Starship Earth: Stubborn Normies will Soon have No Choice, Red Pill Time


April 19, 2021: Stubborn Normies Will Soon Have No Choice | Red Pill Time [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
April 19, 2021

It’s really hard to know where to begin each day with such fascinating news and information circulating but I did want to say that the transmissions communicated by Michele Tittler in Vancouver via the “ET Transmissions” videos are probably the most astounding downloads I’ve ever heard.

Some of this information may be revealed during the Ten Days of Darkness when the truth about what has happened on Earth/Terra is revealed to red pill the public but this is a fantastic volume of education.

If you have not listened to these videos yet and/or checked out the links she forwarded from her contacts I can’t stress the importance enough if you want to understand the situation on this planet. I will have to listen again because it was so detailed and new.

It sounds like the group who contacted her is part of the “Q collective”. At one point the message apologised for an error/typo and said, “on the move”. Just as Q has done a number of times in the regular drops, as you can see here.

They provided painfully detailed information about the Reptilians, how they operate, why they prefer Humans, how they can interfere with us, control our thoughts, how demons and entities can jump in and take over our bodies, how they are fighting the war, that thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. It explained so much I’ve never heard anyone talk about before.

They revealed that at least some of them were trapped by the Reptilians in the astral plane and were captive for a long time but they knew how to get around it and eventually escaped. I was reminded of one of the sessions Ted Mahr had with someone calling themselves Q who said he had been tortured for a long time and my take was that the Being called “letter before R” on the show is a highly evolved soul. As I said, it was clear to me they’re “not from around here”.


I would add that we don’t want to get caught up in the terminology such as the “Galactic Federation of Light” and who is good and who is bad. It doesn’t matter what we call them; the good people are fighting for us and winning this war on our behalf. Let’s leave it at that and not waste our energy arguing.

Anyone listening to these transcripts sent to Michele by these people from Portugal will not be unchanged by the information they’ve provided. It adds another dimension to this war we rarely get a glimpse of, and as I have said before, why we are incapable of liberating this planet and ourselves without off-world help—and why it has taken so long.

This has been a gruelling battle, my friends, and we are not much of a warrior if we don’t have the weapons to protect ourselves. The first weapon is knowledge. You must know your enemy.  That’s right out of The Art of War, is it not? Until recently, we have had no idea who we’re dealing with. Most Humans think Reptilians are a joke—like flying saucers, little grey men and free energy so how can we tell them about archons, chimera, and mind wipes?

The enemy has been operating under the radar for centuries, and those in the know have been using a knife in a gun fight. We are no match for creatures we can’t see, if we can’t protect our souls from being hijacked, or worse.

Because the real virus is the Reptilians, and they and their evil demons operate in the shadows where most Humans are completely unaware they even exist, we are captives. We need help, but we have to step up and do as much as we can, and educating ourselves is a large part of that. We can reduce the tendency to be victimized.

Michelle’s videos were removed from YouTube so she is using Rumble. I have not found the links she says she provided that support what the Q team sent but you can listen to her videos on Rumble at this link.

The Galactics are of the mind we must have FULL Disclosure and to that end they have provided a great deal of information through the Q drops, messages to Patriots like Michele, and via specific accounts on social media, etc.


If Humanity is not educated as to the reality of our plight, we could become prey again after this liberation process so it is critical to ensure that we are fully informed.

She did mention once a good source for what is transpiring in the battles in the astral and we have shared that one many times. Jim, the Unknown Light Warrior at Ground Crew Command on Blogtalk radio works regularly there with many other Light Warriors to eliminate the dark entities and free Humanity. They do mass meditations at critical times toward that end and I’ve shared excerpts from his updates.

Unbelievable. Right on Q, I see a situation report came in from Jim this morning. The synchronicities I’m seeing these days are astounding. It’s like I read it before I read it.

The Last Big Block

Here’s why the Cabal fears a critical-mass public awakening … about ETs … about free energy … about the truth of the debt slavery system & more … And here’s why they fear it more than they fear the Galactic Light Forces!

There’s a reason why Q has always said:

Control of Narrative = Control Of Public Opinion

Control Of Public Opinion = Control of Human Destiny

Our Planetary Liberation efforts are continually being frustrated by the slow pace of awakening.

