(Reader: Hawke) Response to Sally: Why Doesn’t Someone Write about the Vaccines?


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I reply in response to:

I have read on multiple sites that many call Charlie ward – Charlie Fraud… I do wonder where he received his Doctorate from? Yes, he does quite arrogantly say that those taken the vaccine are actually stupid & his delivery, his manner in this statement makes you wonder if the man has any compassion to the bigger picture we are facing.

I cannot talk for him not wish to engage with what he states however, I will say that we all need to question the following:
Why is this still being allowed? Why?

Please do not tell me that Mr Trump says that ‘Vaccine Rollout’ means the Military – Please, this is rather old now in the tooth. Why – Just look at the horrific things that are taking place with the deaths, illnesses, side effects, discoveries from CRISPR Nano Operating systems to hard coding your immune system to Silicone based Symbiote style Morgue Melons (Morgellons) like you find in some screwed up bio-engineered movie or even in a Spiderman Universe movie i.e. Venom

If Mr Trump is indeed a God Man, A chosen Being, A Celestial Light Worker – Then he would NEVER allow anyone to take the ‘Mark of the Beast’. You would NEVER say, encourage, mention to your people, to take the Lethal Weapon… If he is a True, Holy ‘God’ man then “Has he ever said the name of Christ?” Or Does he just say “God” – Well not to scare you all but even Obama said “God” but which & who does he worship??? Does that Book that Bid-En, Bid-An or Bid-Farewell-Man swore on, needed again for more proof???

Why hasn’t the Global Alliance stopped this months ago? Everyone can see the injections are causing irreversible harm. This has been allowed with Bull Crap distraction… Hey everybody – look at the RV coming in whilst the world gets more injections for a flu. Yes, by this date, we take over the MSM & also the Election fraud is overturned & we have by this date so much great stuff but the dates do nothing & now a big ship stuck up a (birthing) canal with Tug boats that should really make you join the dots huh…

Please  – Wake up! They are not going to stop as they really DO want to harm us. They DO want to eliminate people. They want a Zombie style, World Ending Catastrophic ‘End of Days’ editors cut for all of Mankind except them, in their fancy GITMO which I believe is actually a safe haven holding area for these people.

GITMO is probably the entry to the Hollow Earth or Transport via these Choo Choo Trains that go very fast through the Earth Or you End up on Elysium…. My bet is on Elysium.

Planet, Plagued, Prophecy, Patriots, Pain, Punishment, Prophet (Profit)… 7P’s & No ‘Q’s

Wake up People!!!


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