Will Germany Return to Bismarck on Russia?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 6, 2021


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Here is an interesting interview below with Dr. Kissinger that explains the Russian-Chinese-Iran-Triangle of today. The first point that we make is that Kissinger did not create this policy for Nixon but the deep state and Kissinger was just a messenger boy. As a member of what they called the deep state, I will relate this subject from the inside. In the 1972 situation the deep state wanted to get out of Vietnam which policy was put in place as containment of communist China and Russia who were allies. We were there based on the domino theory. Underneath it lay Mackinder’s geopolitics.

The deep state wanted to achieve a number of objectives in approaching Chairman Mao who had become antagonized toward Russia. Mikhail Suslov had escorted through the Kremlin garden an aide to Jack Kennedy that I was close to asking how Jack would react if Russia nuclear bombed China and he replied to Suslov that he would be quite unhappy. The US was happy about the breach that was opening up. On the contrary, the US was thinking over allying with China by 1972. The US wanted to ally in 1972 with China against Russia to make Vietnam meaningless for China would become the containing party of Russia and Vietnam no longer meant anything. We left Vietnam in a dramatic last minute evacuation in 1975. And we wanted to balance China against Russia. Now, China was not a major power in 1972 but it could drain Russia forcing it to place 400,000 troops on their border. And our deep state policy worked. We in the deep state had thought it through and not Kissinger. 400,000 troops on the Chinese border was a drain on the Russian budget as later Afghanistan became with over 100,000 troops, and the Warsaw Pact had another 600,000 troops.

We cite next the Kissinger interview that we are commenting upon what it left out.

“The World’s Biggest Problem” – Kissinger Warns Of “Colossal” Dangers In Growing US-China Tensions


Once that had happened, the deep state wanted to start a Vietnam for Russia in Afghanistan in 1979. I was against that as this would needlessly use the Afghani people as cannon fodder and that was unfair or dirty pool. I was overruled.  Here Brzezinski was the Kissinger who was another overrated nothing who just carried messages.

The deep state decided to crash the oil price together with most of the above would further accelerate the economic weakening of Russia in 1985 driving the price to eight dollars which destroyed half the Russian budget’s income. Then, we basically gave permission for Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait as a ploy to send in our advanced army to knock him out and demonstrate our superiority to the world in weaponry which very much demoralized the Russians and put the fear of God into the Gulf States to make up for the dramatic weakness we had shown in 1973 when they had created the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the cowardly west to the Gulf States. Then we created the star wars fiction. Russia to our surprise lost their nerve and collapsed.  

This was wonderful in my opinion as communism went out of Russia and Christianity came in. I was an anti-communist. I had wanted to welcome Russia into the community of Christian nations but the deep state wanted to dismember them. Christianity meant nothing to the deep state as the Bible was replaced by fiat money and usury which they call capitalism as a euphemism, or SWIFT-CHIPS as the seat of Holy Roman Empire of fiat money.  

It was unwise of the deep state to dismember Russia as its disintegration would unbalance the power in the Eurasian land mass. In the meantime, our ally China continued to grow as we were not finished with the dismemberment of Russia and our advisors we sent to Russia destroyed the whole economy in the 1990s against my objections. The 78 day Belgrade bombing in 1999 was part of the BND plan to dismember Yugoslavia which had tied down 22 German Divisions in World War Two that might have made the difference at Moscow in December, 1941 and could strike the underbelly of Europe in an alliance with their Slavic brothers in Russia against NATO. This plan had also included the ethnic unrest that the Germans had unleashed on the Sudetenland in an earlier period and the BND accomplished in Yugoslavia.

The deep state had been warned by me at the meeting on how the bombing Belgrade in 1999 would cause Russia to remilitarize and but I lost the argument. Belgrade was bombed for 78 days versus the vengeance bombing of Hitler for two days. So Russia became the greatest military power on earth.

This finally woke Russia up and they started a massive remilitarization as it was obvious that the intention was in the end to bomb Moscow into the ground. So defensive missiles became essential. Thus, the S-300, S-400, S-500, S-600 and now coming S-700 were developed between 2000 to 2008 to today though work had never stopped in the 1990s but they did not then have the money in the 1990s to build the prototypes. In 2008 the 12 year modernization of the Russian Land Army took place under Shoygu while missile development accelerated both offensively and defensively into their hypersonic dodging missiles of today.

China wakes up to all of this in that they begin to realize that they have been just used, and that the US fleet controls their trade routes, and decides to approach Russia in 2014 just about the time of their witnessing the Maiden overthrow of the Ukraine. This overthrow was organized by the deep state when they started to understand from me that they had lost the arms race that they did not even know was happening. The deep state at Maiden wanted to draw Russia into a Vietnam again in the Ukraine to drain them and crashed the oil price again in 2014 as in 1985 to wreck half Russia’s income base.  When Russia did not bite as in 1979 having learned their lesson, the US started the Syrian war to gain control of a land route from Qatar to Europe to replace the Russian natural gas. This route would be controlled by the US for the same reason the US controls the world seas. Russia did intervene successfully here to stop this pipeline through Syria from Qatar to the EU. Russia’s army unlike now was not prepared to confront NATO in the Ukraine as its modernization was only about half finished but they were prepared to go to Syria. Today the Russian shock armies can reach the English Channel in two to three weeks.


