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April 27, 2021

April 27, 2021: Full Moon Lunacy [videos]

Gobsmacking material continues to come out. Scroll down.

We’re seeing an interesting turn in some places with respect to Covid restrictions. The pendulum is swinging the other way. This particular story is from Kelowna, BC Canada. Masks are for criminals, right?

We’ve been warned. “Hold the line.” I could barely stand to watch Rachel Madcow’s rhetoric in a brief clip. I could smell the fear—and it’s justified.

Bannon Issues Warning About Arizona Audit

Steve Bannon: The mainstream media is now coming in for their bombing runs. It’s going to be insanely intense on this and we’re going to have a lot to do and a lot to say… The one thing you should know is the mainstream media is going to come on top of this like you’ve never seen before… The intensity from Rachel Maddow cringing the other day on Friday night, to Sarah Murray and CNN being all over this and Jim Acosta, you’re going to get it nonstop.

UPDATE: Windham, New Hampshire Officials Meet to Select Analysts for Forensic Audit – Choose Verified Voting as First of Three Companies for Review



Arizona Auditor Heading To Michigan…

And while we’re on the topic of voting, is California’s Newsom on the way out?

Recall effort against Gov. Gavin Newsom has enough valid signatures to get on ballot

So… Q’s no longer a LARP, I guess. How can you write so many articles about a LARP? Newsweek is definitely showing their true colours these days.

Lin Wood Confirmed for Dallas QAnon Event Alongside Two Texas Republicans



This, unfortunately, is not pleasant, but it’s important for Humanity to understand the peril we have been in for some time, and what the long-term agenda of the deep state Illuminati global “elite” psychopaths has been.

It’s key to know that what we see unfolding now that many write off as just necessary to get the scamdemic under control is indeed part of the NWO agenda–and yes, they WOULD do that. It’s not the first time and people have to get out of denial.

Please watch this woman explain a short video which they roll in its entirety at the end of the explanation. I don’t need to add anything. Just watch, and listen, and be thankful that Trump, the White Hats, the Earth Alliance. the Q Collective, and the Heavenly hosts were able to do something to prevent our demise.

These creatures are demonic, and predatory, and beyond rehabilitation. As Q has said, they need to be eliminated. And so it is. The video is 10 minutes and will leave you stunned. (If this is not real, someone needs to come forward and say so, because then it’s just fear porn. It almost looks “unreal”.) We understand the White Hats have prevented the use of the negative 5G the NWO planned to weaponize, particularly in America. Not sure if they have followed suit in other countries, but probably.

WAW 24 180421 5G plan to exterminate humanity failed thanks to Wikileaks, victims & whistleblowers


There is very good news to counter balance the above. We are not stuck here indefinitely.

We may not know exactly who comprises the “Q team”—but we have an idea. We could tell it was probably not a regular Earth Human and Simon Parkes did tell us early on there us a Quantum computer involved.

The following fascinating videos shed light on the Q Phenomenon and the approaching “rapture” and ascension while tying in some of the anomalous things we’ve witnessed over the past few years and the thousands of ships Gina Hill has shown us in her videos.

These videos are from someone I recently discovered, Jetson White. Charlie Ward pointed us there. The crew pointed us to this new one, which lists ten or so reference videos below it for more detail. I dug in last night and watched until I could no longer stay awake.


The information echoes the groundbreaking material from Yellow Rose for Texas. It’s difficult to explain things to us because we have no basis for innerstanding what is happening or why, or even the terminology, but in many cases the information resonated strongly and we just felt it was valid. And exciting.

Bottom line, the rescue mission is brilliant, incredible, historic, and going very well. As Rose told us, Trump (Jetson says “Trump & Jr.”) is not here to “fix everything”, just make it better for those going to the West gate to continue the journey until they are ready to ascend.

I won’t say more, it’s all explained in either this first video, or the ones recommended when you watch on YouTube in the description box below the video. It may not all make sense, but give it a whirl. Your soul knows more than your conscious mind. I do believe this is what is unfolding for us because our organic ascension was not possible due to the interference of the evil forces.

And isn’t it interesting that the audible frequency, the sound, will be like a trumpet? They call it “the trump”, and Bo Polny emphasized the importance of the shofar in the last video of his we shared. What we don’t know about energy, frequency, harmonic resonance, our electro-magnetic avatars, and more is discussed here in these terrific videos which are quite short.

If you are not aware, we live in an artificial construct basically like this. I’m sorry if that upsets you but you’ll have to get over it. They will talk about the “dome” in the video. The controllers lied about everything. We can’t say it enough, but what does it matter where we are? We’re leaving.

