Starship Earth: All Systems at the Ready for the Event and We’re Going Quantum, Baby!


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May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021: All Systems At the Ready for the Event and We’re Going Quantum, Baby! [videos]

I believe the countdown has begun. It’s getting exciting now as many signs appear indicating it’s almost GO TIME. (in more ways than one) May is said to be the month—and there are only 21 days remaining so that narrows it down. We don’t like to focus on dates because we’ve been disappointed many times.

I stand corrected. Q the Storm Rider says it IS Go Time.

Here is your decode for today of the Commander-in-Chief’s message. Link to Telegram to see the decode. This is Trump’s message. This is the Q drop. This way you can read them better, if necessary. You have to know that WWG1WGA has a great deal of meaning. It’s not only a unity statement.

At the time of The Event, all our systems are going Quantum and our “reset” will not benefit the satanic cabal. Can you imagine an Internet more than seven times faster than our current dinosaur? Endless, free power from the ethers? It will be Q all the way. More on that below.

I’ve pointed you to numerous good sources of information to follow and the seasoned Light Warriors do that on their own but for the newer folks who aren’t so Internet savvy and need help navigating the galaxies of information out there, we’ll continue to do our updates and roundups as we are able.


Key information is distributed on multiple social media platforms. You’ve seen accounts deleted and come back, some change their name or move to another platform, and new video platforms continue to surface. It’s a jungle out there and can be difficult to navigate. Keeping up is almost impossible now as so much is happening but we still manage to have our laughs.

With respect to Audit AZ, we have this Telegram.

The Quo Warranto recently filed in Arizona claims that the state elections from 2018 through 2020 were not in compliance.

If the elections were not in compliance, then it supposes the elected officials were not duly elected.

It asks to remove all officials who were elected in those years and hold a new vote with proper accreditation.

This Quo Warranto is something to watch carefully as it plays out.

I recall the hit job they did on Sheriff Joe Arpaio to get rid of him once and for all after years of his tireless assault on crime. He wasn’t perfect, but he was fairly constitutional. So much for law and order in Maricopa County.

Joe’s legacy was that it was his team that went to Hawai’i and uncovered the truth about Obama’s birth certificate. The corrupt media bit back and the NWO has never forgiven him for it.

Here’s Kelli Ward’s update for today on the status of the audit.

In the UK, times they are a-changing following the lead from the U.S..

UK Announces Voter ID Law to Avoid Mass, U.S.-Style Election Fraud


As for the behind-the-scenes activity, there’s intel, and there’s intel. Stories don’t always agree—and that’s expected.

Simon Parkes put out the following update on Sunday which I caught prior to the Miracles Intel Call so I was highly informed when I retired last night. A Miracles caller said there were other sources on the Internet saying Gen. Milley and the head of the National Guard had both been arrested and jailed. I felt like Simon was doing a “massaged” story on Milley because of what he’d been asked to put out. I never read Milley as being a Neo-Con or anti-Trump, but I could be wrong. We know disinformation is necessary.

Simon says the White House etc. are currently being used as a prison; other sources are reporting the WH being boarded up. Any of our intel could be true, but at this point is not confirmed by multiple sources. The DC area is apparently being flooded to become a true swamp. How fitting.

Later on I see this pop up from Q The Storm Rider and we know nothing is what it seems. Link to post.

I don’t know if GENERAL Milley was used to TRAP the other GENERALS and bring the ropes closer to JOHN ROBERTS neck…
Durham couldn’t move forward with out MIL. Courts finishing thier VETTING on.. Generals. Admirals politicians. State officials who were all BLACKMAIL by the Patriot ACT (Who not only took information from all phones.. Emails and computerd but installed pedophilia.. Photos videos, STAGED Videos of top officials.. Money recipes.. Transactions)
.. CABLES,:, are 3 year MiL. Courts done now and many officials cleared off the fake FALSE insertion into their phones and computers
World MILITARY had been VETTING their own Military removing the dark Generals/admirals and people….. And clearing the good MiL Personal


Simon might be heartened to see this. The world is coming around and better understanding the well-protected pedophile and pedovore threat. Link to Telegram video clip where marchers are saying, “track and trace pedophiles not healthy people”.

Scott Mowry aced the intel update on the Miracles Intel Call Sunday night and it makes it all seem real and within reach. If the indicators put out are accurate, we will see The Event in the month of May. Some people I know say med-beds, no income tax, free energy, etc. will never happen in their lifetime. I guess it depends on where they wind up. I’m gonna see it. You?

We’re already hearing from listeners on Scott’s call that their debt has either been zeroed out or drastically reduced in a few cases. We’re also hearing that the Tesla tower in Texas can provide the power for the entire world and may do so during the “ten days of darkness” when the power grid is switched over to the new system—outages staggered by select areas in succession until it’s all done.

