(Reader: Sungazer) How do you Nip Sinus Infections in the Bud Using Urine Therapy?


Reader Post | By Sungazer

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I’m just sharing what I do to nip sinus infections in the bud and save myself from unnecessary suffering, wasted time, and wasted money. So far one family member has also tried this method and had the same positive results. (I’m no different from anyone else in that most of my family and friends don’t listen to me!)

The short answer: 

Replace the saltwater in your neti pot with fresh urine. 

The long answer: 

I don’t use a neti pot. I use a Dixie cup or other small cup. The procedure is to get in the shower, wash the private area with soap and water, and dry off with a towel. (Washing the area first is not necessary when drinking urine but only when snorting it, in my experience.) Then urinate into the small cup until it’s completely full. Have plenty of tissues ready. Stand over the sink and take turns snorting the liquid into each nostril and blowing your nose after each snort. It is not pleasant and will hurt at first, but I’ve always had relief afterward. I snort the liquid into each nostril a few times. That would be one session, and sometimes that’s all it takes, while other times I’d need to do another session later in the day and maybe a couple more sessions the next day. Be careful not to spill the urine on your clothes, the carpet, etc., because they’ll eventually take on the bad smell of old urine. But you can put fresh urine on your skin and let it dry, and you won’t get the old-urine smell. (Urine is very good for the skin, as explained in the books about urine therapy at

Before I learned about this method, I tried urine therapy after I got the worst sinus infection of my life. It was so bad my eyes were constantly draining and my face was swollen. My housemates wanted to rush me to the emergency health clinic. I didn’t have health insurance, so the visit would have cost me $150 or so. I knew the doctor would just prescribe antibiotics, like so many times before, and I knew that antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your body and make you more prone to getting sick again. I didn’t want to take antibiotics anymore. I had recently read The Water of Life by John W. Armstrong, and I decided this was my chance to put urine therapy to the test. I followed the protocol explained in his book for a urine fast with a couple alterations. In the book he says drink only your own urine and tap water, but I believe distilled water is healthier than tap water, so I used distilled water. (See The Choice Is Clear by Dr. Alan E. Banik at And I let myself drink coconut water, just to have something enjoyable to drink that I figured probably wouldn’t interfere with the process. I did the urine rubbings as prescribed in his book. I applied urine poultices to my face to take the swelling down and repeatedly put urine drops in my eyes. I did the fast for nine days and cured my sinus infection without needing to see a doctor or take antibiotics.

Even though it was a success, doing a urine fast was still a lot more trouble than nipping a sinus infection in the bud by snorting fresh urine. If I had known about the snorting method at the time, I’m sure I would have healed myself much faster. The snorting method is great because there’s no need for fasting or drinking urine. And, in fact, when addressing sinus infections, snorting urine is much more effective than drinking it. (Not that I mind drinking it, though, because it’s more or less like drinking water, depending on what you’ve eaten and how many times you’ve recycled it.) I don’t think the snorting method is mentioned in The Water of Life, but it’s mentioned in other books about urine therapy, so it’s not something that I invented. Here’s what it says in The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon:

“Urine sniffing 

“Indication: Irritation or diseases of the nose, sinuses, and eyes. This method is called Neti within the yoga tradition. Salt water or urine is sniffed in the nose from a small bowl. Sniffing urine is the most effective treatment for a stuffed nose, other sinus disorders such as sinusitis, and problems with the uppermost part of the respiratory canal. This method also affects the eyes positively. If pure urine is too strong, dilute it with water.

“Place fresh urine in a cup or dish, if necessary diluted with lukewarm water. Place your nose in this liquid and slowly sniff as much as possible, one nostril at a time. Open your mouth immediately and let the liquid drip out of your mouth. Repeat this a number of times. Blow your nose in order to remove the remaining liquid. You can also use a special Neti-pot for this treatment.

“Initially, you may find this method to be unpleasant, but you will become accustomed to it after a number of times. If you apply this method regularly, the common cold will soon be a part of the past.”

I would add that I never dilute the urine with water, but if you do, I’d use distilled water and boil it first to be on the safe side. I wouldn’t use tap water. Or you can dilute the concentration of your urine by drinking a lot of water beforehand.

And I’d like to repeat the last line from that excerpt: “If you apply this method regularly, the common cold will soon be a part of the past.” I wonder if that means that illness from the various coronavirus strains would soon be a part of the past as well?

Other factors to keep in mind: 


Some people are prone to getting sinus infections because of problems with the structure of the face (like an underdeveloped maxilla) that can be improved with appliances like the ALF appliance and the DNA appliance. Improving the structural issue makes you less prone to sinus infections.


Diet also plays a role. Obviously, avoid junk food. But I believe that if you include nutrient-dense foods in your diet—all of which are animal products, as determined by Dr. Weston Price—you are less likely to get sick. I also noticed an improvement in my health after I incorporated some raw eggs (only pasture-raised, not factory-farmed eggs) and raw meat into my diet after watching videos by Sv3rige ( (I already knew about the importance of raw dairy products.) I think he’s right about raw animal foods, and I suggest checking out his series “Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment” and his interviews with ex-vegans. Here are some other informative channels by ex-vegans who are warning about the health hazards of a plant-based diet:

Vegan Deterioration

Daphne Reloaded

Meghan Remedy, CNP, Holisic Nutritionist

Bobby’s Perspective



Sleep also plays a role. Whenever I used to pull an all-nighter for work, I’d get a sinus infection like clockwork. I don’t do that anymore. 

In summary, if you address these other factors, you’re less likely to reach the point where you find yourself standing in front of your bathroom sink with a cup of urine in your hand that you’re about to snarf up your nose while you think, “How did it get to this point?” But it’s nice to know that if I feel the beginnings of a sinus infection, I can treat myself at home without needing to see a doctor or take antibiotics. 


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