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Submitted on April 27, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The following essay discusses the concept of BBB or build back better after the great destruction that has been delivered to the economies of the world by lockdowns. The plan is to create a reset or a better economy after this destruction. First of all, this was a preplanned effort to demolish the world economy for the purpose of the reset and really has nothing to do with the so-called coronavirus which is basically the influenza virus that has totally disappeared replaced with a propaganda fiction called coronavirus that in itself has never been isolated or proven.  

The PCR test is a fraud in that it created hundreds of millions if not billions of positives though it was known this would happen based on the number of cycles used above 35 would create false positives in over 95% of the cases.  If we had given this test in 2019, the results would have been about the same as today and we could have had the coronavirus then. Our intelligence sources say this was planned in 2019 for the reset though it was being considered for a while before that.  The true world death rates is about the same.

We have given an exhaustive analysis of the coronavirus here.

The Nuremberg Laws on Today’s Vaccinations  


The issue to be addressed here is whether what the planners have planned is feasible in the obtaining of their objective of an Orwellian dictatorship of the Animal Farm using the medical control mechanisms of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.  While there is no doubt that they have astonishingly achieved their effort to turn almost all human beings into guinea pigs on the animal farm there is one great fallacy in their witch’s brew which is their reliance of fiat money as the control mechanism of the entire world. Even if it become digital it makes no difference. That is what this essay will address.

When I was brought into the control of the central bank during the emergency crash in 1987, my OSS colleagues in the deep state who was number one (I was number two) asked me to immediately straighten it out which I simply did by creating in an hour the plan to order our subordinates who controlled Wall Street tor reverse their cash settlement rig that had crashed the market. No one disobeys the deep state whether on the Supreme Court, President or Congress. In 2008 my OSS colleagues were mostly dead and the system was so corrupted that we were unable to act with alacrity so a great deal of damage took place that did not have to. In any event, the principle I enunciated was that the error of 1929-1933 was the authorities then on purpose allowed the M1 to contract to elect the Democrats to nullify the protective tariffs.  And here we simply had to create enough credit that was being destroyed with new credit as it did not matter how much fiat credit we created as long as M1 did not rise or fall as there would be no inflation and so that is what we did. Of course, it worked.

In the recent crisis my model was followed bringing in the 25 million dollar a year man from Black Rock, Larry Fink, to handle what the 203.5 thousand dollar a year man Powell was not qualified to do. Fink knew where all the financial holes were bailing out the appropriate ETF instruments that coincidentally represented exposures of Black Rock and the large players on Wall Street. The collapse of the 600 trillion dollar to 2.5 quadrillion dollar derivative market was not allowed to happen. Now that is logical but in a sense these rigged gambling instruments such as cash settlement have a FED put underneath them and an unlimited horizon above them for making money. It is here lies the financial power of the nation and the world resides. These folks coincidentally control the six Trotskyite media giants that censor all news that they oppose as in the case of Trump, the three branches of government in the US are also controlled, and the entire world financial system through SWIFT-CHIPS and the whole world.  88% of CHIP clearing transaction have a dollar on one side.  It is an irony of ironies that a fiat dollar that has no intrinsic value has been foisted on the whole word in the belief that it has intrinsic value which it does not, and through that fallacious medium of exchange the whole world is controlled. In other words, people believe in nothing.

It is also ironic in one of the greatest financial crises of all time the stock market is booming in that there is where they put the Federal Reserve Credit while the poor in the country are on bread lines and extended unemployment insurance.  The true unemployment in the US is greater than the highest figure in the great depression of 24.9% in 1933 if you count those unemployed over a year that are dropped in the official statistics:

Unemployment Data Series   Last Updated: April 2nd, 2021

March 2021 ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment is 25.7%

The top 1% has 40% of the wealth and 25.7% have next to nothing. This is part of the extreme disparity that Ray Dalio says will lead to revolution. Since the government has realized that you can print money to solve every problem, there is no amount of debt that they are afraid of. And here is where they are digging their own grave as there are limits which is covered in my piece linked below and quoted in part here.


