Starship Earth: Finding Sense in the War Effort


Q’sday April 17th, 2021: Finding Sense in the War Effort [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
April 17, 2021

Since it is the day for 17, we’ll begin with a fun one from Attorney Lin Wood ripped from his address at the Thrive Time conference in Tulsa yesterday. Link to Telegram video. The crowd was on their feet. They love it when someone gives them the secret handshake.

Lin also tells us today…

Facebook killed the live feed of my campaign speech to the United Patriots Alliance in Greenville, S.C. today.

You can watch the Thrive presentations from yesterday (and today’s) at Brighteon.

Does anyone have more passion and energy than Mike Lindell? Link to post.

There are some interesting comms from Q on this day in 2018 involving the words “DEFCON” and four “Boom”s.


Twitter was experiencing major interruptions last evening with a huge spike in issues reported on between 5 and 6. I was getting the, “Something went wrong. Twitter is over capacity. Wait a few moments then try again” routine. This morning a smaller spike is happening 12 hours later. I can’t access any Tweets at the moment from people I follow—9 am Pacific. I now see the following on Telegram from DiscloseTV.

JUST IN – Twitter is broken: Tweets are not loading for many around the globe for the past few hours. Login not working on desktop version.

“The Twitter data team is investigating a possible system irregularity currently affecting all Twitter API v2 endpoints starting at 2021-04-17 12:00 UTC,” Twitter posted Saturday at 9 a.m. EST reads. “The presence and scope of any developer impact has not been determined at this time, but we will provide an update as soon as we know more.”

We anticipated difficulties with the dark’s comms as their satellites are systematically “removed” (like the one below) and replaced with friendly Earth Alliance tech.

A Telegram of note from Dutch television news has interesting English subtitles concerning the IRS and debt forgiveness. Link to post.

There’s a scathing commentary on RT on the funeral of the monstrous Prince Philip that took place in private today—due to Covid, of course. No, he wouldn’t want any pomp and circumstance around his passing. Neither would we. And the psychopaths wouldn’t want us to know he isn’t really there because the POS died a year ago.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, pedophile, member of the black eye club, finally deceased in the public eye

Just as Diana was ‘the people’s princess’, so the Prince Philip I knew is ‘the people’s racist’. He’d be happy with that epitaph


It is a confusing time for many people with tragedy a common element in our days. Events like this help folks make sense of it and show them that there are strong, competent, dedicated people doing everything they can to shift the power, end the insanity, and restore peace and common sense to our world.

Since there is a war in progress, the news is not always good. Those who sought to destroy us and our world and have done it before are hell bent on doing it again but will be unsuccessful. We have to realize that there will be casualties and collateral damage. We can’t save everyone. All we can do is our best.

There are victories along the way and we don’t always see them. This image came up on Telegram this morning. It’s Evergreen containers in the Suez.

The war is raging on many levels. The Human trafficking is still in the shadows and the scamdemic is the most visible one. There is some reasoning in the following that may help us understand the situation with the plandemic and how President Trump, regardless of how informed and brilliant a strategist he is, has had to roll with the punches and make difficult decisions, along with the military.

It might help to remember that when the Commander-in-Chief communicates and takes actions, he is in an extremely difficult position. He cannot come out and state the truth about everything. He speaks to us, the awakened who are aware of this bitter spiritual war, but he also must address the others who are still wrapped up in their cocoons spun of lies that prevent them from grasping what is happening despite our efforts to free them.

The next part is from a blog that shares material much like ours. I hope it brings clarity and connects some dots as we attempt to piece together this wretched conundrum. The tug-of-war is not yet resolved and we all have to pull together, stand in our truth, fight for our rights, and maintain the higher ground. The crew thought the perspective below would be helpful.

Because the situation is so serious, the Earth Alliance devised the Q messages to awaken and inform—to ACTIVATE—the patriots globally so they understand we are under siege, must prepare for battle, and help to save ourselves and others.

Many Light Beings went underground for a very long time—like cicadas—until the time of transformation was ripe to emerge and fight the final battle. There are millions in the Q Army and we are making a difference. Our voices have been heard.

President Trump is a warrior, and has had to do very difficult things. What would you do?

