US Generals Attack US Government as French Generals Attack France’s Government


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 13, 2021



Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

US Generals attack US Government as the French Generals. It looks like they answered the call. The article is run by the controlled media that censor the news under the present totalitarian Trotskyite dictatorship in the US in the name of democracy. Here they as usual editorialize their news coverage. It is not surprising that the totally incompetent Admiral Mullen opposes these patriots who was the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs when the US military was sodomized by the Congress. At the same time as the effort to sodomize the US Armed Forces I met with each member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying that they should resign before permitting sodomites into the armed forces but while all wholeheartedly agreed that I was right excluding Mullen, they said that they had to follow orders. In other words, they could not jeopardize their board seats on retirement.




The French Military fears the France will end up destroyed as the United States is already destroyed. 20% of France is not French while the percentage in the US is 40%. We calculate these roughly by descendants of Japheth. The US is a destroyed nation barely being held together. The country is in such a state of disaster that hundreds of cities burned last summer and no one lifted a hand to stop it. The affirmative action army cannot be relied upon at all and now the CIA is being destroyed by affirmative action. Disloyalty is so ubiquitous in the US that the US cannot keep its national security secrets so that the F-35 trillion dollar plane was in the hands of our adversaries nearly at once or perhaps as`Generaloberst Alfred Jodl, Chief of the Operations Staff of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, said at Nuremberg the enemy had our strategic plans before they hit my desk. This was due to the traitor General Fellgiebel very much honoured this day for his treason that cost the Germans ten thousand men a day on the eastern front. As that great general Charles the Twelfth said when Russians traitors gave him information to beat the Russians, that he paid for it but had no respect for the traitors. Peter the Great beat him anyway as Napoleon similarly went down and Hitler after him. Look at the faces of the Russian Army marching yesterday: 100% Russian

Russia celebrates WWII Victory Day with traditional grand military parade in Moscow (FULL VIDEO)

Where are the letters from the US Military? We understand there is deep distress and unrest at the Colonel level but the generals are bought by the military contractors.

Here again we quote from Nicholas Spykman:

“If the rulers become inefficient, seem unable to deal with riots, or fail to repress civil disturbances, they will lose the support of wide sections of the population. There will be a transfer of allegiance by those who refuse to accept any longer the ideology of the ruling class, and by many who continue to adhere to that ideology but who have lost faith with the government’s capacity to rule and maintain order. WHEN THE TRANSFER OF ALLEGIANCE INCLUDES THE POLICE AND ARMY (as in the French, Russian and German 1933 revolutions), the rulers will have lost both consent and force, the two indispensable factors of government, and conditions will have become favourable for a successful revolution.” 

The coming collapse of the US is covered in detail here:


Revolutionary Reign of Terror Sweeps Lands of Japheth | Operation Disclosure Official

Mr President of the Republic,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Ministers, Parliamentarians,
General Officers, in your ranks and qualities:

We no longer sing the seventh verse of the Marseillaise, known as the ‘children’s verse.’ Yet it is rich in teachings. Let it give to us the care which it deserves:

“We will enter the quarry when our elders are gone. We will find their dust, and the trace of their virtues. Far less jealous of surviving them than of sharing their coffin, we will have the sublime pride of avenging them or following them.”

Our Elders are fighters who have deserved to be respected. These are, for example, the old soldiers whose honour you have trampled on in recent weeks.

It is these thousands of servants of France, signatories of a forum of simple common sense, soldiers who gave their best years to defend our freedom, obeying your orders, to wage your wars or implement your budgetary restrictions, which you have soiled while the people of France supported them. 

These people who have fought against all the enemies of France, you have called them seditious when their only wrong is to love their country and mourn its visible demise.

In these circumstances, it is up to us, who have recently entered the quarry, to enter the arena simply to have the honour of telling the truth.

We are from what the newspapers have called “the generation of fire.” Men and women, active military personnel, all armies and ranks, all sensibilities, we love our country. These are our only titles of glory. And if we cannot, by regulation, express ourselves with our faces open, it is equally impossible for us to remain silent.

Afghanistan, Mali, Central Africa or elsewhere, a number of us have experienced enemy fire. Some left comrades there. They offered their skin to destroy the Islamism to which you are making concessions on our soil.


Almost all of us have known Operation Sentinel. We saw with our eyes the abandoned suburbs, the accommodations with delinquency. We have suffered attempts to (politically) instrumentalize several religious communities, for whom France means nothing – nothing but an object of sarcasm, contempt and even hatred.

