Ascension to 4D or 5D, a Look into the Near Future of Technologies, Quantum Realm Physics, and Very Possible Timelines of Events


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 15, 2021

Ascension to 4D or 5D, a Look into the Near Future of Technologies, Quantum Realm Physics, and Very Possible Timelines of Events

The biggest thing on timing of events is the collect human rise in vibration. This is also called theSchumann Resonances, which has been increasing a lot in the last few years, especially this calendar year, by quantum leaps. What does this mean? Basically, getting closer to God with divine thought and light. Yes, the higher frequency, a lighter body, less dense. This is moving to “Unity Consciousness” that we are all connected and are “one” with each other. The scale is called density where Earth and the human race was identified a Third-Dimensional (3D) and now we are moving to the Fourth-Dimension (4D) this year, and Earth will settle into a Fifth-Dimensional (5D) frequency as some people will not be able to advance to, and will pass-on to another 3D planet. That group has more learning to do. But most of us that stay on Earth; as light beings closer to the Prime Source Creator.  I like to be referred to as the creator of all things. This will be paradise or heaven on Earth in the 5D world. The exact timing of the 5D planet is yet unknown, as I refer to my research and sources of the light; it depends on day-to-day progress of the human race as a whole, not to a specific date in Earth’s time. Know this for sure, this is by divine plan and by divine orders to move humanity to a higher understanding and status in the universe.  Later in the article, I will relate intelligence for a range of strong possibilities, as many sources have stated.

Now, we will go over the new technologies and how they are possible. Our frequency is vibrating in the quantum realm of our bodies and everything around us, even rocks. This is the great new discovery between the molecules that physicists could not explain very well for years. Quantum Physics – explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. All the new technologies will come from the study and understanding of the quantum realm. The next crown-jewel of advancement is the Med-Beds or the more advanced total body re atomizing of one’s body by the high-tech and not magical: Celestial Chambers. Therefore, with the Secret Space Program being around for decades, this a very proven technology. You need to understand that our bodies are 99.999% energy, and will matter very little, at the quantum level. It vibrates at certain frequencies. This has been proven by physicists in so many ways. This technology will take over our medical system, and has been around for a long time, in the cosmos and our Secret Space Programs, now labeled the “Space Force”.

For example, just about everyone knows that the oxygen molecule is resident or synchronized at 60 GHz (Giga Cycles Per Second frequency).  This makes the oxygen molecule vibrate or really not function right when it is exposed to exactly at 60 GHz This is the center frequency of the 5G cell phone towers. This is why the Deep State or illuminati wanted to push 5G all over the world. We do know there were many more so-called out-breaks of C19 with 5G cell towers installed. Hell, the current western medical industry physicians rely on “just symptoms” 50% of the time to diagnose an illness. For real, we still live in the dark-ages in medicine, for one they have concealed cures, poisoned most medicines, and used technology that just does not help to cure but to create one to keep coming back, as just a money machine to line their pockets. Now, the mighty Alliance and the true patriots in most countries have used a special “magnetic strip” on the 5G towers to get them off the 60 GHz resident frequency.  Let us look at a microwave oven, on how it works, really by frequency and vibrating a water molecule. Know that our bodies and its parts are very resident to different frequencies too.

The soon to be famous “Zero Point Energy”, is the true clean energy that is an endless power supply between the molecules, from the quantum realm. We can make a unit the size of a shoe-box and power a medium size city or have units to supply one’s home or house, hence not depending on the old-fossil type power grid of ugly wires on power poles. The Air Forces TR3B anti-gravity flying triangle uses one of these power supplies and the output is a trillion watts, amazing! With understanding, and with help from the outside, we know we can travel faster than the “speed of light” with a created quantum field around a space-ship. Yes, the U.S. Navy has a patent on this. I have a copy of this patent. One can travel faster and almost instantaneous in the quantum realm. Classical physics with Einstein, had its limitations. With quantum physics, even the four laws of thermodynamics are broken. Do not get me wrong, these four laws DO apply in the classical physics realm, but just not with dealing with quantum physics. Einstein limited human development and thinking by not adapting and believing in quantum physics, and he stated that he could not accept the quantum theories. With this known now, yes, our human race has been beyond our own solar system.  Once we know how the universe really works.

Along with faster than light speed, many countries have kept secret anti-gravity crafts; the heart of the real space-race that has been going on since the 1950’s, behind the scenes. The basic part of anti-gravity is that one has to manipulate the polarity of the atoms at the local level. You see, gravity is caused by the slightly positive-charge of the center of the molecule, called the nucleus. This is what really causes gravity! Most people know the mix of air molecules are at a different ratio, depending on the altitude on Earth’s atmosphere, therefore gravity is different at a higher altitude. The anti-gravity method will change the craft’s electrical “charge” on the outside, one can achieve a lighter craft or a floating craft, by changing polarity of the surrounding molecules near the craft. That is why the triangle shaped TR3B is electrical, and needs a Zero Point Power supply, for the craft can manipulate gravity, and therefore fly without wings. Although the B2 bomber has wings, and jet engine thrust, it has anti-gravity properties too, as does the F-117 stealth fighter. The B2 is electrical too, and charges the wings to partly, then fully with anti-gravity abilities at 15 million volts. Many engineers wonder how the B2 could fly with the weight specifications and the jet engines specifications, and it just did not add up, or even if it could even take off. The B2 is too heavy for the jet engine thrust specifications. Hell, the B2 can shut down its engines once it reaches an “equilibrium” altitude and the charge on the wings will allow the B2 to continue to fly without jet engine thrust!