10 – Why President Trump has HAD to endorse these deadly vaccines:


EXPERIMENTAL V MANDATORY VACCINES How Donald Trump and the ALLIANCE SAVED the World from original GLOBALIST plan of MANDATORY COVID INJECTIONS and Foiled the Plot and LONG TERM plans of the Globalist – Luciferians

(1) DJT is part of a military operation

(2) The globalists’ plan involved starting COVID after the 2016 election (which they assumed Hillary would win). When Hillary didn’t, they waited until the last year of DJT’s term, to roll the Vaccine Agenda out, for several reasons:

(a) It provided cover for election fraud
(b) It was to begin the Globalist contrived depopulation Agenda
(c) To begin widespread fear and control,
(d) To not give President Trump enough time to make a vaccine with safety Protocols and Tests behind it ( This strategy was designed to allow the GLOBALISTS to roll out and MANDATE their own Vaccines which were Never allowed to be tested for safety )

(3) DJT had to make a countermove: to get rid of COVID and all of the fear and control that goes with it, to expose Big Pharma, and to ensure a quick vaccine that (due to being rushed) would have to be labelled EXPERIMENTAL and thus NOT be (MANDATORY ) MANDATED

(4) DJT had to weigh both options:

(1) Tell America that the vaccines are a Big Pharma / globalist plan to depopulate the world, or
(2) Look to Endorse it CONSEQUENCES OF EACH:

(a) If he warned everyone, the media would mock him, call him a failure, hype COVID all the more. As a result DJT then would not be able to expose election fraud, make thousands of arrests, expose the Deep State plan, and turn things around on a wide scale with the public waking up.

(b) By endorsing the Vaccine ( but placing truthful info in alternative news sights), the Deep State’s vaccine HAD to remain EXPERIMENTAL and thus NOT MANDATORY (which was NOT part of their plan). In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options.

Given the Globalists strategy, DJT and the military chose the path with the fewest casualties, and that is to keep going with the facade of publicly endorsing the toxic (but NOT MANDATORY) vaccine.


The alternative would have been FAR more deadly for all of us in so many ways. Had an approved MANDATED vaccine been created by the Deep State, it would be killing millions more right now folks.

This virus is fictitious? If it can’t be isolated and there is no scientific trace of it, does it exist? Only in the minds of the masses.

In this Telegram we see several domain names for vaccine passport websites purchased in 2017. Psychic, indeed. PLANdemic.

I always enjoy the short updates Nicholas Veniamin does with Charlie Ward. This latest one is no exception. Charlie’s candid and tells it like it is but has apparently had to rein in his remarks a tad. It is frustrating for us all when so many Humans race like lemmings to the cliff in the midst of us begging them to stop. It’s like they can’t even hear us. We need toll booths and a spiritual spike belt.

Just a bit of useless information… I noted that on April 17th UK time, the stats on Charlie’s website for subscribers were…

11,117, 770 7 pm April 17

That’s a lot of elevens and sevens.

Eleven is the number of new beginnings: 11:11 is a number activation sequence.

The meaning of 777 is reassurance that you are moving on a path towards something better. You just need to pay attention to your intuition and continue to push yourself towards where your soul wants to be.

What does it mean when three Apaches fly over your house?


Nicholas Veniamin and Charlie Ward Discuss Ivanka, Evergreen, the White House, Prince Philip 

Because there are multiple avenues for reaching the somnambulant public, we have patriots in all fields reaching out to engage. For some insane reason, many people still look to politicians to tell them what’s going on and we have Rand Paul and Ted Cruz taking up the call to ditch the masks to end the cabal’s fear campaign.

UNMASKED: Ted Cruz Joins Rand Paul, Says He Will No Longer Wear Face Mask at US Capitol

The New World Order is doing everything it can to prevent the masses from learning the truth about the Kung Flu. If they knew it is not life-threatening, they would see no need to get a vaccine—and that is a critical element in the deep state agenda for the genocide of Humanity.

YouTube Censors Panel of Medical Experts Over Covid-19 “Misinformation” — And Other Absurd Weekly News

There is someone on Telegram who is collecting testimonials concerning vaccine damage and asks for our input. Perhaps you can help.

Hi All,

I am working on this incredibly important video project for you and your loved ones. Please consider submitting your short 2 minute or less testimonials or share with someone who may be interested. If you have questions about the process please ask me.

Sometimes hearing the stories directly from those affected is far more impactful than reading about it in a post. We are trying to shed light on what’s happening, but I need all of your help to do so.

If you’re submitting videos, please send them directly to me @CVVADMIN here on Telegram. Please do not post them in the chats.

There are now 5 admin working on this channel and I want to get this all up on the website for you as quickly as possible.

Much love to you all. Please take care of yourselves mind and body 

There is hope for those who got a Covid vaccine or others. Ty Bollinger moved on from “The Truth About Cancer” and is now educating us on “The Truth About Vaccines”. It’s interesting that two elements that worked so well to cure Covid symptoms are also included in this list of therapies to help protect us from the mRNA vaccines. Zinc and Quercitin (HCQ-related).

How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines

There is hope for those who got a Covid vaccine or others. Ty Bollinger moved on from “The Truth About Cancer” and is now educating us on “The Truth About Vaccines”. It’s interesting that two elements that worked so well to cure Covid symptoms are also included in this list of therapies to help protect us from the mRNA vaccines. Zinc and Quercitin (HCQ-related).