We marched on July 14th. And of the benevolent and diverse crowd which cheered us because we are the emanation thereof, we were asked to be distrustful of them for months, while we were forbidden to travel in uniform, making us victims in power on a soil that we are nevertheless able to defend.

Yes, our Elders are right about the substance of their text, in its entirety. We see violence in our towns and villages. We see communitarianism settling in the public space, in public debate. We see the hatred of France and its history becoming the norm.

It may not be for the military to say that, you will argue. Quite the contrary: because we are apolitical in our assessments of situation, it is a professional observation that we deliver. Because this decline & fall we have seen it in many countries in crisis. It precedes the collapse. It heralds chaos and violence, and contrary to what you say here or there, this chaos and violence will not come from a “military pronunciamento” but from a civil insurgency.

So, to minimalize the form of our elders’ platform instead of acknowledging the evidence of their findings, you must be very cowardly. In order to invoke a duty of reserve that is misinterpreted in order to silence French citizens, you must be very deceitful.

To encourage senior military officials to take the stand and expose themselves, before an angry punishment of them as soon as they write anything other than battle stories, you have to be perverse.

Cowardice, deceit, perversion: this is not our vision of hierarchy. On the contrary, the army is, par excellence, the place where one speaks true because one commits one’s life. It is this confidence in the military institution that we call for.

Yes, if a Civil War breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil, because it will be asked. That is even the definition of civil war.

No one can want such a terrible situation, our elders no more than we do, but yes, again, Civil War is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well.

The cry of alarm of our Elders finally returns to more distant echoes.


Our elders are the resistance fighters of 1940, whom people like you often call seditious, who continued the fight, while lawyers (legalists) filled with fear were already relying on concessions with evil to limit the damage.

They are those who fought in the trenches in 14 – 18, who died for a few meters of earth, while you abandon without reacting entire quarters of our country to the law of the strongest.

They are all the dead, famous or anonymous, fallen at the front or after a lifetime of service.

Did all our elders – those who have made our country what it is and who have drawn its borders and defend its culture, and who were given or received orders in its language, fight so that you would let France become a Failed State – which replaces its ever more obvious royal powerlessness with a brutal tyranny against those of its servants who still want to avoid it?

Take action, Ladies and Gentlemen.

This time it is not about emotion on command, formulas made or media coverage. It is not a question of extending your mandates or conquering others. It is about the survival of our country, of your country.

More on French Generals:


A lawless reign of terror sweeps New York City, London, Paris and other major western cities and nations as the Visigoth immigrants to Rome overthrew the Roman Empire in 410 under Alaric. Black on white rape levels have reached such horrendous levels that Obama ordered the statistics to be eliminated from the public record. This fulfils the prophecy in the “Rivers of Blood” speech of Enoch Powell.

Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood Speech


In the next speech, he predicts Civil War as Ray Dalio today in the US.

Enoch Powell – Let It Go On Until the Civil War Comes

It is no different in the US.

Race and Crime in America

The “Rivers of Blood” refers to Virgil’s prophecy on Rome:

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood“.

Here is Edward Gibbon from note 101 from Chapter 31 of Decline & Fall:

“A cruel slaughter was made of the Romans, and that the streets of the city were filled with dead bodies, which remained without burial during the general consternation. The despair of the citizens was sometimes converted into fury; and whenever the barbarians were provoked by opposition, they extended the promiscuous massacre to the feeble, the innocent, and the helpless. The private revenge of forty thousand slaves was exercised without pity or remorse; and the ignominious lashes which they had formerly received were washed away in the blood of the guilty or obnoxious families. The matrons and virgins of Rome were exposed to injuries more dreadful, in the apprehension of chastity, than death itself.”

Who can set forth the carnage of that night?
What tears are equal to its agony?
Of ancient date a sovran city falls;
And lifeless in its streets and houses lie
Unnumbered bodies of its citizens.
In many a ghastly shape does death appear.

This is discussed in detail in this article:


Armageddon: The Coming Revolution in the U.S. | Operation Disclosure Official

Here we come back to Spykman for what all will see is the state of the United States today:

“If the rulers become inefficient, seem unable to deal with riots, or fail to repress civil disturbances, they will lose the support of wide sections of the population. There will be a transfer of allegiance by those who refuse to accept any longer the ideology of the ruling class, and by many who continue to adhere to that ideology but who have lost faith with the government’s capacity to rule and maintain order. WHEN THE TRANSFER OF ALLEGIANCE INCLUDES THE POLICE AND ARMY (as in the French, Russian and German 1933 revolutions), the rulers will have lost both consent and force, the two indispensable factors of government, and conditions will have become favourable for a successful revolution.” 

