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Operation Disclosure | By Michael, Guest Writer

Submitted on April 22, 2021

To live in an infinite universe full of unlimited possibilities, where the duality of life encompasses all beings of creation seen throughout all of existence, is miraculous in and of itself. We can see that where there is light, darkness must also exist. We can not have one without the other: the yin and the yang. To experience and understand love, hate also must be experienced and understood equally. However, there should always be balance and harmony. Our world currently is not balanced and is very much chaotic right now.

It amazes me that we live in a world where many are aware that evil or darkness exists, yet, cognitive dissonance makes some feel as though they are exempt from suffering. Until, of course, it happens to them. For many individuals, our level of awareness, belief systems, and consciousness dictates what we will accept as truth or reality. Who creates our reality? Many say that they build their existences, which is certainly valid to an extent. But consider that the life one makes for oneself is limited to the box or illusion they are imprisoned in, with or without their consent.

Society has become so programmed by their medias, news, educational institutions, governments, leaders, and religious institutions  that their perception of the world is governed by the very few who control these institutions. This plan is by design. Our history is slowly being erased and rewritten to dictate the path of future generations. The victors in our history’s past write history; “his story.” What if some victors are malevolent? That is where everyone should seek truth for themselves and not let others dictate to them what is true or not.

If we don’t know where we’re coming from, we will repeat the same mistakes in our present reality. There are no coincidences in the universe. Everything we see occurring can be arguably intentional and preordained.  In 2019, If someone were to warn many of us of what we were to experience in 2020 and 2021, many of us would call that person crazy or the more popular slandering term, “conspiracy theorist.” The irony is many people did warn society of what was being planned and perpetrated upon humanity for many decades now. Yet here we are, where the future proves past. Yet, so many can not or will not see the correlations in our history’s patterns.

The problem, reaction, and solution model has been used many times over in our history’s past in conjunction with the divide and conquer agenda. We saw it in Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler. We saw it with Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Vietnam war, and the Iraqi war. Why is humanity so hell-bent on war and destruction? Why do we not see that hate and division creates more suffering and hate in our world? We saw the repercussions of this with slavery and Jim Crow laws of the American south. We see this in communist countries like China and Cuba who idolize Marxist propaganda. We can not fight racism with more racism, because it will inherently create more racism. In the processing of fighting, we end up becoming very much like our enemies. We sometimes unintentionally become that which we claim to hate. We see the result of all this right now in our present reality. Yet, we still have not learned from this. Sins against humanity are staggering at present.

With all our history’s dark past, many are still asleep to the fact that evil and darkness never went anywhere. It exists because the nefarious elites of the world profit and benefit from such misery, plain and simple. Evil is here and more virulent than ever, showing itself in the open, but people refuse to see it at the deepest levels of society. We only see it where the media chooses to highlight it or dictate its existence. Conveniently the press decides to ignore it when it doesn’t serve their agenda.


Moreover, false flag events like the September 11th and The Covid-19 pandemic, in my opinion, help to create these deliberate problems through fear, destruction, death, and chaos. Which always brings about a reaction from the population. Conveniently those in power make the solutions that best serves them and not we the people. 2020 and 2021 should be a clear and blatant indication of where we might head and also that these methods work and are used throughout history repeatedly to control the masses through “self-imposed subjugation.” If people are paying attention and understand what has happened in our history’s past, they will certainly connect the dots.

Some could argue we are genuinely in the Iron Age, the End Times, or the age of Kali Yuga. During these periods, our planet is in darkness. Corruption is rampant, human suffering is heightened, truth becomes lies, and lies become the truth for some. What was deemed wrong now becomes right. Good people are considered to be nefarious. People that evil are portrayed as good. Discernment, intuition, and our moral compass appears to be broken down during this cycle of time for many people. The toxins in our foods and medicines make us sick, weak, and lower our consciousness. Those who are cowardice and complacent are viewed as virtuous. Nonsense is deemed scientific gospel.

Inevitably It is hard to make sense of everything going on or who to trust, also by design. The world becomes upside down. Those that control and rule will manipulate the sheeple into believing that the changes being made in our society are for the betterment of humanity in the name of progress, equality, acceptance, and tolerance. When in reality, it is the opposite because the changes help to empower, enrich, and serve the elite class of society solely. Those that are asleep will inevitably be lead to the slaughter house.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. All is temporary. If history does in fact repeat itself, then we can surmise that our planet goes through cyclical events and patterns. We must go from dark to light. And in order to get to the light we must pass through the darkness. Around the corner is another Golden Age, or the age of Aquarius if we as humanity learn from our past as not to repeat it. Above all, there is always the choice to choose our path wisely. Will the path we choose benefit all of humanity for the better?

The best is yet to come, if we choose love over  hate and fear. If we choose enlightenment, rather than ignorance. If we choose truth over lies. If we choose health and abundance, rather than sickness and scarcity. If we choose freedom over enslavement. We we choose altruism over selfishness and greed. If we choose to respect all life and beings because all lives matter. If we choose to look within ourselves.

– Michael (elbuscadordelalma)



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