Please know that many inside patriots have been informed of the older Tesla like towers he developed and built in the late 1800’s, with one tower in Long Island and one in Colorado Springs, and it appears this technology will be released in Texas, as there are modern Tesla towers. I do believe in this structure of power distribution, even though one could make it from the quantum realm, with zero-point energy, one still will have engineering issues. Know that the towers themselves will be exposed to lighting, which is nature’s display of zero-point energy direct from the quantum realm. Know that I am an engineer and a humanitarian and one of my projects is a small zero-point energy device to put into every home on the planet. I will not be the only one doing this, and do not what it should be. Know that any power lines, power distributed by the air, is susceptible to atmospheric conditions brought on by weather. Look at a home zero-point energy device, a permanent primary generator that is clean, always supplied by an endless source of the universe’s energy, and never be disrupted by weather, except maybe a direct hit by lighting. The outposts on Mars and the Moon use zero-point energy to power their needs, easily.

The top new technology is clearly the Med-Beds or the Celestial Chambers. But the next in-line is clearly the food replicators. Yes, just like you have seen on Star-Trek shows, one can replicate food. This will stop the nearly one-billion people on planet Earth from not getting enough good clean food. From the C19 scam-demic, the children that go hungry from my sources in America is about 22 million now. What a crime, these greedy and selfish illuminati have created on this planet. We will correct this, starting this year, I do know for sure! We can replicate just about anything, but their database will be limited where one could NOT make a gun, for example. This is only right, in the new 5D world. Understand that the fourth state of matter; plasma, one can create just about anything. Remember, everything is energy at certain frequencies. Look at it this way, we live in an energy hard hologram, made up of complex light and energy waves combined to make up what we feel, sense, see, and hear. The fifth state of matter is antimatter and the sixth is the God particle. Real understanding of physics really creates a loop back to Prime Source Creator or God. His quantum energy gives us life. The basic element of the universe. With that stated, the food replicator and the Celestial Chambers are related. They both use plasma energy, to re-atomize or to form molecules from the plasm energy encased in a tachyon field.

This is a more advanced particle field; tachyon particles. This formless Zero Point Energy is considered to be the starting point of the energetic continuum, the first formed energy to emerge from it is called Tachyon! Tachyon energy is the source of all frequencies. Tachyon energy is not a frequency. Tachyon energy directly energizes the Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) whereas frequencies do not.

Let’s say we have a newly designed Med-Bed to fix damaged body cells or parts. In that chamber, with a body that needs to be repaired, the tachyon field is responsible to keep the plasma encased and to speed them up. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, a gas in which a sufficient amount of energy is present to enable ions and electrons to coexist. When we add an A.I. computer (Artificial Intelligence) with an extensive database on DNA, RNA and structure of the human body. So, within this field is plasma energy encased by a tachyon particle field, the A.I. the computer detects anomalies or damaged atoms and the speed or frequency of the atoms, then removes DNA and RNA message from the damaged atoms and with the body encased, the A.I. manages the fields of energy to regenerate new cells just from the information extracted from the damaged parts. Hence, a newer younger body, but it is your body!! These will be called many things in the near future; Med-Beds, Celestial Chambers or Cocoons. This is a little simpler, in a food replicator design. Many people will be task to build these for humanity, as I am too. I understand some companies are building them now and will release them after the transition of the planet, which is this year. We think, very soon. Know that all technologies will be open-sourced, therefore shared with everyone on the planet. This is the only fair way to advance humanity. The next step cannot be about money or profit.

In the simplest way for people to understand and research, please compare the computer technology and the constant “never advance car” or no advancement in internal combustion engine. I am not talking about fuel injection, slight emission control, or safety advancements like the automatic braking system. These are all minor in comparison to the core internal combustion engine which has an average of 30% efficient and spews out hydrocarbons almost like in the olden days. Know that Henry Ford on the first model “T” was a little over 21.5 MPG and the now average 25 MPG on cars. With the first computer as large as a multi-floor building in the 1950’s and now we carry a computer on our belt as a cell phone that is more powerful. Hell, the 145-year-old internal combustion engine basically has NOT changed in that time! Understand, that picture is clearly NOT right. Hell, we can get, i with minor change over 90 MPG on any car, and some could get 225 MPG, that has been done! Also, we could easily change to hydrogen cars or electric cars. This is just that the big money people keeping technology off the market; for just greed, power and control. We are going to change all that, together, all humans on the planet.