So without further ado, enjoy this revelatory content and rejoice, my peeps. Don’t fret over what you see happening in our world. It will be put right—and soon. We just need to do the best job we can for those who will remain in 3D. For all I know, it could be me. I’m going to finish watching the remainder of the videos ASAP.

Synopsis of This Channel’s Message – Part Three

Here’s the one that speaks of who Q is and how this Q thing has operated. Now that Lin Wood has edified Q perhaps a few sorry souls that bailed on us will come back.

The Q Quantum Computer

If you understand this Plan by the benevolent ones, you can see that much of what we see and hear on a daily basis is just part of the “show” to keep us occupied until the culmination of the rapture. My feeling for so long that we have just been “waiting” until the moment of execution seems correct. We’re not going to sit around twiddling our thumbs, but people like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward are doing their best to placate us and provide reasons for the “delay”. The stage is set, and we’re waiting for the director to shout, “Action!” We will just have to be patient a little longer.


Getting back to the evil antics of the NWO genocide, there is ongoing dialogue concerning the mysterious, unidentified coloured and MOVING fibres detected in microscopy examination of medical/surgical masks and PCR swabs. Like this… from Telegram.

Not on the videos I`ve seen…and I`ve seen a few. I fully understand thermodynamics. I watched a high quality, well carried out experiment the other day, with new, straight out of the packets masks, taken using a decent microscope with camera inbuilt (lab quality) and it was clear that the black fibres were moving and the the rest were not.

I need to carry out my own experiment at some point (I worked in R&D and laboratories and am fully qualified in test in test and analysis), but at this moment in time have better things to do, as I don`t wear the masks, and neither do my immediate family.

What I saw on the video I saw was not easily explained by thermodynamics.

But, like most most things these days, I tend to believe what I see for myself, and sometimes test for myself.

They certainly resemble the Morgellons revealed to us by Harald Kautz Vela several years ago, along with the programmable matter known as “black goo”. As we’ve said, the diseases we suffer from were introduced by the psychopaths for their benefit. They’ve no intention of curing anything and have told us to do exactly the opposite of what we should to combat a “virus”.

This post on Telegram shows a microscopy video of how the nasty nanobots in the vax rearrange our DNA. Busy little beavers, aren’t they?

Here’s the Health Ranger’s update.

April 26th: Covid swabs and masks appear to contain “hooks” and strange fibers that can be inhaled directly into the lungs

Tucker Carlson has been outspoken about this Human rights abuse. There are massive crimes in progress every day. Do we just stand by and watch?

Tucker: You should call the cops or CPS on parents who mask their kids outdoors

Canada, if you’re not of the mind that your government is involved in a PLANdemic, the video on Twitter below will illustrate that it has unfolded according to the timelines set out by the choreographers. Around the 9 minute mark, activist and civil rights attorney Rocco Galati (the one who prepared the law suit against the Canadian government for crimes against Humanity) points out a couple of interesting things.

First, he finds it highly suspicious that almost immediately all 40 police chiefs declined to enforce the recently proposed check points, and suggests that move may have been to advance the agenda to bring in the military and declare martial law.

Second, he tells us that at High Park in Toronto they’ve blocked off access to—get this—the cherry blossoms. The signs say they’ll bring them to you via your Internet. You have got to be kidding me. Well, no, it’s true. See it here. And People don’t get it yet? That’s as far as I got in the video. Time constraints.


Canada introduces bill to police all internet speech

This interview with a kindly German microbiologist (American-born and trained) Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi with Alex Newman convinces us that the agenda is to kill us with the vaccines and he explains it in simple ways. He maintains that all doctors KNOW from their training that this protocol is dangerous and they should be speaking out.

He says if you got one shot, don’t get any more as each one will compound the problems and threats and compromise your immune system. Healthy people need not worry about COVID, and not so much about the vaccines. Those not in good condition will suffer more from the vaccines.

Before we go, another reminder about the Go Fund Me for the Arizona Rangers since Paypal took down their page. This is important because it’s not only about Arizona—it will affect us all, no matter what nation we call home. Election fraud and vote rigging is a planetary problem.

“The AZ Rangers are protecting our Maricopa audit and they need our support. The Rangers are a volunteer organization and they need help with expenses over the next 4-6 weeks as they donate their time to secure our audit.

Please consider making a contribution to their 501c(3); together we are strong, $5 makes a difference.”


A certain dog is itching to go for a walk and it’s a beautiful day in paradise, so off we go.

Many thanks to all our sources of life-changing information, whether positive or negative. The world needs to know. Here’s an inspiring 6-minute video to show you that we are indeed still here, still breathing, our hearts still beating, and Humanity IS rising!  ~ BP



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