While two hundred cities burned in the US last summer, where was the US military?

They were running the heroin out of Afghanistan with the DIA and CIA thereby controlling 93% of the world heroin production. What really happened to George Floyd? He was a drug runner holding back the heroin money. The heroin is distributed in the major cities under the connivance of the major city police departments.

Afghanistan and the CIA Heroin Ratline

The delay in leaving Afghanistan is to give Hunter Biden a few billion dollars as father’s cut. He is no longer Vice President but President entering the big league.

If you want to know what the affirmative action military is good for after having been sodomized and now transgenderized, see the next articles:

Yakov Kedmi: US Army a Paper Tiger Composed of Low Caste Mercenaries, Not a Serious Force!

Yakov Kedmi: US Army a Paper Tiger Composed of Low Caste Mercenaries, Not a Serious Force!


Next is an analysis of the US Army in Korea:

The comments of Joseph Stalin on the Korean War to Zhou Enlai on August 20, 1952 which still apply today:

“The Americans are not able to carry on a big war. All their strength is in air raids and the atomic bomb. The Americans are merchants. It took the Germans twenty days to conquer France; the USA hasn’t been able to deal with little Korea for two years. What kind of force is that? You cannot win a war with the atomic bomb……..”

The Russians lent their crack airforce from World War Two to the North Koreans though they were not allowed to follow the American planes over South Korean territory or the sea to retain anonymity. It was called the 64th Corps based in northern China which included fifteen Soviet air divisions and several anti-aircraft divisions. The identification marks MiG-15b planes were in Chinese and the pilots wore Chinese or Korean uniforms. The corps commander, Colonel E. G. Pepelyaev, shot down nineteen US aircraft, and other Soviet pilots achieved similar success. From the end of 1950 until the cessation of hostilities in July 1953, the 64th short down 1,309 US aircraft, of which 18 percent were downed by the Corps’ anti-aircraft batteries. Over the same period the Corps lost 319 planes.

And here is an analysis of the US Army in Vietnam:

Here is more information on a previously treated subject of the US Armed Forces which based on affirmative action, transgenderization, and sodomization will collapse in a rout should they encounter the Chinese or Russian Armed Forces as explained by Napoleon when he said that the moral is to the material as three is to one. The US Army has no morals at all. It began in World War Two when it handed out hundreds of millions of condoms which they would not do in World War One. No one listened to Henry Ford on how the Trotskyites were destroying the moral fabric of the US as in Weimar Germany through their control of the financial markets as they do in New York City today. This control of the financial markets gives them control of the media, the Supreme Court, entire judicial system, the House and Senate, and the Presidency which censors of any opinion that opposes them.

It is not remembered that Hitler was banned in Germany from the radios and newspapers by the same style oligarchal Trotskyites that we have in the US, and learned his lessons well at the feet of the Trotskyite financiers who were his teachers and he was their pupil.

Here is a further discussion of the US Army’s failure to put down the demonstrators who burned down hundreds of cities last summer explaining that the generals were afraid to use their own troops as their forces might disintegrate paving the way to the dissolution of the U. S.. This is what happened to France in 1789, Russia in 1917-1918, and Germany in 1933.

The issue of why the US Army was not used to protect the cities of the United States last summer is explained in this military report below.


The United States is made up of 40% minorities and while that level was much lower during the Vietnam War the results were disastrous at the time of Vietnam and would be worse now. The breakdown of law and order in the US during the summer was not so much a loss of will as the fear that the military would split apart. That would effectively end the United States as a nation and be the beginning of a Civil War.

As far as Afghanistan, we obviously lost, and in Iraq I was part of the effort to prevent that in the deep state where I persuaded as number two number one to oppose it.

I failed to stop the invasion of Afghanistan that had nothing to do with 9-11 but was invaded so the CIA-DIA could restart the heroin growing. Number one initiated discussions with Saddam Hussein at my behest and his generals were offered a deal to leave Iraq with incentives and safe passage while I went to see HRH Prince Turki al Faisal in London who was then ambassador.

Number one managed to obtain a deal and we celebrated. But then Saddam reneged on his deal. The key battle in Iraq was to be the street to street fighting in Baghdad but our deal with the generals held and they left while Saddam was arrested to be later liquidated under CIA orders for reneging on the deal. The army in Baghdad disintegrated when their leaders left and soon thereafter reformed as a guerrilla force which the US failed to subdue. Iraq, which had been a very stable country, was left a ruin as the US departed and Libya followed. Saddam had made the error of wanting to leave the dollar for the euro and Gaddafi wanted to go to a gold standard. This would have started the fracturing of the world control of the US through the SWIFT:CHIPS payment clearing system and could not be tolerated.