After YEARS of hard work & effort … we’ve diminished the:

Demonic hierarchy
the Cabal’s ability to alter timelines through black magic
the removal of all strangelet & plasma toplet bombs (anti-matter bombs)
removal of Cabal’s ability to start WWIII
removal of most Cabal physical assets (except Antifa & other fake grass-roots movements)

… yet here we still are, still struggling & putting up with the slowness of planetary liberation & ending human suffering … all because (at this point) of one thing:

Their ability to control & maintain consensus reality

With this control – they infect the grids … they infect the mental plane … and just keep everything the same IN SPITE of the huge progress we Light Forces have made, over so many years.

How do they do it?

How do they somehow – keep it all in place – despite constantly suffering dramatic losses in all battles?

How do they endlessly frustrate divine human destiny no matter how many victories we have??

… REGARDLESS of us now finally being in the Age Of Aquarius?

It’s simple:

“Through endless pollution of the mental plane (where the collective consciousness resides) via their MEDIA!”

Michele also shared the group’s intel on the value of mushrooms and CBD. Fascinating stuff. I hope you will find the time to listen to Michele’s videos where she reads the notes sent to her from these Galactic Warriors who are working to free the children—and our planet.

Here’s evidence that the People have had enough. As Q predicted, the traitors will not be able to walk down the street or live their lives as they used to now that the cat is out of the bag. THEY will become the prisoners of the awakened; terrified to come out of their homes, and jobs on the line. Goons can’t keep you out of jail, now can they, gov’nah?

As we struggle to determine just how much damage is being done by PCR tests and vaccines, which ones, and whether the damage may be permanent or alleviated at all, we have some additional thoughts left by the crew. Perhaps this will fit into your view of the situation in some way.

Some of you have been very concerned about T promoting the V, and we all have been concerned about so many people being injured greatly and even dying from the V. The truth is that the V that T ordered the military to disperse in the very beginning was no more than a glorified flu shot. He knew that the people would demand a V, so he promoted a V that he knew would be safe, also knowing that any specific new V would take years to develop and test.

The reason for all the injuries and deaths are because the DS has developed V’s on the black market that are killing people. There are faux companies selling V’s that are killing people. In addition to the children and weapons found on the ship trapped in the Suez, there was thousands of crates of deadly V’s.

Many of the Medical Professionals have no idea who their V’s are coming from, because of these DS Middle men. This is why some people get the V and do fine (because they got the glorified flu shot) while others are greatly injured and die (because they got the deadly black market version).

You have no way of knowing which one you will get. The DS plan to reduce the population has been a 20-year plan. H was not supposed to lose, then they could full-throttle their plan.

I shared this video several days ago and stressed its importance but almost no one commented on it and it didn’t go viral. I shared it a second time, and I’m now sharing a Tweet from (Q)TheStormRider. Funny, their posts never showed up on my timeline. I had to go looking.

This is a wake-up call for those who doubt that the globalists are trying to eliminate millions of people in an organized depopulation agenda and the fact they’re openly talking about it on television in Turkey is incredible. It’s a great overview of what the globalists have been doing. Those who believed 5G technology is a nothing burger may be red-faced with shame. The video is here on Bitchute.

Turkey has also banned crypto, which the deep state won’t like.

Turkey has just banned the use of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is already feeling the strain


Callers on the Miracles Intel Conference Call remarked on the powerful addresses shared at the Thrive Health & Freedom conference in Tulsa on the weekend and recommended we listen to at least some of them because they connected so deeply with the audience and tears were shed.

The short video here shows the gauntlet Lin Wood had to run after his address in Tulsa. Making history.

(Unable to load image)

L – R, Gen. Michael Flynn, Lincoln Wood, Michael Lindell

Mike Lindell is a powerhouse patriot in the news every week. He launched his social media platform last week but as expected, it experienced issues. The first culprit I suspected was sabotage. His Telegram this morning confirmed.

We are live on! Signup for the platform has been delayed due to the attacks. Watch the livestream for updates!

Today’s headline reads:

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell sues Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 billion

Holy smokes—where did this come from??? He’s not right about everything, but close.

The Arizona elephant in the room continues to sizzle with incriminating news.

HUGE: Maricopa County Was Given $3 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Before Election But No One Knows Who Received It and What It Was Used For!


Another interesting Tweet:

In the Great White Gulag, we have a report that phones are/were out today. That’s interesting.

See the short Telegram video here involving Rogers and Bell. Telus in Alberta involved, too.

Still no update for Rogers customers experiencing Canada-wide network outage, emergency services warn of disruptions

And that is the end of this transmission. Buckle up. We understand much activity is to follow in the coming days.  ~ BP


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