(Reader: Sungazer) Masks Turn People into Mouth-Breathers, with all the Associated Health Problems


Reader Post | By Sungazer

Back when I used to watch Netflix, I took note of how the kids in the series Stranger Things defined the term “mouth-breather” as “a dumb person” or “a knucklehead.” It kind of made me feel bad about myself because for most of my life I had unknowingly been a mouth-breather because I had an underdeveloped and retruded maxilla and mandible that encroached on my airway. Another reason for people to become mouth-breathers is when they have a chronically stuffed-up nose. Another reason is when people have a tongue-tie that wasn’t diagnosed or corrected when they were a baby. Whenever we aren’t getting enough oxygen while breathing through our nose, we automatically open our mouths to get more oxygen because, as one of the holistic dentists who treated me for this problem explained, the airway—or getting enough oxygen—trumps everything else when it comes to health. It’s more important than diet and exercise. It’s more important than sleep because if you don’t get enough oxygen while you sleep, such as when you have sleep apnea, you don’t get the restorative benefits of sleep because your sleep is constantly interrupted.
Recently I asked this dentist what he thought of the news articles about dentists who are saying masks are causing people to have more cavities. He said it’s his opinion that “mouth-breathing is THE root cause of the ‘cavities under the mask’ syndrome.”
It makes sense to me. Even if people have perfectly developed maxillas and mandibles and perfectly clear nasal passages, when they wear masks, they, too, can become mouth-breathers. I think everyone would agree that you can’t breathe as well while wearing a mask. So people are automatically opening their mouths to breathe under their masks because they can’t get enough oxygen in through their noses. And when they mouth-breathe long enough, they’re more likely to get cavities, gum disease, and other health problems. According to my dentist, not getting enough oxygen on a regular basis puts you at greater risk for just about every health problem. 

According to Dr. Mew, a holistic dentist with an educational channel about orthotropics (, it is imperative to keep your mouth closed when you breathe and your tongue on the roof of your mouth, not only if you want good health but if you want an attractive facial structure. This is one reason why masks are worse for children. Their faces are still growing, and if they become mouth-breathers, it’ll have a detrimental effect on the growth of their faces. See the before and after photos of the child mentioned in the following article who became a mouth-breather because he was allergic to his pet hamster:

That could be your child if the “new normal” is for him/her to wear a mask all day at school for months and years to come. The mask-wearing needs to stop, especially for children. Enough evidence has come forward that mask-wearing makes people more likely to get sick, not less likely. 

The topic was covered in February in an interview on Dr. Castle, a scientist with a Ph.D. in nanoanalytical chemistry and experience in gas-mask fit-testing for chem/biowarfare protection in the U.S. Air Force, said if the mask isn’t sealed against your skin, which none of our cloth and paper masks are, it’s worse than no mask because it acts like a vacuum cleaner in that the lack of a seal creates a pressure difference that sucks in any biohazards into the space between the mask wearer’s face and mask. Also, he says particulate matter can pass right through the cloth or paper mask. The second scientist in the video, Dr. Deisher, said the CDC data shows that in the summer wave of C0V1D-19, 70% of the people who got infected were the ones who always wore masks and 16-17% almost always wore masks, supporting Dr. Castle’s indication that masks make people more susceptible to the virus. (And who knows if it even was the virus. It could have been bacterial pneumonia that was counted as C0V1D-19.)

The video is under “Discussion #2” at this link:

It has been reported that prolonged mask-wearing makes people more likely to get bacterial pneumonia, and this article says Dr. Fauci knew it and wrote a paper about it in 2008:

That link includes videos pointing out that one child almost died and three children died from bacterial pneumonia caused by prolonged mask-wearing. As I said, the mask-wearing needs to stop, especially for children. I don’t mean we should take the vax to be allowed to take off the mask. We don’t need either one. It’s my opinion that children who are still being required to wear a mask at school are better off being home-schooled. Or get them a mesh mask that they can breathe through without having to mouth-breathe and see if they can get away with it. Sure, it doesn’t stop particulate matter from getting through, but neither do the masks everyone else is wearing. I think the kids on Stranger Things would agree. I wouldn’t say that a mouth-breathing mask-wearer is a “dumb person” or a “knucklehead,” but I would say that they’re unaware of their mouth-breathing, just as I was unaware, and they’re unaware of the damage they’re doing to their health and facial appearance. It’s one thing to wear a mask briefly because you have to in order to buy food—I think a lot of us are doing that, even though we don’t want to and should be objecting—but it’s another thing to be required to wear it all day at school or all day at work. And as for the people who are wearing masks while walking around outside or driving alone in their cars, that is a whole new level of unawareness.


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