Rudy Giuliani joins Tucker for first TV interview since FBI raid


A majority of French people support the generals’ platform, a disavowal for the government and the left

If the Prime Minister condemned the forum published in Current values with “the greatest firmness”, the LCI poll established by Harris Interactive reveals that the French had “a less clear-cut opinion” with regard to the text. Decryption.

Posted on April 29, 2021 at 7:39 a.m.

llustrative photo © Baleydier / SIPA

The poll, carried out on a sample of 1,613 French people according to LCI, reveals that 64% of them have “heard of this forum” and 38% of those polled “see precisely what it is”. And if the words of the signatories caused a stir even in the corridors of the Elysee Palace, 58% of the people questioned “support the words of the soldiers”, proof if necessary that the observation made by the tribune of the generals is shared by a majority of our compatriots.

In total, nearly 6 out of 10 respondents approve of the findings put forward by the military.

The subjects addressed by the signatories also seem to be shared by opinion both in terms of the increase in violence (84%) and the disintegration of the country (73%), but also with regard to anti-racism. causing the opposite effect of that expected (74%) or even and especially about the lack of application of the laws of the Republic in some cities of the country (86%). Almost one in two respondents (49%) is therefore in favor of the intervention of the army “which would act on its own to restore order”.

ALSO READ >> [Video] Eric Zemmour on the generals’ platform: “This is not a call for a putsch but for security”

Overall, the French respondents agree with the generals’ comments. And even if political nuances are felt, we do not note (except on the “autonomous” intervention of the army) no clear cleavage of opinion: on the question of security put forward by the signatories, the sympathizers The Republicans follow behind those of the National Rally, respectfully accounting for 93% and 94%. 

Faced with the observation that seems to share all the French regardless of their political nuances, only one in three respondents believes that the signatories should be sanctioned, thus showing themselves to be much more “lenient” than the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly, who calls for sanctions disciplinary.

Faced with the controversy generated by the publication of the forum and the unwavering support advanced by Marine Le Pen, only supporters of environmentalists position themselves massively (86% think that she “was wrong”) while 40% of Republicans “support her reaction”. 

To conclude, 58% of French people support the signatories of the platform, which is equivalent to nearly 6 out of 10 respondents approving the report put forward by these soldiers.


Sun, May 2 at 12:24 AM

About The Two Brothers Who Could Save France

The Brain and the Brawn from the House of Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon

Here is a portrait of the brains and the brawn behind the French resistance; a story of two brothers.

The elder is Philippe de Villiers, whose recent open letter in de Valeurs Actuelles Magazine (Current Values) probably prompted the letter of Twenty Generals a week later (translated and attached here below for half of the letter). He is the brains. His accomplishments are manifold and grand. And it includes the stuff of novels like the smuggling of the original ring of Joan of Arc from England to French territory (after having purchased by auction).

The man is a storywriter himself and is good for a somewhat fifty novels and historical treatises. He is also the man behind Puy de Fou, the grand historical theme park that competes directly with Parc Asterix and Disney Land. This is where they reenact Roman battles, the battles of Napoleon, and medieval siege warfare – amongst others. Not to mention of course he was minister of culture once, or twice maybe, and that he started his own party after trying party politics for several times. A royalist party perhaps. Most well known for a quote which says that wine is not alcohol, but patrimony and culture. A charismatic, daring man with a sense of historical destiny.

Philippe de Villiers – Wikipedia

Philippe de Villiers (* 25.März 1949 in Boulogne, Département Vendée; eigentlich Philippe Marie Jean Joseph Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon) ist ein französischer Politiker und Publizist. Er war von 1988 bis 2010 Präsident des Generalrats von Vendée, von 1994 bis 2018 Vorsitzender der nationalkonservativen Partei Mouvement pour la France (MPF) sowie zwischen 1994 und 2014 mehrfach …

The younger is Pierre de Villiers and he may very well be Marcon’s main rival to the throne, as he is the most respected and most decorated general in the French Army. That was before he resigned because of a very public fight with Macron in 2017. He is the Brawn and also good for many books written about society most which are not listed in his Wikipedia page. Polls say that if Pierre de Villiers were to run for President next year he would get a minimum of 20 % of all the votes. Which says something for an untested politician. He will be the perfect outsider candidate for the French presidency in 2022. A man of the people. A man of real honor. A man on a historical mission with the resume to back it up. The only man perhaps, who can still save La France. And Europe from itself.