If you haven’t heard, the military has it all. All the election rigging activity is recorded and we can see it. Check out the short video on Telegram. Astounding. And that, my friends, is a sample of the Quantum Voting System.

During The Event, we hear the world’s militaries are being deployed during the ten days to make mass arrests. Some areas may see martial law as in Europe those arrests are mandatory to clean up their countries. There may be curfews to keep people inside where it’s safe while that happens.


We hope you stocked up on extra food, water, meds, pet supplies, misc daily essentials, batteries, candles, CASH—and keep topping off the gas tank in your vehicle. They’re saying two weeks worth of supplies and I believe that’s far more than necessary—but prudent—and you may want to share with others who have no idea what’s coming and didn’t prepare.

It’s going to be crazy for awhile, and for some a little scary if they’re totally asleep, but for those of us in the know who have been expecting this for years it will indeed be exhilarating to see only one channel available on television with a streaming loop of brutal truth (positive and negative) for days—all designed by the White Hats and under jurisdiction of the military. Word has it that Voice of America website will also host the same material when the time comes.

Humanity is about to get an education. Here’s a small taste of the re-schooling we will get in Quantum Physics. Link to Telegram video clip.

I discovered a new Van Morrison video yesterday called, “They Own the Media”. No kidding. I’ve said exactly these same things to my other half more than once but it doesn’t sink in. I sent it to him and he said he heard another from Van about Facebook on the public radio station he listens to from Edmonton.

I’d love to know what’s going through his mind when listening because the message doesn’t appear to register. He also thinks our Internet results come from our skill at building our Boolean search. No censorship involved. No slanted algorithms. It’s all based on logic and he believes reality is the exact opposite of what I (and our friends) tell him. You can’t tell the People. You have to show them.  ~ Q

It might be a control thing. He thinks in terms of logic statements in Excel, for instance. “If _____ then _____. He is a control freak and believes that if everything in his world can be methodically and precisely controlled, then a predictable outcome will follow. When it doesn’t—look out. Anyway…here’s the video. I’ll have to check out the others, like “The Big Lie”, “The Long Con”, and “The Duper’s Delight”.

As for the ol’ Chinese rocket, we heard the booster stage has already fallen to Earth but the remainder is still in orbit and we understand the Space Force will be guiding the remnants to pre-determined, strategic locations… such as key dams with power stations like China’s Three Gorges, and Nevada’s Hoover Dam, for example.

Once the cabal’s hydroelectric-nuclear facilities are destroyed and we are on the “free energy grid”, we will no longer be dependent on their expensive power. They also won’t be able to jerk us around on gas prices. (You didn’t believe that “hacking” story, did you?)

Hey, the May 2-4 weekend approaches for Canada and they traditionally jack up the prices prior to a long weekend when people will be doing more driving.

Now there are more shut-downs, of course. From DiscloseTV…

JUST IN – #Darkside ransomware used in Colonial Pipeline cyberattack is a “new variant,” White House press briefing.

There is also a theory some of the “space junk” might find it’s way to the Vatican since Q alluded to the Poop having a very bad May.

On Saturday I tried to find a new video from Dr. Rashid Buttar and on Sunday what appears on Charlie Ward’s site but just that. Excellent coverage from one of my favourite awake doctors who understands the science and the agenda behind the Wu Flu. Watch here on Charlie’s site.

If you’re worried about the Kung Flu, Mike Adams tells us about Pine Needle Tea (which he doesn’t sell) which may be able to halt the spread of the virus and prevent the congealing of blood platelets leading to strokes and death. Mike knows what he’s talking about, as he’ll explain.

We will eventually learn that everything we need to be healthy was provided to us on this planet but the controllers hid that knowledge so they could poison us and profit from the peddling of their drugs. Watch the video at the link below. Please do not drink Pine-Sol, the household cleaners. Someone would probably try it.


HUGE! Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding? Suramin, shikimic acid and science

The incriminating evidence the White Hats have probably had for a long time continues to come out to educate the snoozers.

EXCLUSIVE: BILLIONS in US Money, Knowledge and Skills Were GIVEN to China’s Virus Research Programs, Ultimately Resulting in COVID-19 Pandemic

And you will want to watch/listen to this revealing evidence from Dr. Rima Laibow as relayed to Gov. Jesse Ventura in 2009. It may shock some people. We told you they plan these things decades in advance and they have been sterilizing Humans that long. Covid is not an accident. Link to Telegram.

Here is LT’s Monday update from And We Know.


5.10.21: The TIDE seems to be turning… AWAKENING is happening. Pray!

In closing, I have to ask: Do you need a hug? There are plenty to go around in this astonishing display of affection. There is hope for the world and love will prevail.  ~ BP


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