U.S. No Longer has Nuclear Deterrent


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 19, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Napoleon Bonaparte declared that history is agreed upon lies. The entire history as portrayed in the US for last century are agreed upon lies and was actually based on the balance of power doctrines. It is not widely known that President Roosevelt wrote both Stalin and Hitler in 1941 before the Germans invaded Russia that if Hitler invaded Russia he would be on the side of Russia and if Russia invaded Germany he would be on the side of Germany. The theories of National Socialism or Bolshevism did not matter but balance of power as Roosevelt studied Mackinder but especially Mahan. What he meant was that the US would not tolerate the Eurasian land mass being occupied by one group of powers whether it be Germany and Japan or Russia and China.  England and the US had rushed in 1933 to loan Germany one billion gold dollars from the US and two billion gold dollars from Britain to balance against Russia or three hundred billion dollars in today’s inflated currencies if not more. We quote below from Nicholas J. Spykman’s subtitled “The United States and Balance of Power” from pages 194-195.

“Victory in the Old World would mean for Germany the realization of her dream of a great Euro-African sphere controlled from Berlin. It would reach from North Cape to Capetown and include Europe up to the Ural Mountains, the Mediterranean, and the Near East. It would contain a population of 550 million and represent an enormous agglomeration of power. Victory in the Old World would mean for Japan the transformation of her island empire into a unit of continental dimensions. Her world would stretch from the Bering Strait to Tasmania and include more than half the population of the earth. The New World (US) would then be surrounded by two gigantic empires controlling huge war potentials. The present flow of force would be reversed, the balance of power across the ocean destroyed, and the relative power potential across the ocean destroyed, and the relative power potential of the two great land masses would then turn the geographic embrace of the Western Hemisphere by the old world into political strangulation.”

“The threat of encirclement of the United States by a European-Asiatic combination, which first emerged at the time of President Monroe, reappeared at the time of the First World War, and lay dormant in the British-Japanese alliance (DKL: which Britain was so foolhardy to let lapse), has again appeared, but on a scale undreamt of in former times. Our position in the world, which has always depended on the existence of a balance in Europe and Asia, is now threatened by a combination of unified hemispheres across the seas.  

The outcome of the Second World War will determine whether the United States is to remain a great power with a voice in the affairs of the Old World, or become merely a buffer state between the mighty empires of Germany and Japan.”


This was understood in this exchange between Goering and Hitler:

Goring: They (Britain and America) entered the war so that we would not reach the east (Japan in China), but not so the East (Russia) would reach the Atlantic. (DKL: The only reason for the US to open up the second front was to prevent Russia from reaching as it did against Napoleon the English Channel as it was apparent that Russia would defeat Germany as 80% of the crack German forces were being beaten back to Germany on that front, and all Germany could muster at the English Channel was a secondary force.)

Hitler: That’s quite clear.

Source: “Hitler And His Generals”, the stenographic record of military conferences, page 649.

And by Stalin:

We (Milovan Djilas and Stalin) stopped on our way to the dining room to view a map on the wall of the world where the Russia was coloured in red. Stalin waved his hand over Russia and said: “They (the US and Britain) will never accept the idea of such a great space should be red, never, never!” (Stalin was a shrewd operator. Here he would have understood the reason that the US will not accept Kissinger’s advice to balance Russia against China.  The US did accept China in 1972 as an ally against Russia but will never accept Russia as a friend. The battle between Russia and the US will be a fight to the death and Putin suddenly understands this as they no longer talk about the US as a partner anymore which made Putin the laughing stock at Langley. Now, we are as we are a mortal enemy to the very existence of Russia as a nation and to its entire people. The US wants the complete dissolution of Russia forever that started with the Ukraine that was part of Russia for 400 years and the eastern stans.)

“Conversations with Stalin” by Milovan Djilas, page 74.


These same geopolitical ideas underlie the present struggle with Russia. The United States fought World War Two to prevent Germany and Japan uniting the Eurasian land mass between them as that would have enabled them to control the world following Brzezinski but really lost that objective when Russia and China allied together in 1949 controlling from East Germany to the Pacific via China. The US thus essentially lost World War Two and the treasure we expended was a total waste. The US made a quick reverse turning Japan and Germany into allies against Russia and China pushing back against this Russian-Chinese alliance. They called this the Cold War. 