He resigned in style in 2017 when Macron refused to honor his promises to increase the military budget. Specifically the housing for all of the French military has not been renovated for many years and as a former investment banker with an international agenda new housing for the military was probably the last thing Macron was thinking about after he was just inaugurated. In any case there was a grand public fallout between the two and even the tension is already visible in this now famous photo:

(Indeed the General does not look happy)

And of the fall out between the two, Wikipedia relates the following important points:

On 11 July 2017, Minister of Public Action and Accounts Gérald Darmanin announced that part of the government’s plan to reduce spending, the military were going to be cut by 850 million euros in 2017.

The following day, Le Monde reported that de Villiers met with the Defense Committee in the National Assembly and told them “I will not get fucked over like this”.

The conversation was caught on tape and leaked by Le Monde. Also, accordingly to Le Figaro, de Villiers unleashed his fury, and added monumentally “I can no longer look my guys in the eyes if we reduce our means further”.

Emmanuel Macron, during a speech to the armed forces on 13 July 2017, affirmed his plan to raise the defence budget to 2% of GDP by 2025.

During the speech, Macron publicly called out de Villiers numerous times addressing the recent leak reported by Le Monde.

During Bastille Day military parade, Général de Villiers and President Macron, as customary for the Chief and Commander-in-Chief of the French Armed Forces, ride together side by side standing in the same vehicle during the ceremonial parade (photo).

Following the Bastile Day parade, de Villiers posted on Facebook a criticism of the Macron government’s plansto reduce defence spending.

Le Journal du Dimanche reported on 16 July 2017 that Macron was possibly looking to replace de Villiers stating “The Republic doesn’t work like this”

Macron then went on to say that he has confidence in de Villiers. 

Général de Villiers stepped down on 19 July 2017 due to budget cuts and disagreements with President Emmanuel Macron.

This was the first time in the 5th Republic that a Chief of the Defence Staff has forcibly resigned.

A press release was issued on francetvinfo‘s website.

On the same day, Macron confirmed Army generalFrançois Lecointre as de Villiers replacement.

Macron described de Villiers’ behaviour surrounding his resignation as “undignified”.

While de Villiers was leaving the Ministry of Armed Forces, a crowd of soldiers and military personnel applauded him.

Philippe de Villiers: “I call for insurrection”

(Philippe de Villiers)

On the occasion of the release of his new book shock, Philippe de Villiers calls for the start of souls to avoid the disappearance of France. Interview.  

Published April 17, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.  

Valeurs Actuelles Mag  (translated from the French by translating device)

Since the advent of coronavirus more than a year ago, Western governments have reacted in an “absolutely remarkable manner of mimicry,”in your words. How do you explain it?

The West has no more thought. He’s in psittacism. France aligns itself with Germany, which aligns itself with the United States. Our globalized elites live in American time, they are sucked in by the same twilight trainings. Time sets the tempo.  

The globalized elites, you write, had prepared for the possibility of a global epidemic and anticipated the response that would have to be made.

I discovered something incredible: what we went through has already been played. It was October 18, 2019, at an unusual meeting of powerful, un mandated people outside the official channels of multilateral institutions, held in New York. This was not a symposium, but a simulation exercise of a coronavirus pandemic that brought together Big Pharma, Big Data, Big Finance, the Bill Gates Foundation and the Davos Forum. 

These new lords form a kind of global influence board, superior to the public powers.  

What do you deduce from this meeting?

At that time, no one is talking about the Covid yet. I take it that they suspected something. I’m not saying “they invented the virus” because I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I say, “They welcomed the virus as good fortune.” They expected it. Since the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994, the elites of the global village have wanted to build a new world, without borders, of one piece – one by calculation to open a large mass global market, the other by ideology to replace “walls with bridges”, as Pope Francis would say.

They made this world without partitions. They knew this world would be violently pathogenic. When you put 5 or 6 billion people in one room, the microbe walks more easily. They knew it, they expected it, they were preparing for it.  

In other words, the virus appears to this globalized elite as a boon?

That’s what Klaus Schwab says. The founder and president of the World Economic Forum in Davos is the first to present the Covid-19 as a “window of opportunity”– these are his words. He writes it black and white in his manifesto  Covid-19: the great reset. Make no mistake: this book is the equivalent of the Communist Party Manifesto. He draws a new paradigm… In the middle of a pandemic.  

