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Submitted on April 1, 2021

WhipLash347 on Gab with some excellent intel. It appears the countdown could be on to…4 or 6th April.

Ok I am making my last post NOW.
January 1 2020 to March 2020
You can see the Militaries of the world are building up to the Major Black Swan/Grey Rhino Event that triggers Events that triggers the EBS.
Follow The Loop
Launch Loop/Rocket Loop
The Event must go down on BidAn Admin before Election Flip.
The Plan.
Dams + 34 Major Satanic Lucerferian Buildings taken down with Rods Of God.
33 + Satellites all taken down
That is all QUANTUM Systems.
QFS etc. The Dam event removes CIA Servers under the Dam. Bitcoin, China Coins & all Unregulated Coins die.
Q364 States SEC Con WILL BE ANALYSED [DARK 10] means Regulations forced (ISO20022)
See Gematria you will see XRP/Flare Networks etc is part of the plan.
You have it all here on this channel.
Search KEYWORDS from anything i have just written
I will see you other side
[We will see what happens]
Tu TeiTei Tu Kaha

Another great post from Whiplast347 – a repost from an Anon. BOOM.·

This USA Today article gives an extensive update on the EVERGREEN Ever Given ship situation – well worth reading. ‘The Ever Given will not be allowed to continue on its journey to Rotterdam until the probe is completed.’

WhipLash347 retweeted a message from Disclose TV referring to the escalating situation between Russia and Ukraine. I believe when the dominos start to fall (next week…?) they will tumble down in all directions.


Look at all the Emergency Meetings today.
WW3 Scenario inbound.
For those that have followed me…you are prepared.
‘NEW – #NATO‘s North Atlantic Council held an urgent meeting today over Russian military movements at Ukraine’s border.’ (Disclose TV)

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, Light Warrior hero, is introducing a bill that makes mandatory vaccinations and vaccination passports illegal. Oh, and she wants to fire [F]auci. Love this woman!

The journalist who wrote this story believes this vital bill has almost zero chance of making it into the House. The USA public should stand up for themselves and back this bill with everything they’ve got. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to save their lives.

Finally, a Red Pill meme that says it all…

Paedophilia is the real pandemic!




Now that we are in April, Cue mentioned about April Showers, May Flowers…’

Hold the Line, World Patriots. WE’VE GOT THIS.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


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