The present effort in the Ukraine is to undermine Russia and make it look weak as in 2014.  The US has the Russians in the Ukraine persecuted to make Putin look bad by not protecting his own ethnic Russians. Not only are the ethnic Russians persecuted in the Ukraine but thousands have been murdered in the eastern Ukraine. The secret plan here is to turn the Russian people against Putin accusing him of cowardice in order to oust him through the oligarchs that are secretly sworn enemies of Putin laying in wait to finish him off. He does not even know this. They were put into their positions by Lord Jacob Rothschild who provided the money to buy up Russian companies for pennies on a dollar in cooperation with the US. Lord Rothschild, for example, is the present owner of Yukos stock formerly held by his frontman Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  They intend to fix the case pending on Yukos. This is what is happening in the Ukraine today where the oligarchs have stolen nearly everything. The last I heard about was that there was nothing left to loot but the land itself. And that is about to take place.

See my speech to the peace conference at the Duma below predicting all of this on July 2, 2019.

The US recoiled as it is now from the present 2014 Russian and Chinese alliance after having separated them under Nixon. And now they are back together. That is what the present conflict is all about with China. China is our friend as it was our own policy to let them have our market as we did Japan. They did what we wanted. These are geopolitical problems not moral problems as suggested with the present vilification of the China that we helped to rise to bring down Russia. The main problem with China was and is the trade deficit which could have been worked out in a friendly manner.  In fact it was being done under President Trump until the deep state forced him to do an about face. This is also our main problem with Germany and the EU, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, and in each case these problems can be worked out peacefully though our present leadership does not even recognize the problem as Trump did.  That is why he was ousted by the stolen election as the deep state regarded him as undermining the alliance structure against China and Russia.

In the case of the so-called US allies, they have destroyed most of the US power by rigging their currencies laying waste half our industries in huge rust belts and the deep state ousted Trump because he was attacking the currency rigging. Trump at my suggestion said that we should counter-rig their currencies in reverse and buy them until there was no deficit but a surplus to pay back out the over 14 trillion dollar US net deficit position in the foreign account. And at the same time take back ten million cars a year of production as well as in all other areas. This highly disturbed the deep state as it was adversely affecting our alliance arrangements not understanding that if all our industries are destroyed we are not a world power.

Robert Rubin Correspondence – David Lifschultz

The US and NATO now find themselves in a hopeless position in that the Russians and the Chinese are far superior to them in military technology. NATO cannot prevent Russia from overrunning Europe in two to three weeks in a conventional war so the US had to plan to rely on nuclear deterrent but that no longer exists as Russia can win a nuclear war based on the most advanced defensive missile systems in the world 20 years ahead of the US.  

The Russian S-500 anti-missile missile system is capable of sealing off Russian air space from the US ICBMs, Cruise missiles and drones. It travels at a speed of 16,000 miles an hour rising as high as 115 miles traveling horizontally over 2,174 miles. It carries ten interceptor missiles. It ends MAD or mutually assured destruction as it seals Russian air space and has been superseded by the S-600 that is a massive improvement. In a sense the US is no longer a global power according to Brzezinski if this is true which it is true. The next discussion is with a US missile expert regarding the S-500.

DKL to JN who is a US missile expert:


If you study the missile techniques of Werner von Braun that the Russians adopted, and apply it to the S-500, you can make a number of deductions. First, the Topol M carries ten MIRVs and goes 16,000 miles an hour. The S-500 carries ten interceptors and goes over 16,000 miles an hour. The S-500 is an offshoot of the Topol M. The S-500 was tested successfully about four to five years ago and is fully rolled out. The S-600 is rolling out now in 2019 and the S-700 will roll out in two to three years. Their speeds are in excess of 20,000 miles an hour. They essentially seal Russia’s air space.

Dr. von Braun developed the technique that you go into missile production even if you do not have the entire missile working but at 95%. Elon Musk appears to be following this path though he regards the Russians as the most advanced in missile technology in the world. You make the adjustments later. This has obvious benefits as you will have more missiles available earlier. This way you speed up the rollout. This was done with the S-500 which started its rollout well over five years ago. The F-35 Jet Fighter took 20 years to roll out where persistent delays the Pentagon blames on the Congressional appropriations process that just about cannot function as most other parts of the US.