The “Great Reset”, far from being a conspiracy theory, would instead be the project displayed in the open of this elite?

By hearing every day radio and TV talk about these plotters who evoke on social networks the “Great Reset”  , copying each other, I wanted to know who was the sickest among the sick. By dint of searching for patient zero, I found a healthy: Klaus Schwab. He is the inventor of this new semantics.  

Who is this Klaus Schwab and what does he embody?

For fifty years, Klaus Schwab, from his chalet in Davos, has been the culmination of the dialogue of those who lead the world, at the intersection of wealth and influence. It’s over there, in Davos, which defines the escape lines of globalized capitalism, it is in Davos that the mustard compresses are put down when the capitalism of connivance goes wrong, it is in Davos that we come to seek tonsure or pleasure – for example, Greta Thunberg, the “Jeanne d’Arc” who hears voices on Instagram – it is in Davos that we finally have to go to Davos when we have to go In 2016, the young Emmanuel Macron left the casino of Le Touquet to go to Davos and thus become, under the rule of Dr. Schwab who imposed his hands, “young global leader”.

Two years later, it will be Marlene Schiappa before, this year, Gabriel Attal receives the anointing. Davos is to surveillance capitalism what the second Rome was at the first under Byzantium. You have to go to Davos as before, you have to go and see the faltering emperors.  

In his book, Klaus Schwab warns, to rejoice, that the pandemic is by no means a parenthesis and that the return to the world before is an illusion.

His words are chilling. We have to quote them. “Many of us wonder when things will return to normal. In short, the answer is: never.  There is a feverish side to these tremors. And Klaus Schwab adds that Covid must be given the opportunity for a  “new normal”  by  “merging our physical, digital and biological identities”. 

To be sure to be well understood, as the book is published on June 2, 2020, the next day, June 3, is organized a video conference with the world gratin, in the presence of the Secretary General of the UN.

It explains what this  “window of opportunity” is with, on the one hand, the completion of the digitization of the world and, on the other hand, the fight against climate change. To sum up: all the giants of digitization of the world agree with the ruling class for a project to reset the world, to create a new humanity under the empire of artificial intelligence.  

You’re talking about Klaus Schwab’s excitement. Where can it come from, when it was already supposed to dominate the world of the day? Why would he be afraid to return to a world he already ruled?

This is a decisive question. I went into Klaus Schwab’s thinking to understand and here’s what I found. In reality, what is being forged before our eyes is a second historical compromise between free capitalism and its natural enemies. 

The initial compromise organized, at the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collusion, expected since the turn of the 1970s, between the ultraliberals and the libertarians. The former demanded circulatory freedom, the latter called for social freedom. A point of agreement was reached. The two demands merged: thus the hybrid species of the “bohemian bourgeois”, the “bobos” were born. The capital, in turn, wanted to circulate “without downtime and enjoy without hindrance.” The globalization of free trade was the economic achievement of the cultural and moral ideals of May 68. But this compromise has run into a pitfall: CO2.

It has polluted the atmosphere by making full use of resources. So it took a new compromise… 

So what is this new compromise?

It was established in 2015 with Agenda 2030, voted on at the UN, and it was sealed on 11 November 2020, in the middle of Covid, with the Green Horizon Summit. 

Listen carefully, what I am going to say is monstrous: we are witnessing the birth of ecological digital capitalism. It is not for nothing that Greta Thunberg is invited to Davos. CO2 is the new official virus. 

Environmentalists are betting that digitizing the world will allow people to be locked up in their homes, to avoid cars in the city, to cycle everyone, to ground planes, to remove property, to point out industry because it pollutes, to convert nuclear power to wind that is a consumer of rare metals. The new categorical imperative is simple: to scan to decarbonize. 

But this alliance between liberals and environmentalists, in the name of CO2, is a gigantic sham: giant data centers produce one and a half times more pollution than civil aviation. By 2025, it will be three times as much.

Not to mention that the waste that is returned to the wild is extraordinarily polluting. The electricity consumption of  data centers  is considerable. It is a sham that saves digital from itself. And that’s why we have a climate law and a climate referendum, to get us into the CO2 tunnel. 

The digital giants and the environmentalists get along and the whole French political class follows in the same movement. This is the new virus: CO2. Do you know what France weighs in global CO2? 0,9 %. Well, in the name of that 0.9%, we will be subjected to the decline and permanent re-education camp of the “green khmers”. 

The red thread of these historical compromises is materialism. Do you think that the ideological aspect of “enhanced man” is anecdotal, that it is a mere risky consequence, or that it is programmed too?