In 1979 the total debt of the US was 827 billion or 31% of the GDP. If all of it went to 20% interest, the interest bill would be 165 billion dollars.  Tax revenue was then 463 billion. While there are differing maturity dates and interest rates, the purpose of this overly simplistic analysis is to show that the more debt that you accumulate in relation to your GDP the harder it is to stop an inflation once it begins. I wrote the Volcker plan in a different scenario than we now have in that the total US debt was only 30% of the GDP versus now the debt towers over the GDP by about 35% or is 135% of the GDP and growing astronomically. 

Now, let’s say the US today has to pay 20% interest on the 27 trillion dollars of debt on a GDP of 20.93 trillion, then interest would come to 5.4 trillion a year. This is just a proxy as there are different maturities at different rates. But our total tax revenue above was 3.42 trillion dollars. Total expenses including interest was 4.82 trillion dollars. We could not even pay our 5.4 trillion of interest much less our defence budget, etc.. No one seems to understand the catastrophic path that we are pursuing.  

Now, since the maturities and interest rates are different, the average rate of interest if we raise short term rates to 20% to stop the inflation would be far less than cited above but still would swamp the ability of the Federal Reserve to stop the inflation as the savings in the country would not be adequate to cover the deficit forcing the Federal Reserve to print money as in Germany in 1923 to cover the debt which is why the German currency hyper-inflated away. What this achieved for Germany was essentially the wiping out of all government debt. This gave Dr. Hjalmar Schacht the ability to create new currency which basically meant that he gave out a gold backed currency, or said it was backed by gold, wiping out most of the digits. This gold currency which had no gold behind worked a miracle as the currency stabilized based on imaginary gold trading as our dollar on solely a fiat basis.

Now we revert to the issue of revolution having laid the groundwork.  

Enoch Powell – Let It Go On Until the Civil War Comes

Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood Speech

Italian Correspondent:

The absolute stupidity of Italy is that we do not have an independent money emission, so, for every necessity we do have to acquire money from the European Central Bank and pay them a lot of interests such as the newly offered 30 billion dollars to repair the lockdown damage. Before, when we had Lira, we were printing our own money and were the 4th economic power of the world. Now we are number 8, maybe 9, and we are working only to pay interests to ECB, that is a private organization and Draghi was it’s leader: I do not expect anything good from him as an agent of international finance. (There are fissures developing in the EU as in the other confederation the US and we expect it to break apart during the coming collapse discussed in this piece.)

French Correspondent:

With Crassus gone (DKL: the plutocracy of Trotskyites that rules the west), conflict between the two remaining leaders was inevitable; they were natural enemies leading groups with that were diametrically opposed. In addition, Pompey was becoming increasingly jealous of Caesar’s military and financial successes in Gaul and with Caesar’s increasing prestige. Pompey still had the support of most of the Senate and a huge military advantage south of the Rubicon; when Caesar did cross the river, he came south with only one legion. But Pompey had failed to reckon with the speed and decision and motion of which Caesar was capable. In the event, Pompey fled Rome leaving the treasury behind.


“The army of the Republic is at the service of the nation. And no one else.”

But not the foreign legion.

Macron can’t ignore furious generals’ warning that terror attacks & ‘Islamist hordes’ are pushing France towards civil war

A warning from 20 retired army generals that the ‘Islamist hordes of the banlieue’ are causing France to disintegrate has been dismissed by the government. But as the terrorist atrocities continue, many citizens share their fears.

Although France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, the simmering tensions over Islam’s place in the secular republic are only ever a news cycle away from boiling over.

In the space of just a week, there has been controversy over a court decision to free a killer without charge, the murder of a police worker on the steps of her station and a call to arms from a group of retired generals who warn the actions of Islamist “hordes in the banlieue” risk the disintegration of the country and civil war.

Frankly, it’s hard to keep up. But while President Emmanuel Macron’s officials dismiss as bitter pensioners a gang of retired military types who probably still rue the day President Charles de Gaulle put Algeria on the path to independence – and chose the 60th anniversary of an attempted coup by his generals to air their own grievances – they do deserve some respect, and even recognition of their views.

David Lifschultz



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