuhan Institute Of Virology Erased Names Of Military-Linked Researchers From Website

I see an interesting Telegram here about exposing Sweden. They are in a very bad way in that country so we can expect to hear about some serious corruption. Link to Telegram.

Decode of Pompeo’s Israel tweet from this morning (

There is yet another interesting and possible connection to something I posted the day before. I decided to combine parts of two different Q posts (3905 and 828) in my X22 post (, and Pompeo’s tweet refers to the latter.

This is interesting because last week I noticed possible hints or confirmations in two statements from the desk of Donald J. Trump. The first one on May 9 ( and the second on May 12 (

Perhaps they are trying to tell me that the time has come for Sweden to be exposed and that I should focus on finishing the continuation of this trailer ( I made a month ago. I realize how unlikely it seems that I would be getting hints or confirmations, but I know for a fact that Swedish interests are key components in this web of corruption and the world needs to know.

Together we are INVINCIBLE.


Here’s more on Sweden from Socrates on Telegram:

The level of absolute panic in the Swedish media is glorious to witness, especially from a historically unique anon point of view.

Remember that Sweden has always been a Deep State bastion with no genuine political opposition. US troops have been here for months (see the second image) and the news feed is acceleratingly being filled with scandals, government cover-ups from the past and other embarassments. They would never be doing this if they had any type of control left.

The objective is, just like in every other country, to slowly but surely force the public into an historic awakening. So do not waste your time and energy by worrying.

Patriots are in control and nothing can stop what is coming!

Do you think we should put the reality of Morgellons on the 6:00 news? Watch this brief video from a doctor who grows her own Morgellons and studies it. Link to Telegram. Who would believe us? They already consider us conspiracy theorists. The world needs a dramatic wake-up call, and they’re going to get it.

Here’s where the narrative is going now. Fun, fun, fun. Unfortunately, when I grabbed this story below from Fox the video from The Five started playing and… well…

I have a question: How is Juan Williams still on The Five? I’m not enjoying the “show”. And that’s the point. This is just a small example of what Q called “the pain”. Man, were we naïve to think “the pain” was only for the cabal. Taking the red pill doesn’t make us immune to the pain.

US military intercepted small aircraft in restricted airspace as Biden visited Delaware home


Here’s Dr. Kelli Ward. A veritable ray of sunshine.


The riveting story of the AZ election audit changes every five minutes it seems. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refuse to cooperate because if they do, they’re going to jail. They’re going to jail anyway, but this drags out the drama so more people get engaged and wake up.

Here is a call to arms from the Audit AZ gang:

Senate Liaison Ken Bennett explains the chain of custody issues on the floor of the audit. moving a box of ballots from the corral (holding the ballots), to the table , and then back again. Up to eight people are involved in this process.

These transfers of ballots to and from the corral, along with everything else on the audit floor, can be watched on nine different live feed camera on

This is why we need your help! We need audit floor watchers to watch the audit at all times once the audit resumes on Monday, May 24, 2021.

Our trained audit moderators will train and work with all volunteers, combine duplicate reports, then directly send them to Ken Bennett and his team at the audit.

Patriots, please follow us and share!

Arizona Audit Watch Channel – @AZAuditNews
Arizona Audit Watch Chat – @AZAuditChat

And minutes later…

It’s official. ALL THE DATA WAS RECOVERED. They have it all!

and then,

We agree, people all over the world are watching  the live feeds 24/7 and working with our audit moderators.

Volunteers needed to watch live feeds!

The deleted database seems to have been recovered.

Maricopa County Election Databases recovered! Arizona.

LIVE: Arizona Senate Meets to Discuss Maricopa County Election Audit Concerns

Meanwhile, in California, the Nazis are at it again. The LA Times reports:

L.A. County ordering Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Other Chains Not to Relax Mask Rules

30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide

I was looking for a new video from Rose of Yellow Rose for Texas and here it is. When I seek, it manifests. Thanks to the crew for the link.

She’s my favourite my woo-woo expert and resonates deeply. No matter what the topic, she goes there and she gets better and better at explaining difficult concepts. Try wrapping your head around this. She talks about us being like fireflies in a jar, which explains the “giants” out there looking down on little ol’ us, doesn’t it? Fascinating.


Video at the link. 52 min.

