Timelines Must be Taken with a Grain of Salt


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

March 18, 2021


While we are asked to trust “The Plan,” we are to the point where we know that timelines must be taken with a grain of salt. We have been provided in the past, not only specific dates, but also specific times, when events were to take place, and when that specific time came, the event never happened, i.e. the times given when the military was going to take down the mainstream media, and when the Emergency Broadcast Service would be used by President Trump, to broadcast his seven messages to the world.

All too often, when we read dates concerning what has come to be known as “The Plan,” we are thrown off by the use of the words would, and could. When you are given a date when something would happen, you tend to expect it to happen on that date. However, if the date is intended to mislead (used as disinformation), the word “would” has been used properly. On the other hand, if something is thought to be happening on a given date, but not known for certain, then the word could should be used.

Specific dates, I’m certain, are known by anyone having access to Operation Looking Glass, whether they be on the side of good (the White Hat Alliance), or the side of evil (the Satanic D State Cabal). When Operation Looking Glass is used to look into the future, a movie is seen of what has yet to take place. But, I don’t believe that it can be used to alter any future event. If the future could be altered the war would go on indefinitely, because each side would know exactly what the other was about to do and would react accordingly. The battle would go back and forth as a ball in a game of ping pong. The second reason I don’t believe Operation Looking Glass can be used to alter the future, is because of the fact that the free will of all the world’s inhabitants was used to create the situation as viewed in the future. Each of us have been given freewill by our Heavenly Father, the Almighty God. Our freewill is something that God will not take from us, so I believe there is no way He would allow others to violate our freewill as would be necessary to alter the future.

Whether we can trust in the Alliance’s plan, “The Plan,” 100% isn’t of utmost importance. What is of utmost Importance is knowing that God, is on the side of good, so we can be100% positive that the victory is ours, and we have won the battle as viewed from the future. The D State Cabal, must be horrified knowing they have trusted the wrong god, knowing they, and their god, are about to be destroyed, and ultimately there is nothing they, or their god, can do to change the outcome.

Even though I don’t feel we can place any validity on the dates we are now hearing, We do know that the fake B1den, and the fake B1den Presidency has served the purpose of showing many Democrats just how horrible his policies are, and how they misplaced their trust in him, which is leading many to awaken from their slumber. It also provided the opportunity for more of the D Staters to rear their ugly heads, and show themselves to be swamp rats that must be taken down with the the rest of the evil Satanists. People on both sides of the aisle, have shown their true allegiances to their evil god.

With April 1st being the first day of our renewed Republic’s fiscal year, it seems to be a goodtime to announce NESARA, and the debt forgiveness. We have been told by various sources that President Trump has already been inaugurated as the 19th President of the Republic. It seems that the new year would be a good time to announce publicly that the military has proven he had won the 2020 Presidential race fairly and there is no reason to have another election. The fake B1den, would have to be taken down prior to the announcement, or at least in conjunction with the announcement of Trump assuming the Presidency.

We’ve seen how many arrests there have been, and how many executions and life sentences have been handed down. We are told that the rescues of the children and others held in captivity in the tunnels and DUMBS, are far along in there progress, and that most of the tunnels have been destroyed. it seems that the time is nearing an end for the rule of the cabal. All indications are we should be moving forward with NESARA/GESARA very soon.

The only thing I question at this time is that I was told that Trump had recently appeared on Fox News (I don’t watch the news) and told the public to get their vaxxinations. In my mind, this doesn’t compute. I wish there was someway that I could see this as a positive thing. If there’s a possibility that this, it certainly escapes me.

From what I can ascertain we have entered into the Age of Aquarius. Many believe the new age began on December 21st of last year. On that date we were to see a much more intense sun in the sky which would occur for three days. I made a point to check it out and indeed it happened. The sun, since that day has taken on a new appearance, it looks slightly has a whiter look with a brighter ring around the outside edge and shines with much greater intensity. The earth’s frequency is rising and with that is coming a higher level of consciousness for the human population. We appear to be experiencing the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We will soon be experiencing what will be much more like a Heaven on Earth. But first Satan, and his minions must be taken out. I believe we are just about there. Perhaps just weeks away.

Before closing I have just an interesting note and observation to leave with you. I have read there are several spaceships docked in the sky in locations where we previously saw stars. Take a look at the sky on a clear night and you will see what you think are stars, but if you look closely, you will see they are blinking lights, mostly red, or green, which means they are very huge or they are very close to earth, perhaps both. My thoughts are they are ready should we need their assistance.

Now’s the time for our prayers to intensify, and a time for increased meditation. Soon all lies, deception, greed, and lust for power, will be erased from this world, and will be replaced with love for our brothers and sisters of all races, and human kindness shown toward all. What a great world we will be living in!

Please pray for our leaders, both civilian, and military, and all their families. Pray that soon all children will be accounted for, and all will have loving homes, and pray that hunger and homelessness will be forever eradicated from this world.
May God bless you, our country, and our world!




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