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Submitted on May 3, 2021


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The logical question is how do you develop a vaccine for a Covid-19 that has never been isolated to be proven to exist. The answer is you can’t. The scientist below explains this fallacy in three minutes and is suing the CDC for fraud. Everyone should at least spend three minutes for what may save his or her life. 

The doctor does not give his name so we have included below another doctor who has given his name. While this is a major issue from a medical standpoint it is not the primary issue. Anyone who wants to commit suicide can. Though we would think he should be restrained from self-murder if possible. 

But according to the Nuremberg Laws relating to the so-called angel of death Dr. Josef Mengele, you cannot coerce or force a patient to accept an untested vaccine unless he is warned in advance that similar genetic vaccines have been proven in the past to be dangerous, and the FDA has approved them conditionally under emergency conditions. 

Yet, no one should be coerced to take the vaccine or bombarded with propaganda that they should even take it when it has not undergone the five to ten year testing protocols required for FDA approval as that is highly dangerous. 


And in each case if he does want it, then he should sign an agreement that he has been warned that this vaccine can be highly dangerous and may kill him, and he has to sign an agreement acknowledging that he was been warned and accepted the risks.

Video in English (article in Spanish). Only three minutes.

Virólogos y científicos hacen barridos electrónicos en 1.500 muestras y siguen sin encontrar el COVID-19

Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

I would add that the component of fear, masks forcing the rebreathing of unhealthy exhalations, and cooping up billions of people inside cannot be healthy and helped to create excess deaths.  We also expect to see a great increase in deaths within a year due to the massive vaccinations of untested vaccines. 

The definition of an untested vaccine is one that is tested less than five to ten years. All of these similar genetic vaccines had proven too dangerous to use in the past which makes these massive rollouts potentially the source for an astronomical increase in the death rate. These new vaccination induced deaths then will be ascribed to the Covid-19 variations creating a panic for more vaccinations ad infinitum.

Who is Bill Gates who has been instrumental in all of this?


The deep state fired Bill Gates from Microsoft for his arrogance; for his predatory pricing to destroy Netscape; for his stealing of other people’s ideas; for his disobedience; and when he would not resign, the deep state launched an anti-trust case against him which of course he could not win as the deep state controls the entire court system including the Supreme Court as we saw in the Trump situation. 

As well the Congress and President is under their control. Gates realized the jig was up and resigned rather than see Microsoft broken up into a thousand pieces. No one wins against the deep state including Donald Trump and that is why Trump walked even though the election was rigged. He was told to leave. I attended these meetings and was in favour of prosecuting Gates.

Here Larry Ellison exposes Bill Gates for his criminal career:

Larry Ellison on Microsoft

Gates now figures out a new monopoly in medicine. If he can create a false pandemic by the rigged PCR test being over 35 cycles giving 98% false positives which means that this false pandemic could have been created in 2019, and invest in the companies that have the newest vaccine which is genetic however dangerous as all previous similar genetic vaccines proved to be, then he can amass new riches by monopolizing the vaccine business which is the main centre of profit for Big Pharma. He had already obtained immunity for the vaccine manufacturers by having all nations pass laws that no one can sue the vaccine manufacturer for this emergency treatment no matter how many die.  

Then he will create vaccine passports as the beginning of an identity card that forces you to have the vaccine or end up homeless as the hundreds of thousands in Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

There is talk of a plan to set up concentration camps for tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people that do not vaccinate saying that you’re endangering the health of others by not having the vaccine. 

This violates the Nuremberg laws as outlined next as you cannot force people to take an experimental vaccine without their consent and we interpret the present coercion to be a form of illegal pressuring to force people to take the vaccine.

The Nuremberg Laws on Today’s Vaccinations 

Nuremberg C0V1D Trials and Geocentricity | Operation Disclosure Official


Now a school in Florida is saying that no one who works at that school can have the vaccination as it believes that the injection of disease into the blood could transmit the disease to the healthy students being in close proximity to the vaccinated who do not have Covid-19.  In other words, the logical extension of this thinking is that those who take the vaccine should be placed in quarantine lest they infect others.

Footnote one:


I asked to my friend in India if this was true about the masses attacking the government vaccine Nazis, and this is the answer:

1. This happened a few days back. People in different parts of the country have been resisting, defending, and in cases attacking government and their police.

2. They are imposing arbitrary rules on shopkeepers, traders, etc. as in the west and they are revolting for several reasons:

a. The western, mainstream media narrative isn’t working in India.

b. The common man knows they are lying through their teeth.

c. In some cases in the smaller towns and villages the people are attacking the police personnel who are actually running away from them in fear they will get trashed.

It’s the so called educated and middle class folks who are still brainwashed or should I say programmed into the mainstream narrative. And saying all of this is science and it all makes sense. The pseudo-educated people do not realise it isn’t science as there is no scientific method applied to what the Big Pharma are doing.


India – People Attacking Gov’t Vaccine Nazis

Posted: 2021-04-30 14:51:16-04

 It appears that there may be yet another major cover-up going on because the people dying are alleged to be those who were vaccinated. The people seem to be rising up against those in government imposing vaccines and lockdowns. Meanwhile, CDC in the USA has announced a travel restriction from India.

The post India – People Attacking Gov’t Vaccine Nazis first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

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