I pause for a moment to give a picture on how capable my colleagues were at the deep states who had come from the OSS in World War Two. Number one had graduated Princeton and went to Australia in World War Two as an aide to General Charles Willoughby attending staff meetings of General Douglas MacArthur sitting behind Willoughby. He was later transferred to OSS in London under Donovan working with colleagues of ours as Casey, etc.  These men were far more capable than those at the CIA today. I was number two.

Beijing studied this and saw the light. If Russia was dismembered, the west will control all their natural resources which they see themselves needing as they grew into a giant economy larger than the US. Beijing created largely a land Belt and Road Initiative to integrate with the Eurasian land mass and Russia would present a critical component of that land mass travel route to China. The problem that Beijing faced in the oceans was 11 US aircraft carrier task forces which were there to control the seas and could strangle China when they desired as Great Britain did to Napoleon of France with his Continental System and later the Kaiser and the Emperor of Austria in World War One. Germany literally was starving to death in World War One. In World War Two Hitler faced the same problem and the British Navy had cut off Germany from the oil that she received via the seas. This was the primary consideration of Hitler in invading Russia being the oil in the Caucuses and Baku. Germany was strangling from lack of oil for its Panzers and Aircraft.

The US as the Imperial Power of the seas also controls today Germany’s access to the seas via its eleven carrier task forces. This makes Germany the satrap of the US as they can be cut off from their oil and natural gas as well as the other natural resources they need, and since Germany is a trading nation, they could not export anything unless the US allows it. In my discussions with those above Merkel who constitute the German deep state, they say that they will have to make a decision whether to go with Russia and China or the US at some point, and they have delayed that decision as they do not want to lose their car exports to the US as well as others. They see no future for the US as it is a country largely at war with itself and that will only worsen.  

This explains the present U.S. policy against Russia whose purpose is to deny Germany Russia’s natural resources and the US fear that Germany will join hands with Russia as Hitler and Stalin.  This was the German policy under Prince Otto von Bismarck and this policy would have avoided two world wars for Germany or if there was as Germany would have won against the Anglo-Saxons. This is why the US is so vehemently against the Nord Stream Two.  If Germany obtains their natural resources from Russia, then the US influence becomes less. If Germany joins with Russia and China in the Belt and Road initiative, then Germany can shift its emphasis away from the US controlled trade by sea developing a massive trading relationship through the high speed trains that are earmarked for Eurasia. Germany can also go east through Russia to China by alternative land trade routes that circumvent the controlled seas of the US.

Iran here becomes a critical Belt and Road actor in that Iran controls the Straits of Hormuz and land bridges can be formed from Asia to the Eurasian land mass via Iran as well as other trade routes by land. The US sees its Anglo-Saxon control of the seas on its way to being circumvented which will relegate the US to being an unexceptional island. This explains why the deep state number one that Trump reported to and now Biden is frantic about the Chinese and Russian Belt and Road initiative, and the US will try to coax Iran away from Russia and China to be its anchor once again for the Middle East as under the Shah.

Thus, Beijing started to open up a warm relationship with Moscow in 2014 seeking to obtain land based natural resources as oil and natural gas from Russia to avoid the seas for natural resources as much as they can. Russia has just about all the natural resources that it needs. In the meantime, Beijing massively accelerated its building of submarines carrying missiles capable of destroying the US fleets. We estimate that they have 150 submarines and in ten years 300 if not many more. The new sea warfare will be a fight between the missiles of the submarines against the obsolete surface aircraft carrier task forces of the US. The US fleets as sitting ducks will be wiped out.

Now, Kissinger reflects the deep state angst on the Russia-Chinese relationship and wants this split up for dear life. This is interestingly covered here by Kissinger, and since he does not want to tell the truth about balance of power realities described above, he calls them our values when the US has no values left but anarchy, looting, and burning down hundreds of cities. Biden hopes to buy all these disenfranchised masses as money printing goes wild.  He wants to practice buying votes which is as American as apple pie.

Now, I do not agree with the balance of power intriguers. I believe that morality or noble values should govern international relations and not power. The US has been following balance of power dreams since 1900 and now it faces economic ruin. These ideas do not work. There is no reason the US cannot be a friend of Russia and China and the differences can be worked out. But you cannot get to the first base as balance of power considerations dominate everything. That is the tragedy of our time. That is why we are on the verge of World War Three.

David Lifschultz



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