The reset of the world is really the clean slate.

Original French General’s letter.

Several observations:

  • This letter is written in defence of civlizational values and traditional values.
  • Most remarkably it is signed first by the main general of the foreign legion and not the regular forces.
  • The foreign legion is an entirely independent fighting force even though they have a traditional partnership with government.
  • Thus the foreign legion seems to lead the traditional military here. 
  • Reference is made to a Belgian chief general which means that the Belgian military is also in the loop.
  • Furthermore, despite the fact that it is about the defence of civlisational, traditional values, and not about Covid, the letter is also signed by the chief Doctor of the Army.
  • The letter states that the military no longer wants to remain passive and that politics is guilty of remaining silent and weak.
  • The letter states that the military is ready to be called upon to restore order.
  • If not it fears an ‘explosion’ or civil war in which case it would not have a choice but to get involved to protect civlizational values.
  • I have translated the letter below the letter word by word.

20 French Generals Sign Letter Condemning Oppression of Yellow Vests; Warn of Coming Race War


20 high ranking French military officials have released an explosive protest letter against the government demanding action against the rising crime of immigrant gangs, terrorism, American-style anti-white political activism, and no-go zones. They contrasted the state’s total lack of interest in facing these challenges with the Macron regime’s brutal repression of the white populist Yellow Vest movement. 

The letter was published on April 21st and signed by former chief of the elite French Foreign Legion, general Christian Piquemal, along with 19 others of similar rank. General Piquemal is known for his patriotic and anti-immigrant activism over the years.   

While the letter affirms that individuals of all skin colors and faiths have served the French flag, it attacks anti-racist ideology as anti-white, saying that its advocates “despise our country, its traditions, its culture, and want to see it dissolve by taking away its past and its history. Thus they attack us, through statues, ancient military and civilian glories by analyzing words that are centuries old.” By allowing these forces to advance, the letter promises that the end result will be a racial civil war.  

Historically, the French military has been more independent and willing to engage in activism to fight government corruption compared to Anglo-Saxon liberal states, where judges are empowered as guardians of virtue instead.

Many native Frenchmen have expressed dismay over how the government handled George Floyd inspired riots in their country last year. While Yellow Vests were brutalized by the police, “Black Lives Matter” inspired rioters and looters were given carte blanche to commit crimes with virtual impunity. This is bound to become an important issue next year when Marine Le Pen is expected to run against Macron. 

General Piquemal and others conclude their complaint by vowing that if the government remains negligent, the French military is ready to intervene if necessary on behalf of France’s civilizational values and the well-being of its citizens. This promise is open to interpretation, as it seems intended to be. 

That so many top army figures are willing to put their names to a statement like this spells trouble for French plutocracy. Macron and the French ruling class were barely able to hold off protests by rural Frenchmen in Paris, they will not be happy to learn that a military insurrection in the European Union’s leading state is on the table.


« Pour un retour de l’honneur de nos gouvernants » : 20 généraux appellent Macron à défendre le patriotisme

À l’initiative de Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, officier de carrière et responsable du site Place Armes, une vingtaine de généraux, une centaine de hauts-gradés et plus d’un millier d’autres militaires ont signé un appel pour un retour de l’honneur et du devoir au sein de la classe politique. Valeurs actuelles diffuse avec leur autorisation la lettre empreinte de conviction et d’engagement de ces hommes attachés à leur pays.

Par Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac
Publié le 21 avril 2021 à 7h00 Mis à jour le 22 avril 2021 à 12h25©️ NICOLAS MESSYASZ/SIPA

Monsieur le Président,
Mesdames, Messieurs du gouvernement,
Mesdames, Messieurs les parlementaires,
L’heure est grave, la France est en péril, plusieurs dangers mortels la menacent. Nous qui, même à la retraite, restons des soldats de France, ne pouvons, dans les circonstances actuelles, demeurer indifférents au sort de notre beau pays.

Nos drapeaux tricolores ne sont pas simplement un morceau d’étoffe, ils symbolisent la tradition, à travers les âges, de ceux qui, quelles que soient leurs couleurs de peau ou leurs confessions, ont servi la France et ont donné leur vie pour elle. Sur ces drapeaux, nous trouvons en lettres d’or les mots « Honneur et Patrie ». Or, notre honneur aujourd’hui tient dans la dénonciation du délitement qui frappe notre patrie.