JN to DKL:

“I have visited the factories where the Proton rocket is manufactured in Russia and the Zenit rocket is manufactured in Ukraine. Also, I have visited Star city where all the Russian cosmonauts train for space flight. Also. I knew Werner von Braun personally when he was at Red Stone, and can attest to the fact that he was a perfectionist, who was always driven by circumstances. Having been around rockets and heavy lift vehicles most of my career, I can attest that everyone and anyone responsible for the defence of their country would sleep much better at night (American or Russian) with an interceptor having a probability of success of 99.9999% versus one with 95% probability of success. In all-out war it would mean the difference between life and death of those being defended. Ask your sources!” (The US defensive systems were just about worthless even before Abiqaiq.)


What this missile expert JN is saying is if the Russian interceptors are 99% effective, some ICBMs of the US may break through and the Russians to handle this contingency have built in their cities nuclear bomb shelters to house up to 40,000,000 people. Thus, the Russians can win a nuclear war and it is not the end of the world at all for them. At most they might lose 5% of their population while the US 80% of theirs.. A nuclear war is winnable if you have the right equipment as the Russians do. It is the end of the US as the US has not built any nuclear shelters for its people and has no defensive missiles worthy of the name. The US would lose at least 80% of its population. The way the leaders of the US treat their own people is a disgrace.  

It is time to face the reality that the nuclear bomb is going to be treated as just another weapon such as the jet plane. This does not mean that I believe that any bombing of civilian populations is morally justified as we saw in World War Two and in North Korea and Vietnam as it is not. We can think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as major war crimes that should have been treated at the Nuremberg trials not to speak of the purposeful bombing of women and children.  But that was nothing but a kangaroo court. Here is our US premeditated murder of tens of millions of civilians in World War Two which is a violation of elementary Christian doctrine that has all but been destroyed in the US and Europe today whose nations are thoroughly sodomized promoting sodomitic marriage which is a crime against God worse than the crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah.

“The Cherwell memo described in quantitative terms the effect on Germany of the British bombing offensive on Germany between March, 1942-September, 1943.  This paper laid down the strategic policy.  The bombing must be directed essentially against German working class houses. Middle-class houses have two much space around them, and so are bound to waste bombs; factories and “military objectives” had long since been forgotten, except in official bulletins, since they were much too difficult to hit. (The meaning here is that more women and children could be murdered per bomb for lower classes as their homes were closer together.) The paper claimed that–given a total concentration of effort on the production and use of bombing aircraft–it would be possible, in all German towns (that is, those with more than 50,000 inhabitants), to destroy 50% of the houses.”

The US General George Marshall started planning for future civilian killing by other methods after the nuclear bombing as nuclear bombs were of no further value as there were no more cities left in Japan that had not been destroyed and was contemplating the reintroduction of poison gas for the mass extermination of the Japanese women and children using gas warfare to kill every community as had been used for military use in World War One. It is important to note that these are war crimes but were precluded from being prosecuted at Nuremberg as it was said both sides were said to have used it. The truth is that Germany kept warning England to stop bombing their civilians and it was the Anglo-Saxons that invented this war crime. Germany finally retaliated when the British would not stop bombing civilians which was originally based on a German plane bombing one civilian target by mistake which gave Churchill the excuse to start bombing Germany. Churchill was glad when the Germans started bombing England as it would rally the nation behind him and make him a national hero at least in the controlled newspapers.

The US cannot catch up. We estimate the Russian defence budget at 300 to 400 billion dollars and we hardly accept their official budget figures which are absurd. They have concealed their power from us as the Chinese have concealed their GDP which we estimate at about 1.5 times the size of the US GDP in real terms. Just look at their steel production which is near a trillion tons a year against ours at about a tenth of that or 87.9 million tons. Or their car production at 27 million cars in 2017 against ours of about 11 million cars.  You can run the whole gamut like this. If the Russian military development costs are 1/7 of the US, and they are, then the US defence budget has to be 2.1 to 2.8 trillion dollars to stay even. Right now the US defence budget is about a trillion dollars.  


Russia has a homogenous population but the US does not. Much of the US population totalling about 40% hates the country as we saw last year in hundreds of burning cities and its secrets such as the F-35 were stolen almost at its inception so that the adversary saved a trillion dollars in research and development. The US cannot successfully screen out security risks based on charges of discrimination. The situation as it is has become hopeless.  I am including the whole process. The basic parameters on how the US runs its nation has to be changed at its foundation and it would take the revolution predicted by Ray Dalio to do so.  

See “Can Russia Have Peace Now?” below delivered on July 2, 2019 predicting the present crisis:

David Lifschultz


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