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March 19, 2021


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In our previous pieces we pointed out that treating cancer as a kind of germ had the effect of deluding scientists and doctors from the fact that the polluted environment itself and the food chain were creating the cancers and not an evil spirit now in modern lingo transmuted into a germ or virus as the alchemists tried to transmute base metal into gold. Dr. Max Gerson said cancer was not caused by a germ to be destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation which in themselves cause cancer or surgery, but by the consumption of inorganic ingredients in the food supply chain from artificial fertilizer to other inorganic additives throughout the food chain.  In China for four thousand years they carried the night soil from the cities to the farms to naturally fertilize the soil and it worked like a charm. It also was a sanitary way of disposing of human waste unlike throwing the night soil into rivers making them into unhealthy cesspools so that the 19th century Parliament along the Thames if the wind was blowing towards it from the river was full of its stench. People had to get sick from this unhealthy miasma.  

Most readers are not aware of what they called the Miasma Theory of medicine that diseases such as cholera, chlamydia or the Black Death were caused by “bad air” which is quite interesting.  If we were to review the sanitation of the streets of Florence during the Black Death, they were full of defecation as we find today in Los Angeles, and here even our medical authorities are worried that the low sanitary conditions may create the Black Death. Even New York City streets during the period of horse transportation were full of defecation which was a major source of disease until the hygiene movement forced the daily removal from the streets of horse droppings.

See the Bible at Deuteronomy 23:13 which covers this as a law against allowing such pollution.

Now if England had been as smart as the Chinese, they would not have listened to Justin von Liebig who concocted the idea to replace the depleted nutrients in the now tired soil where the night soil was thrown into the rivers with artificial fertilizers who is consequently responsible for the astronomical rise of cancer in the world.  


It was the sanitation movement that ended all the diseases such as diphtheria, small pox, measles and not vaxxinations where the disease is given to the patient so he can create antibodies against it. Here is the logic. You give the person the disease so that he will not get the disease. That is really no logic at all. Yet the hygiene movement did not deter the Justin von Liebig’s spoliation of the food supply.

Now since we know that radiation causes cancer, then it cannot be said that the cancer from radiation is caused by a germ or virus but a reaction to this external attack on our body by living near a nuclear reactor. Here the absurdity is to radiate the cancer patient by the very radiation that caused the cancer itself.

An unexpected rise in strontium-90 in US deciduous teeth in the 1990s – PubMed

Dr. Albert Schweitzer went in 1913 to French Equatorial Africa to found a hospital and for seventeen years not one cancer patient came into his hospital as Africa was not plagued with cancer but when the western processed foods came in the cancer rate rose to European levels. Thus, the cause of cancer was the carcinogenic diet and not a germ to be killed. Dr. Max Gerson in collaboration with Dr. Schweitzer developed a new diet for the cancer patient that was totally organic and dissolved the cancer in the bodily system. He called it the “Gerson Therapy”. The good doctor called cancer a form of defence mechanism for the toxins from the bad food for the body.  Once the inorganic food was replaced by organic food the cancer would dissolve as soon as the body was no longer exposed to carcinogenic foods.

Here we come to what they call the c0r0navirus today which “germ” has never been isolated so the vaxxination has been developed for a disease that has not been proven to exist. We have presented evidence of this before and can again for any reader. This does not mean people have not become sick. What it means is that they do not know what is causing the disease in the first place and it is charged that this disease is being used for a political reset. What appears to have happened if the statistics are accurate is that the vaxxine appears to merely a symptom suppressant on what will surely be a temporary basis. This is the case with most modern, inorganic medicines. It does not cure a disease but suppresses them appearing to be a cure. A friend of mine developed leukemia of the blood and I asked him what inorganic medicines he was taking and he said a blood thinner for twenty years. I told him that is where your cancer came from and his doctor immediately took him off the blood thinner. He later died from the chemotherapy with my copy of Dr. Gerson’s book by his bed.  

However, in the case of this genetic vaxxine applied to the c0r0navirus today, all previous tests ended in failure on a five year basis and was proved to be highly dangerous. This new genetic vaxxine has not been completely tested as the longest test was about two months so it is purely experimental. That nation states are attempting to coerce their entire populations to be vaxxinated on an ongoing experimental test violates the basic laws that were established at Nuremberg against the actions of Dr. Josef Mengele who was called the angel of death for killing so many patients in experiments that they were coerced or forced to participate in as is happening now.  

Now there are experts who are linking the rollout of 5G, where Wuhan was the first major city in the world to roll out 5G in a total and complete manner, and suggesting that there is here the linkage of 5G to the c0r0navirus as we saw above with nuclear power radiation and cancer.  It is said to have started at Wuhan but the Chinese could not isolate any virus so they did not to this day know what it is.  The following article suggests a most interesting logical progression from the Spanish flu linkage to electricity to the linkage of the c0r0navirus to 5G.



Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2020 

In his landmark book on electricity and life, “The Invisible Rainbow,” Arthur Firstenberg, traces an eerie connection between the advent of four new technologies and major influenza epidemics in 1889, 1918, 1958 and 1968.

Spanish Flu 1918

The most notable connection is the famous Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918, which killed more than 20 million people worldwide. This epidemic actually started on military bases in the US at about the same time the US military was rolling out a new form of wireless communications. Between 1917 and 1918, the US military built the world’s largest radio network. Meanwhile, the flu accelerated across military bases both stateside and overseas, and on ships equipped with the powerful wireless transmitters. As the troops and wireless equipment arrived in the European theatre during WWI, a sudden explosion of disease raced unabetted across Europe.

