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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 23, 2021


I sat at the deep state meeting in the US where the Manchester Guardian article on the Kosovo massacre was discussed. The reporter found that there was no blood or cartridges on the site. In other words, the bodies were dead that were brought there and shot up there but dead bodies do not bleed. This was handled by the German BND who used Albanians under CIA directives. The BND blamed the failure to spread blood and cartridges on the stupid Albanians and did not have a representative there for deniability.

I had been arguing against this bombing of Belgrade to come as it was not in the US long-term interest. Morality has no bearing in these discussions though it does with me. The German BND hated Yugoslavia who under Tito had tied down 20 German divisions at Yugoslavia that might have made the difference at Moscow. They had set up all the strife there by agents provocateur as in the Sudetenland as they wanted everyone killing each other to tear Yugoslavia apart. 

The US position was that Yugoslavia undermined the belly of NATO, and if Turkey walked out on NATO the whole south to southeastern NATO would be undermined. Thus, the US saw this as an opportunity that had to be taken advantage of. They saw a similar opportunity in 2014 in the Ukraine, and Obama told Putin not to shoot the demonstrators and he would work it out in Russia’s interest.  Obama was nothing but a puppet and he was being used. It was a pure lie. Brzezinski wanted to draw Russia into a partisan war as he did earlier in Afghanistan drawing in the Soviets to give them a Vietnam which was part of the effort to destroy Russia the next step being the ordering of the Gulf States to crash the oil price in 1985 to destroy have the income side of the Russian budget. That, and the star war fiction which was merely part of a PSYOP operation, and the advanced weapons demonstrated in the first Iraqi war, and Russia to our surprise lost their nerve and collapsed. Yeltsin worked wonders as our CIA agent.

My argument at the 1999 Kosovo meeting was that if we bombed Belgrade Russia would wake up. And they did watching poor Belgrade bombed for 78 days versus Hitler’s vengeance bombing of two days. At the time hardly anyone ever heard of Putin but I predicted that if we bombed Belgrade to Hell the Russian bear would wake up, put themselves together, and rearm. Number one in the deep state told me that I might be right, but he did not think so even though he found me almost always right, but the opportunity to destroy Yugoslavia and Serbia was too great. And if David was right we would cope with it then. Number one died in 2006 in the midst of the greatest Russian military build up since Stalin and we have inherited his mistake that we have to cope with.

What happened? First, Russian research in missiles had not stopped in the 1990s as I knew but they did not have the money to build the actual missiles. Putin then went on a 8 year plan to build up defensive missiles as a priority to defend against this allied form of bombing. Also, he regained control of most of Russia. In eight years they made terrific advances while Bush-Cheney forgot about Russia to secure our oil supplies. The US was importing 14 million barrels a day of oil out of the 20 million they used. So they set up 9-11 with a foreign intelligence agency but botched it up at Building Number Seven where the explosives were in the basement set up for precision demolition so the building would collapse in its own footprint but the decoy plane did not arrive. We were called to an emergency meeting where the CIA demanded that their price for taking care of this problem was the invasion of Afghanistan to restart their heroin operation. Osama was picked to blame as a failed CIA asset, and it was agreed. The building was demolished. The Arabs were blamed for it as the neocons wanted to take the heat off Israel which was facing universal condemnation at the Durbin Conference and justify an oil invasion of Iraq first and later Iran, etc.. And the CIA raked in billions in profits from the heroin for their external operations and to line their own pockets as they were underpaid. All they had to do was doctor the boarding videos to show Arabs boarding and make up some cockamania explanation that an underground fire destroyed building number seven that was not detonated until later in the day.




In the meantime, Russia started in 2008 a 12 year modernization of their armed forces. Missile defensive missiles went form the S-300, to S-400, to S-500, to S-600 and the S-700 will be coming out next. 

Dr. von Braun developed the technique that you go into missile production even if you do not have the entire missile working but at 95%. Elon Musk appears to be following this path though he regards the Russians as having the most advanced missile technology in the world. You make the adjustments later. This has obvious benefits as you will have more missiles available earlier. This way you speed up the rollout. This was done with the S-500 which started its rollout well over five years ago. The F-35 Jet Fighter took 20 years to roll out where persistent delays the Pentagon blames on the Congressional appropriations process that just about cannot function as most other parts of this institution.

JN to DKL:

“I have visited the factories where the Proton rocket is manufactured in Russia and the Zenit rocket is manufactured in Ukraine. Also, I have visited Star city where all the Russian cosmonauts train for space flight. Also. I knew Werner von Braun personally when he was at Red Stone, and can attest to the fact that he was a perfectionist, who was always driven by circumstances. Having been around rockets and heavy lift vehicles most of my career, I can attest that everyone and anyone responsible for the defence of their country would sleep much better at night (American or Russian) with an interceptor having a probability of success of 99.9999% versus one with 95% probability of success. In all-out war it would mean the difference between life and death of those being defended. Ask your sources!” (The US defensive systems were just about worthless even before Abiqaiq.)

If you study the missile techniques of Werner von Braun that the Russians adopted, and apply it to the S-500, you can make a number of deductions. First, the Topol M carries ten MIRVs and goes 16,000 miles an hour. The S-500 carries ten interceptors and goes over 20,000 miles an hour. The S-500 is an offshoot of the Topol M. The S-500 was tested successfully about four to five years ago. If it is 98% effective, the Russians have built nuclear bomb shelters for 40 million people in their cities. If anyone has been in their subways, they are dug deep in the ground. (Quote written in 2015 with recent additions.)

The US did next to nothing in missiles from 2000 to 2015 and is about 20 years behind. It cannot win a nuclear war which is feasible for the Russians and they cannot win a conventional war as the Russian shock armies will overrun NATO to the English Channel in two to three weeks. The preponderance of air power that we do have would be annihilated in ten minutes by Russia’s hypersonic missiles destroying all our air bases. The US power is pure bluff and China is catching up fast. The Japanese in World War Two could not conquer China despite having far more advanced weapons and now Japan is a second rate power that can do nothing against China. Nor can the US project force anywhere as they cannot reach any point by ship as submarines using missiles will sweep the oceans and torpedoes will not be used. They will sweep the oceans of all supply ships for military purposes or trade shutting down all US defence industries in two weeks based on just in time inventory control. The affirmative action army is now a low caste force which is more like a third world army than a western army and will fall apart almost at once. 

Yakov Kedmi: US Army a Paper Tiger Composed of Low Caste Mercenaries, Not a Serious Force!




Ex-Intel Israeli Boss: US Army Is A Paper Tiger, Never Confronts An Equall Opponent!

Top Israeli Expert: US Can’t Defeat Iran in a Conventional War; Absolutely Ridiculous!

The US is no longer a world power and all the international huffing and puffing is pure bluff. In addition, ten million people are fleeing from the black violence in the north to the south and a Civil War is brewing. In other words, the US is falling apart. Most of its youth are on drugs and its educational system is falling apart.  It is no longer homogenous and so it has no national security as its secrets are in the hands of its adversaries almost at once.

And as the Israeli military analyst says, this America will soon be over as the rotten Weimar Germany.

Yakov Kedmi: America Too Liberal, Elites Too Rotten and Society Too Multicultural To Survive!

David Lifschultz
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