Two Good Reports from the Zetas


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

March 20, 2021

2 good reports by the zetas


tho I am not a Nibiruan myself in the sense that I do not regard it as a threat or problem to the planet in any way in the near or long term future, and they are big bangers on that drum. Well let them keep banging as long as they slip in the occasional gem such as these two. One concerning the Acting President (with the emphasis on Acting) and the other Netanyahu.

More kicking the can of hopium down the road? Maybe, but looking at what’s been going on in Wash DC, very probably not, and if your only following one narrative, this is a tough one to beat; in fact it is the main narrative with a few very welcome clarifications. Tho I am looking into other valid vendors who are highlighting problems still to be addressed in the military leadership, which, because it is a feasible scenario helps greatly to provide a buffer against impatience. Speaking of which, the updates …

“We stated in the Summer of 2020 that the Black Hat Biden being run by the Cabal had been replaced by a White Hat Biden under the control of the Junta. This gave the Cabal few choices, one of which was to allow the Junta’s Biden to win the election via the election fraud the Cabal had already put into place. The Cabal assumed they would eventually regain control of the Biden persona. The Junta was busy running a sting operation at the time, and this was such a rich harvest of traitors that they allowed the Biden Double to win.

But the Biden Double was not actually sworn in as President on January 21, 2021 because President Trump had invoked the Insurrection Act on January 11, 2021. This made any actions by Congress irrelevant as Martial Law was in effect at the time. The National Guard was installed in DC to assist with the arrests of traitors. The Junta intended to reveal all to the public but this plan was complicated by the discovery of CCP soldiers in the tunnels under the White House. Dirty bomb threats and other delay maneuvers by the Cabal also ensued.


Meanwhile, the public is watching a movie about the fake President Biden. Forced to delay by the need to fight a real invasion of the US by the CCP, the Junta allows their White Hat Biden to be used in video clips filmed at Castle Rock or Nellis Air Force Base to lend legitimacy to the Biden-as-President theme. These are presented by the Cabal controlled media as proof that a Biden Presidency is real, but the Junta allows enough proof of fraud to be included so the public will gradually become awake during the delays.

These clues include a darkened White House, Oval Office window views, blank Executive Orders being signed, signature differences, and now proof of a Green Screen. Meanwhile, the Junta has sworn in President Trump for a second term. The only legitimate Executive Orders being signed are those signed by President Trump. For example, the approval for the stimulus checks was given by President Trump. Are Heads of State worldwide aware that the Biden Presidency is a movie? Most are.

Has the White Hat Alliance finally effectively prosecuted Bibi Nethanyahu and his Khazarian machine operating out of Israel, executing the lot? Yes, Ben Fulford’s sources are correct. Bibi’s lock on Israel included election fraud and the ability to use the Mossad as he chose. He has evaded being removed from office throughout several elections, and attempts to remove him from office for misconduct have repeatedly failed. When Bibi was to meet with President Trump in January, 2020 he sent a Double, as he feared an assassination. The Double is now campaigning in Israel, but the eyebrows reveal his identity.

Bibi’s crimes as the head of the Kahzarian Mafia were more than misuse of government funds. They included using nuclear bombs to incite the Fukushima tsunami, taking out Russia’s Losharik sub, attempting to assassinate President Trump via a missile shot from an Israeli sub, bombing a Saudi oil refinery, partnering with Zuckerberg to track migrants in Africa and S America, and inciting war with Iran and terror attacks in Europe. If the Double wins the current election in Israel, he will operate as a White Hat Double under the control of the Alliance, just as the Biden administration is controlled by the US Junta.”


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