Wireless Impacts to the Earth’s Natural Electrical Field

As this influenza seemed to move too fast for historic disease models, dozens of scientists began to question the idea of a contagious virus. Testing was inconclusive as to whether the Spanish flu virus (H1N1) was actually being spread by germs, or something else. Firstenberg and others put forth the theory that wireless and other electrical fields may change the electrical nature of the earth’s atmosphere. The electrical core of the earth generates the earth’s electromagnetic field, which sends electromagnetic waves outward to the ionosphere, where they bounce back to earth and circumnavigate the globe. In its natural state, the earth emanates a 500 milligauss magnetic field at about 7.83 cycles per second. Yet, dramatic electrical changes to the earth’s atmosphere could disrupt the evolutionary balance of the electrical nature of the planet.

Could such an electrical shock to earth’s natural electrical field trigger dormant viruses in people and animals? After all, we are all electrical creatures. When we are healthy, 50 trillion cells in our bodies operate at around 70 millivolts. Could the new US military wireless signals, which had suddenly sprung up across the globe, have activated unnatural electrical activity in the already highly, electrically-charged ionosphere? And what effects could this have on our own body chemistry, which depends on a delicate electrical balance?

1889 Flu Epidemic

Firstenberg also connects the flu epidemic of 1889 with a new electrical innovation. This time it was the rapid expansion of the electrified railroad in the US. Until 1888, there were only 45 miles of electrified railroad in the US. Yet, in a single year, this network grew to over 1000 miles. These very low frequency waves can travel thousands of miles, bouncing off the ionosphere and virtually traveling around the world at the speed of light. That same year a vicious flu erupted virtually simultaneously in such far-flung places as Greenland, Uzbekistan and Northern Alberta. It then quickly appeared in even more disparate locations, such as Philadelphia, Australia and the Balkans. In the days of pre-air travel, it seemed impossible that a contagious disease could travel this fast to so many seemingly-unrelated geographies.


Flu becomes an Annual Phenomenon

By the end of 1889, the death toll had reached over one million worldwide. Even more telling is that until then, influenza outbreaks had been a relatively rare occurrence. It had been nearly 30 years since the previous influenza outbreak in England. Firstenberg suggests that 1889 marked the beginning of influenza being an annual phenomenon for humans.

Missile Defense Systems and the Asian Flu of 1958

We now flash forward to 1958. In the heart of the Cold War, the US had just completed the build-out of the most powerful and extensive missile defense system the world had ever seen. Hundreds of high power radar stations which generated 1350 megahertz signals and included Doppler stations, operating at more than one kilowatt, were suddenly filling the heavens with unnatural levels of microwave radiation. The problem is that all these microwave signals bounce off the ionosphere and then come back to earth. The earth’s electrical envelope acts like a resonating chamber that traps all this electrical activity and propels it at light speed to all corners of the planet.

During the build-out the US triple-threat missile defense system, the Asian Flu was born in China. The death toll ultimately reached 4 million worldwide. Scientists associated this flu with the H2N2 virus, which was thought to be avian-related.

So, which is it? Is the flu caused by long dormant viruses, which are suddenly triggered by electrical disruptions in the atmosphere? Or, as it is generally believed, is the flu transmitted by viruses mainly found in birds, or poultry that somehow find their way into the human population? Actually, both theories may be correct.

Immune System weakened from Wireless Radiation

In 2013, a Washington State University professor, Dr. Martin Pall published a landmark paper, “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects.” This paper shows how electrical changes to ion channels can lead to biological chaos in the body, including the proliferation of free-radicals and excess calcium ions. Excess calcium ions (electrically charged elements) can be toxic. Typical symptoms include nausea, fatigue, muscle pain and fuzzy thinking. Sound a little like the flu? Meanwhile the proliferation of free-radicals creates inflammation, neurological impacts, and a compromised immune system.

If both Pall and Firstenberg are right, the rapid spread of the flu is much more than just the exposure to the underlying virus. While the virus is real, it may be both triggered and accelerated by changes in the electrical environment. Such changes undermine our immune response to these viruses and we are unable to fight them off.

The 5G Connection


This brings us to 5G. For those who are unfamiliar with 5G, it is the fifth generation of wireless and cellular technologies. It uniquely uses intense clusters of wireless transmitters, which produce extremely high frequency signals and raise radiation exposures to humans exponentially. The frequency levels of this new technology can be many, many times higher than current wireless standards. Noted physicist Maxwell Planck showed that the level of energy in an electrical source is proportional to its frequency. Thus, 5G stands to impose significantly higher biological effects on humans than any previous technology.

Now, is it any coincidence that Wuhan, China, a leading “Smart City”, and one of the earliest adopters of 5G transmitters, is the very source of C0vid-19 – the C0r0navirus?

Well, if you are still doubting the connection between 5G and the C0r0navirus, check out this overlay map* which locates major 5G installations in China and the major outbreaks of the C0r0na virus there.

Maybe Firstenberg’s claim of a connection between influenza and wireless technology is not so far-fetched after all.

The red and blue circles below represent 5G installations in China and North Korea. The light pink shows the regions marking the spread of C0r0navirus. The map was created by an independent researcher overlaying a map of the 5G rollout in China with a map of the C0vid-19 outbreak, both downloaded as of 2/26/20. Understand, this is a crude gauge using what information was publicly available on that date, and it is presented here only as a means to suggest that further serious research correlating C0vid-19 incidence with locations of the 5G infrastructure should be undertaken. If greater incidence of the C0r0navirus is occurring in locations where 5G technologies have been deployed, this will be of critical public health importance.

See recent write up on 5G risks, including mention of the C0vid-19 by Dr. Martin Pall here.

Professor Emeritus Martin Pall, February 25, 2020: Massive Predicted Effects of 5G in the Context of Safety Guideline Failures: Very High Level VGCC Sensitivity to Low Intensity EMFs and Especially to Pulsations

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