Then and Now the Blurring Realities Update 5-16-21

This battle of good versus evil will probably take awhile to fully resolve. Taking the red pill also doesn’t mean overnight resolution of the plague. There are a lot of evil, dishonest, greedy people on this planet.

I keep hoping that we’ll learn the quackccine is harmless, but doctors continue to come forward and tell us how devastating it is, including to child-bearing age females. Male fertility is affected as well, they say. This 7 minute video from a doctor tells us how they successfully treated this “cold” virus with no deaths, and also what the vaxx dangers are. Link to Telegram.

I want to share another video interview with Dr. Presser about Nano Soma—after I address some of the comments in the post where I introduced Nano Soma.

After doing little to no research about Nano Soma, some have decided that all those of us on the Internet who are telling everyone about Nano Soma are getting compensated by huge sums of money. Those people should hold a mirror up to their face.

As for being made in Switzerland… is everything made in the USA where the cabal is worse than anywhere else on the planet a lousy product, put out by pedophiles or banksters? The generalizations are unfounded. Perhaps this is how they deal with the competition?

If I was motivated only by money I wouldn’t have paid for my blogs (I have two) for ten years out of my own pocket. I wouldn’t have just put a “Tip Jar” on the sidebar and never mentioned donations. I wouldn’t have had the link from the Tip Jar go directly to my webmaster Patrick’s PayPal account because he needed the money more than I did. I work for free. For the benefit of Humanity. That’s what motivates me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Others mistakenly assume Nano Soma has nano bots in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nano refers to size, not a programmable technology. I would never recommend a product that would introduce foreign material into the Human body. Nano Soma contains what is part of our biology and physiology already and is present in our food.

You probably need to listen to what Dr. Presser says about the product and use some of the research links I provided in my original post. Don’t take my word for it. I just discovered it two days ago and couldn’t wait to tell you about it.


Nano Soma enables the body to regenerate and correct the damage done so it functions optimally. It’s been tested over 10 years so there is no risk involved. EVERY health condition tested with Nano Soma was resolved, without exception.

In this video below, which is longer than the one with Tank/Life Force at 1 hour, has a question period at the end and people who have been using Nano Soma for some time are calling in and sharing their experiences. It’s miraculous. It’s like trading in the old bod for a new one. Like trading in a decrepit old beater and getting a sleek new one where everything works properly.

There are stories on record of people who were slated to have a surgery months down the road. After using Nano Soma their issue was resolved so they no longer needed the surgery.

Users show that this emulsion affects every aspect of the Human organism. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. People who are afraid of it will probably realize as more and more people talk about this powerful emulsion that they could have enjoyed the benefits much sooner had they not been so mean-spirited or doubtful, but it’s their choice.

All I ask is that if you’re going to purchase Nano Soma, that you do me the courtesy of using the links I provide because I will be compensated in a small way by Dr. Presser. I’ve been completely transparent and feel I deserve it as I have been in service to others for a long time and continue to be, as is Dr. Presser. I’ve known him a long time and his reputation is impeccable.

In this video I learned that a Nano Soma gel product is coming because people who used it topically had marvelous results. There is also a cream Richard’s wife loves. So if you get great results with your Nano Soma spray, you may find the other products will complement. I will keep you posted on the product line. I’ve never been so excited about a health product and I have known and believed for a long time that the secret to good health is our immune system. If there was ever a time to need a strong, healthy immune system it is the present moment.

This is certainly an interesting journey and we all have to do it our own way, at our own speed. My other half, overcome by wanderlust after being cooped up for over a year, just had to follow his passion and got the jab so he could travel. How can I blame him? After three flights and 6 hours sleep in three days he’s over the moon.

Meet “Bob”, the volcano, as it’s been dubbed. It’s easier to say than the Icelandic name. These images are not showing up for me in preview mode but I hope they populate when I press “publish”.

Have you ever roasted a weenie on a fresh lava flow? Here’s the Icelandic treat—Pylsur. Not sure the volcanic gasses would add the best flavour. You have to wear a gas mask up there. And he thinks I’m crazy.

And that concludes our travelogue for today from your boots on the ground travel junkie, my hubby. Thank you for flying with us.


Ciao for now, folks. Keep on crewsing.  ~ BP


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