How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines


In Florida they’ve taken to the water again and tweaked a traditional festival in support of President Trump and the MAGA movement. RSBN is there.

The 105th Gasparilla Pirate Festival has been replaced this year with a more patriotic and MAGA feel.

Sunshine and fresh air—just what the doctor ordered to combat the “deadly” Wu Flu. I wonder how many understand what the real deadly virus is—the one the military are addressing.

This next article is one of those things we would love to be true, but we just don’t know. In a war, we aren’t always given the facts, and propaganda and disinformation are used by both sides, so… like many pieces of information, we take it into consideration with a grain of salt as a possibility.

Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!

It appears Putin is addressing the illegal immigrant problem in Russia.

NEW – Russia demands one million illegal migrants to leave the country by June 15th – Russian Deputy Interior Minister @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat

General Michael Flynn addressed the crowd in Tulsa and delivered this dash of truth. It’s entirely possible and I anticipate they have the National Guard at the ready. It’s a key battleground in many ways as in Arizona we have the immigration, Human trafficking, drug and arms running, Covid freedom movement, and now the election on the table. Video at the link.

Gen. Flynn Warns: Possible Threats From ANTIFA/BLM Interrupting The Maricopa County Audit!

It seems like the people of Arizona or at least the Phoenix Valley of the Sun are ready to get real. It’s hard to get a weekend dinner reservation at select restaurants with zero availability between 6 and 9 pm. And if the people will show up, the restaurants will be open. It’s a process… and when more people see others out without masks and going back to the old ways it will help normalize the situation and dispel the fear.

I hadn’t met our neighbours across the street these past 4 months and for awhile we thought it might be an empty rental property because we never saw anyone there. One day I saw the front door open and what appeared to be an elderly person standing just inside and possibly talking to someone.


I got the distinct impression there were seniors in there who were afraid to come out and engage in the community. One day I saw a woman with a cane making her way very slowly down the side of the home and it looked like walking was very difficult.

This week I saw the garage door open and their giant trash bin had tipped over at the curb after collection. A woman with a cane was inside the garage and I went out to take our bin off the street, and introduced myself from their driveway and asked if I could right her bin and take it into the garage with the other one for her. She said “No, I’ll get it.” We exchanged a few words that new neighbours might and she said,  “later, when this is over and it’s safe, we’ll talk.”

So my assessment was correct. I think the elderly, in particular, are very concerned for their safety. Healthy people, however, are seeing there is little need. After more than a year of knowing almost no one who is sick, you’d think they would get the picture—and I think they are.

It’s springtime, the trees, shrubs, cacti and flowers are in bloom, the weather is spectacular, kids are in the pools and it’s a bustling community here where I see a few masks on the ground but rarely one on anyone’s face. The Fed-Ex guy yesterday stood maskless right in front of me to get a signature on his terminal and doggie people we encounter don’t keep their distance. I still shop naked and no one says anything or appears to be avoiding me.

I’m not clairvoyant but I see reality checks in our future.

The bad news, like this, will come.

We Fight For Every Single Child!
This is Why We Are Here!

We Are THEIR Voice!!
WE Scream For Every Single Child!!!

The Panda Eyes come from REPEATED
Sodomy and Torture!!!!

Crimes Against Children!!!!!

This is OUR Terrible REALITY!!!
Our Tax $$ Used to Fund Their Crimes,
Literally, Giving Them our Consent!!!

Join the Fight For Every Single Child!!!!!
Stand Up To OUR Government that SUPPORTS This Child ABUSE!!!!

They ALL Know!!!
When We Stand UP
THEIR Covid Distraction is DONE!!!

Watch the video of a child trafficking victim returned to her family here. It explains why the “elite” wear “panda eyes”. As Q has said, “Symbolism will be their downfall.”

The Real Dark Judge posted this in response to a query and mentions Ruth Bader Ginsberg who, like other “elites”, seems to have died a number of times.


The Court packing won’t work.

We have ways of removing Justices.

PS- WE ARE THE ONES WHO PULLED THE PLUG ON THE “rbg” DOUBLE after a certain Lindsey B appeared on 8Chan/8Kun.

@ROYALMRBADNEWS Judges, can you talk to us about SCOTUS court packing?

Video at the link at The Independent. Always going after Q to make us all out as conspiracy theorists. The conspiracies are theirs.  37 seconds.

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double

The Great Awakening is still in progress. Learn more at the link below and see the video preview of what is to come.


Proof that the Insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6 was Fake

That about does it for today. Enjoy your weekend, possums, keep fighting the good fight and stand your ground.

Much appreciation to the crew for their great shares and support.  ~ BP


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