Starship Earth: Struggling to Remain Asleep


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April 26, 2021

April 26, 2021: Struggling to Remain Asleep [videos]

It’s warrior princess Melania Trump’s birthday today (the Forever FLOTUS, they are calling her) and the fake VP is filmed climbing the stairs to a phantom plane, apparently. See that clip on Telegram.

It gets wilder still. Elena Danaan tells us of renewed attacks on Mars by the Galactic Federation due to new developments and intel. Dr. Michael Salla reports in the following article.

Update on Galactic Federation attacks on Corporate Satellites & Mars Exodus

If you listened to Simon Parkes’ update yesterday you heard that the military overestimated the civilian response to their droll “movie” and that insufficient numbers are “getting it”.

Either they’re not seeing the obvious, eye-rolling stuff like the fake Biden hints put in front of them, the masks, the absurd rhetoric of a dottering fool… or they are so deeply in the trance that they are simply not waking up.


The assessment is that it’s going to take a significant crisis to do the job—and from my personal position I wholeheartedly concur. A suitcase nuke next to the bed might not be enough.

It’s not that they’re sheep, necessarily, they’re just so entrenched in how to determine what reality is that they can’t see any other possibility. In this house, anything I say or offer as proof of what is unfolding is met with a Google search for the preferred answer or a “logical” justification, and it’s always the opposite of what I say. It’s their version of common sense. Reprogramming is required to eliminate this virus.

Perhaps it’s time for the paddles. Clear!

I don’t really care what the Earth Alliance does to wake up the sleepers. Just do it—and soon. I can’t take much more of this.

What’s coming? This was an interesting post on Telegram—ironically from Whiplash347. Who’s running the Weather Channel feed, hmmm??? Was that a test?

We have never-before-seen footage of a tunnel complex if you have time for a 5 minute time lapse trip. Watch the video at this Telegram post.

Our intel revealed shocking accounts of the military breaching a massive tunnel from beneath the Vatican that lead all the way to Jerusalem. This video brings details. 4 min.


The 1500 mile tunnel from the Vatican to Jerusalem

Meanwhile… out here in the wild west, the AZ Audit is a burr under the saddle of the election banditos. They are beside themselves with fear and angst.

BREAKING: Arizona Judge Recuses Himself From Election Audit Case To Be Settled in the Morning After Judge Is Notified that Attorney Who Previously Interned for Judge Works for the Auditors

Far-Left Media Hack Admits to Sneaking Inside Arizona Audit Room at Veterans Memorial Center without Proper Credentials Before Ballots Arrive in Attempt to Discredit Process

The world is waking up… slowly, it seems.

But then I could be wrong.

Now that we actually have a study…

New Study Says Wearing Masks Long-term Can Cause Chronic Diseases and Premature Death

Mike Adams shared microscopy slides from his lab on the mask material and Covid test swabs. You know, the ones with the curious little red and blue “threads”. I don’t have the expertise to assess these slides because I have no “control” images to compare to, but my feeling is, this is not good. I’m so glad I never put a mask on. Look at that one with the little “feelers” on the end that look like they could hook into tissue.

Health Ranger posts new microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibers


I am starting to agree with this premise. “The real virus is stupidity.”

But is there hope?

There will be much worse news than this coming down the pike, so be prepared.

VIDEO CONFESSION: Pornography In Schools; Teachers Also Suffer In Silence

Here are some comms. First, from Mike Pompeo. That’s a lot of popcorn. Then Whiplash follows up.

The time stamp on the above post was 19:43 so…

Aug 28, 2018 11:41:01 AM EDT
Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c56a7a No. 2766234
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen.
[Hassan Rouhani]
The Good People of IRAN have the POWER.

In closing, we have an “after dark” ad from the Ocars via MJ Truth. The ad is for Regeneron.

Regeneron is one of the “vaccines” Trump reported taking, along with Hydroxychloroquine.

This one with the watch at 10:10 is interesting, too. Comms all over the place. Is that referring to section 10:10 of the DoD Law of War manual?

OH—AND IF YOU PLEASE… if you are able, maybe support the Arizona Rangers donating their time to protect the election audit in Phoenix?

New Go Fund Me Page for the Arizona Rangers

The AZ Rangers created a Go Fund Me page after PayPal suspended their account. Mike Montalvo set up the fundraiser — he is the IT Director for the AZ Rangers (our team spoke with him personally today).The AZ Rangers are protecting our Maricopa audit and they need our support. The Rangers are a volunteer organization and they need help with expenses over the next 4-6 weeks as they donate their time to secure our audit.

Please consider making a contribution to their 501c(3); together we are strong, $5 makes a difference.


And remember… no matter what happens… including the currency exchange…

Life beckons, so that is it for this post. Enjoy the show!  ~ BP



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