Starship Earth: Startling Breaking News on Evergreen and Other Updates


April 12, 2021: Startling BREAKING NEWS on Evergreen & Other Updates [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
April 12, 2021

The ever-evolving situation on our planet is shifting faster. We’ve got a live one.

You must see this video right away. It’s the most incredible information I’ve ever heard on the news, but this is in Turkey, where they tell the truth.  English sub-titles. Go!

Link to Telegram video.

MUST WATCH: Truth Bombs coming out about EVERGREEN // EVER GIVEN. Turkey Is reporting it on the news! Hidden contents of the Evergreen. The video is in Turkish, but with English subtitles.

I just heard of this school shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Richard Citizen Journalist channel is telling us that sandbags are appearing in DC and he’s going to gather more information and share it soon.

One of the most notable headlines for me today was this one:

CCP Virus Variant Affects Vaccinated People More Than Unvaccinated People: Study

When DARPA teams up with 60 Minutes it can’t be good. They’re doubtless going to tell us that despite having no symptoms, we’ve all got COVID and we have to lock down, wear six masks, social distance, stay home, and cease to travel or live our lives… forever.

The Pentagon informs us there is technology that can detect Covid in anyone, basically. If this chip can detect it when we have no symptoms, then we all have it, as I said FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Whatever they’re detecting is in pretty much every one of us. Will everyone fall for this? Will they run out and get implanted with a chip with as much enthusiasm as they clamoured for a vaccine?

From Microchip ‘Sensing’ COVID to Filter Sucking Virus from Blood: Pentagon Touts ‘Sci-Fi’ Solutions

On a more positive note, things are lightening up in the UK, it seems.

Pubs Gardens and Restaurants Reopen in UK as COVID-Related Restrictions Eased

If you didn’t see it, Mike Pompeo Tweeted this interesting post. Can you decode?

For those aware of our Tartarian roots, you might find this interesting. Link to Telegram video.

Apparently this was two nights ago… What’s that vibration coming off the Washington monument? And what are those arcing lights just past the front of the White House?
Some say it is water on the camera but I call bullshit.

Humanity will soon be learning that what is passed off as “new” technology isn’t new at all. It’s old. Very old. Our previous civilization was destroyed and the incredible technology hidden from us. The “elite” kept it for themselves, but we’re about to get it back.

I’ve taken a giant leap already with my new-to-me Samsung Galaxy phone. I can make a call, answer a call, text, listen to a conference call, add contacts and—okay that’s all I can do so far but I’m getting there. Not much time to figure out the rest but it will come.

Med-beds and Celestial Chambers are on the way and once we get the transportation and free energy sorted out Humanity will never look back—except to learn lessons—and we have plenty to learn.

Antiquitech… antennae and hidden elements of architechture used to capture and use etheric electromagnetic energy, cleaner and more potent than what we now use AND FREE

From time to time we share this relatively short video below that summarizes what used to comprise our world not as long ago as they have told us. Stunning and functional architecture, water features, gardens, star forts, free energy and ample power, levitation, harmonizing and healing frequencies, clean, efficient transportation, instant communication, teleportation… all wireless.

They didn’t leave much when they destroyed our world but what they did leave they kept for themselves and lied about it and dismantled much of the functional aspects and camouflaged the remnants. All this to keep us small, ignorant, compliant, and controlled. Slaves.

A Russian researcher at the Global Vision channel released the video below several years ago and English isn’t his first language so excuse the errors in this exceptional collection of drone footage shots from all over the world. His passionate viewpoint gives us a lot to think about, as well as hope for the future as this technology is resurrected and brought to the public to transform our world.

When you are aware of this information you may have an idea what that Telegram video above about the Washington Monument was about. 20 min.

Great Tartaria The World We Lost

Early on, the Q team tried to impart the gravity of what is unfolding. The were telling us it wasn’t only about an American election or the political struggles that typically raged across the planet. It’s much bigger, and much more serious. It’s kill or be killed. I believe the assassination of Solameini was my first realization of that.

Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST
Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 9 
We are at WAR [@].
Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?

Humanity is waking up and they’re not going to accept another extinction protocol from the psychopaths. We’ve seen protests in the past few days in Montreal and Toronto, Canada, AustriaFinland, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Romania—and probably more I didn’t catch. The New World Order has set their minions after the People to stop them but it’s a lost cause. I linked those locations above to videos.

In Montreal, there was even more going on. They are trying to silence the press.

Montreal police raid Rebel News site in Montreal and arrest reporters

Today they’re reporting on a shooting outside a private Paris hospital.

That’s not all. The fascists sicced their dogs (200+ police) on the Grace Life Church in Edmonton, Alberta Canada again this weekend in full regalia, riot gear, gas masks, helicopters, etc. I never thought I would see this crap in Canada, but the docile Canadian people have to wake up. 45 seconds

Scenes at Grace Life church in Canada

There is more violence and death in Minneapolis before the verdict is delivered in the officer Derek Chauvin trial. A twenty year-old man was shot and killed by police on Sunday. We may see worse, depending on the outcome of the trial since the brainwashed masses and ANTIFA/BLM may engage again in protest.

Police say officer meant to use Taser on Minnesota shooting victim

As for the Ever Given saga in the Suez, it continues to unfold. Ha! Looks good on ’em.

More Trouble for Evergreen Suez Canal Ship, Now Being Held Captive

Governor Ducey has really stepped up lately. He was lying in the weeds out in the desert for awhile but his time to act has arrived. He has stepped onto centre stage alongside several others who are protecting the People with Executive Orders and legislation.

AZ Gov. Ducey Signs Bill into Law that Prohibits Private Funding of Election Administration

They’re setting up the “war” or “scare event” Q spoke of to transition us to the scenario that will propel us into the next phase. War games. Very interesting. In the end, the Earth Alliance will have the attention of the civilian populace and a lot of disclosure will ensue.

Aircraft Trackers Show Two US Air Force Transports Arriving in Kiev, Contents Unknown

The coming days are going to be VERY interesting. We hope by this point you’ve stocked up on food, water, meds, pet supplies, daily necessities, fuel, batteries and candles, and cash. Just in case. We’re not expecting anything long term or overly dramatic in most places but it’s best to be prepared for supply chain interruptions or times when you want or need to shelter in place.

Save the drama for your mama, remain calm, make lots of popcorn, and enjoy the show. Soon you will be needed to explain the situation to those who sleep.  ~ BP


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