– Délitement qui, à travers un certain antiracisme, s’affiche dans un seul but : créer sur notre sol un mal-être, voire une haine entre les communautés. Aujourd’hui, certains parlent de racialisme, d’indigénisme et de théories décoloniales, mais à travers ces termes c’est la guerre raciale que veulent ces partisans haineux et fanatiques. Ils méprisent notre pays, ses traditions, sa culture, et veulent le voir se dissoudre en lui arrachant son passé et son histoire. Ainsi s’en prennent-ils, par le biais de statues, à d’anciennes gloires militaires et civiles en analysant des propos vieux de plusieurs siècles.

– Délitement qui, avec l’islamisme et les hordes de banlieue, entraîne le détachement de multiples parcelles de la nation pour les transformer en territoires soumis à des dogmes contraires à notre constitution. Or, chaque Français, quelle que soit sa croyance ou sa non-croyance, est partout chez lui dans l’Hexagone ; il ne peut et ne doit exister aucune ville, aucun quartier où les lois de la République ne s’appliquent pas.

– Délitement, car la haine prend le pas sur la fraternité lors de manifestations où le pouvoir utilise les forces de l’ordre comme agents supplétifs et boucs émissaires face à des Français en gilets jaunes exprimant leurs désespoirs. Ceci alors que des individus infiltrés et encagoulés saccagent des commerces et menacent ces mêmes forces de l’ordre. Pourtant, ces dernières ne font qu’appliquer les directives, parfois contradictoires, données par vous, gouvernants.

Les périls montent, la violence s’accroît de jour en jour. Qui aurait prédit il y a dix ans qu’un professeur serait un jour décapité à la sortie de son collège ? Or, nous, serviteurs de la Nation, qui avons toujours été prêts à mettre notre peau au bout de notre engagement – comme l’exigeait notre état militaire, ne pouvons être devant de tels agissements des spectateurs passifs.

Aussi, ceux qui dirigent notre pays doivent impérativement trouver le courage nécessaire à l’éradication de ces dangers. Pour cela, il suffit souvent d’appliquer sans faiblesse des lois qui existent déjà. N’oubliez pas que, comme nous, une grande majorité de nos concitoyens est excédée par vos louvoiements et vos silences coupables.

Comme le disait le cardinal Mercier, primat de Belgique : « Quand la prudence est partout, le courage n’est nulle part. » Alors, Mesdames, Messieurs, assez d’atermoiements, l’heure est grave, le travail est colossal ; ne perdez pas de temps et sachez que nous sommes disposés à soutenir les politiques qui prendront en considération la sauvegarde de la nation.

Par contre, si rien n’est entrepris, le laxisme continuera à se répandre inexorablement dans la société, provoquant au final une explosion et l’intervention de nos camarades d’active dans une mission périlleuse de protection de nos valeurs civilisationnelles et de sauvegarde de nos compatriotes sur le territoire national.

On le voit, il n’est plus temps de tergiverser, sinon, demain la guerre civile mettra un terme à ce chaos croissant, et les morts, dont vous porterez la responsabilité, se compteront par milliers.

Les généraux signataires :

Général de Corps d’Armée (ER) Christian PIQUEMAL (Légion Étrangère), général de Corps d’Armée (2S) Gilles BARRIE (Infanterie), général de Division (2S) François GAUBERT ancien Gouverneur militaire de Lille, général de Division (2S) Emmanuel de RICHOUFFTZ (Infanterie), général de Division (2S) Michel JOSLIN DE NORAY (Troupes de Marine), général de Brigade (2S) André COUSTOU (Infanterie), général de Brigade (2S) Philippe DESROUSSEAUX de MEDRANO (Train), général de Brigade Aérienne (2S) Antoine MARTINEZ (Armée de l’air), général de Brigade Aérienne (2S) Daniel GROSMAIRE (Armée de l’air), général de Brigade (2S) Robert JEANNEROD (Cavalerie), général de Brigade (2S) Pierre Dominique AIGUEPERSE (Infanterie), général de Brigade (2S) Roland DUBOIS (Transmissions), général de Brigade (2S) Dominique DELAWARDE (Infanterie), général de Brigade (2S) Jean Claude GROLIER (Artillerie), général de Brigade (2S) Norbert de CACQUERAY (Direction Générale de l’Armement), général de Brigade (2S) Roger PRIGENT (ALAT), général de Brigade (2S) Alfred LEBRETON (CAT), médecin Général (2S) Guy DURAND (Service de Santé des Armées), contre-amiral (2S) Gérard BALASTRE (Marine Nationale).

120 retired officers wrote Biden saying he wasn’t legitimately elected

David Lifschultz


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