 Back to advanced physics, since the Quantum Realm is an invisible field of information and frequency that is beyond space and time. All things in the universe are made from it. The universe is made and connected to this Quantum field or realm. All things are made up of the basic building blocks of the universe, and have conscious energy. In the real reality, we are physical and spiritual with a conscious information that is connected to this Quantum realm, and therefore the universe. Since all things are made of atoms, connected beyond space and time, you and I, and all things and the universe are connected by this intelligence. This gives life, energy and consciousness to all things.

You can call it source, God, Prime Source Creator, Spirit or Soul. This is the universal intelligence that is giving your life right now! This is the connection to classical physics and the mind or soul. I like to call it the heart-mind. The duality that Sir Isaac Newton thought and was accepted for so many centuries, there was duality of physical life and human conscious mind or heart-mind. With real understanding of the Quantum Realm, duality stops. We are all connected.


This is the divine thought and expressions that are one with God or the Universe. It is what Jesus started long ago, for “God is within you and all around you”. One can connect with “Prime Source Creator” directly through the heart-mind, and do not need “outside sources” as many religions or governments in this old 3rd dimensional world we live in, as of the calendar year; 2021.  This is really what Jesus was talking about.

Let us take a look at the timeline of events that have happened and ones that have not. Know that “The Plan” of the Patriots or the Alliance has been around since 1903 with Nicola Tesla and government officials creating a notebook to take down the illuminati. The notebook has expanded and changed, especially since the False-Flag event of 9/11 done by the evil cabal.  The first part of “The Plan” that has happened:

Notes: Q Anon drops started October 28, 2017 to the last drop was 12/8/2020. We now have interviews with one of the “Q” s here in 2021.

Now, on the “Real Nuclear Missile Alert” coming in from a rouge “Deep State” submarine to blow-up Hawaii on January 13, 2018. The Deep State wanted to “blame” North Korea to start World War III, but the Alliance knew and blew it up along with the submarine before it reached Hawaii. For the Trump assassination attempts, well, how high do you want to count? From my knowledge, there were over twenty attempts, but we Anon’s did not get all the intelligence. Just one example, like when they tried to blow-up Air Force One with President Trump on it when he was going to meet with the leader of North Korea; Kim Jong-un in Singapore. This was again with a missile attack, from the Washington State area. Again, from a rogue submarine in port in a hidden area, the sub was taken out by F-16’s with the cover of the rogue airplane that was doing loops and doing crazy things, so they could get up the F-16’s to launch an attack. The missile was blown-up in mid-air from a cloaked Space Force ship escorting Air Force One. From one source in the military, Trump has been a real target about fifty times. The E.T. disclosure was a few months ago, when the military admitted to reverse-engineer alien space-craft. Of course, fake MSM did not allow that news any focus at all. The California attacks were the Direct Energy Weapons on Paradise, CA, the on-purpose set fires, and weather control to get California dry to burn it up. Trump created the Space Force on December 21, 2019, by direction of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Understand we are still in Phase # 1 of the storm and we are about to trigger into Phase # 2, see chart. The Sovereign Exchange is the humanitarian’s R/V, this is within ten days or two weeks of the World Currencies Revalued. During this time, the mighty Alliance will crash the Deep State companies’ stocks, and replace the dollar with the UST (United States Treasury Notes.)

Notes: this next Phase # 2 expects to start very soon, but I will place a range between now and mid-June 2021. Know that President Trump will be reinstated as Commander-in-Chief. The first domino to fall is the Arizona election fraud, with other key states to follow. Also, know that arrests have been going on for quite some time, really since Trump was elected. Because the top illuminati families were taken down on December 24, 2016. GITMO has been full for years, and processed many Deep State players. There have been many executions right after their tribunal, and sometimes they confess and no need for the tribunal. Many of the confessions are recorded on video, were they can show the public the real-evidence when the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) where the public will be informed in 10 to 14 days of constant eight-hour shift transmitting on the lie-box TV turning into the Truth-Box TV for once in my lifetime. Fake MSM will be taken down, forever. Thank God! All on the list, even Phase # 3 will happen this year. I think us Americans will get a Quantum Vote (cannot cheat) by the end of 2021 and Trump does not really want to be President. With his family and life in such danger, do you blame him? It appears from my sources we will have a first Female President of Native American descent. I do not know who it is myself, so your guess is as good as mine! Once the advance into 4D or 5D, the Galactic Federation ships land sometime later this summer, humanity will have a different attitude. Not just of differences, but of humans in unity, as we should have been all over the world.

Know too that our solar system has started passing in the Photon Belt which changes every cell of our body and wakes up many DNA strands that some scientists just stated were junk DNA. Well, as we move to more enlightenment, all 64 strands will eventually be active. Humans before in 3D had only two strands of DNA active, and we used about 1% of the brain.  Well, we are just the babies of the galaxy with a lot to learn. Go in Peace, Love and above all; unity consciousness. Victory to the Light! 


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