Praying to Jesus? Praying to Lucifer?


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Date: Monday, 19-Apr-2021 01:29:00

Praying to Jesus? Praying to Lucifer?

Praying to Jesus? Praying to Lucifer? IMO You may be out of luck. You may be waiting a long time for them or some impostor to answer your prayers sent to them.

We actually only live in the NOW!
They are part of our past. Are they in our NOW?

As we wake up, WE are realizing that there is nothing outside of us. WE are all in the right HERE and in the right NOW in this moment.

As our recessive royal DNA awareness pokes through into our subdued dumbed down consciousnesses, we are emerging from the mind control problems we (our ancestors) were all subjected to 6,500 to 7,000 years ago. Our problems today started when our genetic ancestors here were all mind wiped and had their memories erased.

So, to come here, to incarnate here, WE had to take on the local existing deployment conditions of our physical ancestors that are surrounding OUR physical and energy life here. See my other writings and publications for more.


Our brains and beliefs and bodies are full of errors. WE all suffer because of it.

At that time long ago the Earth invading ET Annunaki royals that had genetically created our human bodies were run off, and their betraying underlings took control here. The betraying underlings simply finished the job of completely slaving all of us through using their ancient reptilian mind control techniques.

That slaver control being thrown off US is what WE now call the current battle between good and evil raging around US. Go team!

WE have groups adversarial to our being free that want to keep us under their control, and WE yearn for complete freedom to choose while cheering for the groups that want US to be free.

They all know WE are genetically and becoming energetically superior to OUR captors because to be here WE have to be and are BOTH genetic royalty AND pure Spirits from True Light and Sound SOURCE combined – so we simply deserve it.

The reptilians, long ago during all their ancient wars had learned that war was ultimately a waste of resources. Not feeling the suffering they were causing, they marched on allied with entities that ate the conquered as they battled for superiority.

They eventually learned it is cheaper and easier and less wasteful and far better to erase all memories involved and take over everyone’s mind and turn them all into obedient loyal servants. They instituted further multiple incarnational looping to further cement their control.


They created us, and we then we got our minds and memories wiped, and now we wonder what’s going on. Many of us found this situation unnatural and it freaked a lot of us out. Many of us sought release through substances or worse. I lost friends. And I know they simply morphed form.

The ancient practices and industries of pedophilia, the adrenochrome drug trade, the selling of slaves and body parts and the pedavore eating of children and adults on and off world are also old worn out outdated anti-life practices and old belief systems in serious need of upgrading.

We are witnessing God and our choices sorting this out now. Many institutions and charismatic authorities are bye bye.

Our original ancestors mixed with their ET hybrid descendants, the good ones, and the controlling ones. That is why we are such a mixed bag here.

WE are all starting to realize from the inside out that there is nothing “outside” of us to pray to and possibly become prey for. WE are now all realizing we are ultimately individually responsible for ourselves.

That is why SOURCE and our choices pretended to send us here. When in the duality matrix it is VERY real. So WE could pretend to learn that. Ron Amitron taught us we are only remembering who we really are. The rest is all part of the illusion.

WE have always been individually responsible as WE ultimately choose for ourselves, but now dimensional, cosmic, timeline, and other astrological, ET and local political and other freewill cyclic events have combined so that WE can break even more free even MORE so!

As we see from our Earth duality local limited in time dimensional viewpoint. Sigh, finally.

It may now be reported that higher dimensional beings responsible for helping US through OUR duality expression here so we can all seem to eventually return to SOURCE are doing so.

SOURCE is where we started out from and in fact never actually left. IT JUST IS. WE JUST ARE.Everyone WE and we meet is God, and WE never left IT. WE only pretended to leave and forget all of IT and it for the joyous hero’s journey prodigal son experience only available by descending to the very bottom and climbing back out.


Here when descending into duality to express itself, Azul energy split itself into Jesus and Lucifer energies. It has been reported that our upper dimensional helpers have gathered the two energies and combined them and contained them off world so we can learn to only rely upon our own divinity selves again.

WE create all of it and IT is being put right in front of OUR faces.


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