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Sometime back I had a meeting in New York City with the head of the Mossad.  His position was that it was a grave error on the part of Israel to hold down the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere, and on the contrary Israel should pump aid into the Palestinians to become prosperous.   Once they have something to lose, they will disappear as a dissident force.  He said Israeli policy on the contrary had the goal of the ultimate eviction of all Palestinians from Israel by making their lives as miserable as possible.

When the Balfour Declaration was issued on the orders of Baron Eduard de Rothschild to the British Government, Ludendorff in his memoirs called it an act of genius as the Baron had traded US entry into World War One for Palestine.  That was the deal.  Ludendorff wrote that the Germans who were allied with the Turks already had Palestine and he could have offered it to the Baron stopping the US entrance to the war.  The Baron had the announcement of the Balfour Declaration held up until after the US had declared war so that it could not appear to be linked.

The Baron had initiated World War One to destroy the Tsar when he had the Archduke shot.  You can note this from the Rothschild Lord Milner’s Secretary John Buchan who wrote it up in his novel “39 Steps”.  The Baron had two goals in 1900 which was to destroy the Catholic Church under Leo XIII and the Tsar both of which he accomplished.   You will see this in the present Pope who is the Anti-Christ compared to Pope Leo XIII. You will see this also in the La Civilta Cattolica  piece “On The Jewish Question in Europe” written under the supervision of Pope Leo XIII which enraged the Baron.    The article is in this anonymous post that recently appeared in a right wing website with the link below.  

Pope Leo XIII says that if the Jews only observed the Bible, and not the Talmud or modern heresies such as Marxism and Zionism, that they must be protected.  Hitler followed this teaching which he learned from Karl Lueger who was the Mayor of Vienna when Hitler was a postcard painter and wallpaper hanger.  Thus, it cannot be said that the German National Socialists were applying a racial doctrine towards the Jews.  It is noteworthy that the National Socialists in the western Ukraine say all the Jews must leave except the Karaites who only observe the written Bible.  The US supports these National Socialists today over geopolitical considerations.  

US votes against resolution condemning Nazi glorification

What this author is interestingly pointing out is that those Jews who only observed the Bible were protected by God and have always been protected by God under the doctrine of King Solomon that he who keeps the commandments will never suffer evil (Ecclesiastes 8:5).  As the link relates, the German Army treated the Karaites well when they found them in the Crimea, and when the Germans feared the Karaites would be mistreated by Stalin, they offered to induct the men into the SS so that their families could be evacuated to Vienna, etc.  Many did just that.  There were about 8,000 left behind and Stalin, a former Okhrana agent, treated them well as Catherine the Great had similarly treated them not allowing any disabilities to be imposed on them.  Generally, Stalin treated those the Germans treated well as the Tartars in the Crimea  as collaborators with the Germans and displaced their entire population as he had read in Seminary as how the Assyrians handled their conquered people.

Karaite Jewish Citizen Rights Protected by German National Socialism || Anonymous (Guest Writer)

Assyrian empire builders – Mass deportation: the Assyrian resettlement policy

The Baron financed the Bolsheviks such as Trotsky through Jacob Schiff in New York City and through Parvus who persuaded the Kaiser and Ludendorff to transfer Lenin from Zurich with the financial power to engineer the Bolshevik Revolution which Ludendorff authorized on March 25, 1917.

Fall of Eagles – Sealed Train Decision (9m)

This information was conveyed to me by the agent of Baron Eduard who controlled the US and asked me in 1979 to write the Volcker anti-inflation plan which he ordered to be adopted by Volcker.  At that time the Baron was dead and the orders came from his successor in London.  I spent a couple of hours with Paul Volcker much later ordering him to reverse his position as the inflation was quelled.  I worked with the Baron’s agent on a number of issues which were in the US interest at that time.

If we fast forward to April in 2014 there was of course another head of the deep state who called me while in his office were the key DIA and CIA Arabists.   They were talking about the removal of the leadership of the UAE and Saudi Arabia as terrorists.  I supported Saudi Arabia’s King who was around 90 as not being a a terrorist but  Bandar bin Sultan known in the US as Bandar Bush was the problem and should be replaced by Prince Mohammed bin Nayef by making the latter Crown Prince who had a known record as being anti-terrorist.  And Bandar was out within ten days of the telephone conference and Nayef was in.

The UAE leadership is now in a precarious position as they followed Jared Kushner who enraged the CIA wth his policies in the Middle East turning over top secret documents to some of the Gulf States on our agents in the area.  The CIA always was against the concept of the state of Israel as it created huge political damage on the US among 1.8 billion members of Islam around the world, or 24% of the world population, and vehemently opposed the US recognizing Israel in 1948 for what is now only six million people most of whom escaped from Europe saved by the Russians.  The Jewish KGB General mentioned in the next paragraph told me Stalin had saved most of the Jews in Europe and he regarded him as one of the greatest men of all history.

Palestine is now predictably engulfed with the Al-Aksa Mosque crisis. A KGB General who retired to Israel was then in his early 90s when he told me that the key danger to Israel is that if there is a crisis over the Al-Aksa Mosque it could blow up the entire state.   He had sat next to Milosevic as an advisor at the conferences with Helmut Kohl and others over Yugoslavia advising him not to count on Russia’s help as they were just being put back together but Slobodan did not listen. The chaos in Israel today started with the melee at the Al-Aksa Mosque. That is the issue today where it started and not Gaza.


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