We’re Developing Herd Immunity to Deep-State Psy Ops

The doctor is in. Credit: Harmony Heart Group

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

April 24, 2021

We’re Developing Herd Immunity to Deep-State Psy Ops

If I can use the disease model – making lemonade out of lemons – we’ve been hit by the biggest bioweapon on the planet – the Deep State Virus (DSV21).

It’s infected more parts of this planet than I imagine most people would even want to think about.

I recall reading Svengali in around 2007 (1) and already “the Illuminati,” as we were then calling them, had their tentacles in what seemed like everywhere.

Now, in the days of child trafficking, adrenochrome, and Satanic sacrifices, all filmed and recorded for blackmail by Epstein et al, the corruption is Biblical and the answer is being advertised as Biblical.

The Deep State controls the news. It did control the military. It has controlled the government. It spread everywhere but our frontline doctors are close to bringing it under control nationally. And we hope globally.


Leaving only us. How do we guard against a disease like DSV21 in ourselves and society? By developing herd immunity. (I should add that I received my M.D. from Kellogg University.)

By standing in the face of it, as Magenta Pixie said, (2) understanding it, rejecting it for ourselves, and letting it go.

By declaring to the universe, who are listening, that we will not serve or be made a part of the Deep State or its offspring. (3) While we won’t engage in violence, we withhold our consent from being used by them. And we support their legal removal from power.

There you are. Congratulations. You’re now innoculated against Deep-State propaganda, engineered social norms, hidden messages, future retribution and regret, etc. You’ve developed herd immunity to Deep-State psy ops.

You’ve done something important for your future and for the future of the rest of us and I  thank you. It was good to meet you.

Next please. The doctor is in.



(1) See “Terrestrial Sources on the Illuminati” at

This file or chapter (“Corroboration”) was the earliest or original file I created when beginning the First Contact database. It shows the research I was doing before turning exclusively to channeled messages.

It’s at this point that researchers divide between those who take their information solely from incarnated people and those who take their information from incarnated people as well, but also from sources on the spiritual planes.

(2) My apologies to Magenta Pixie that I haven’t followed her process completely here.

See “Magenta Pixie: Three Step Process to Stargate Ascension in Lockdown (Full Monadic Download),” April 16, 2020, at

(3) As Laura Eisenhower did: “Laura Eisenhower: Message to the Dark Controllers,” April 15, 2020, at