Steve Beckow: Inching Towards Disclosure


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

March 17, 2021

Inching Towards Disclosure

As the Federation of Light said, we’re inching towards world-changing disclosures.  One disclosure leads to another.

The dissenters from the Royals, for instance, achieved public notice with Diana.

Now Meghan and Harry have widened the breach by leaving Britain, physically distancing themselves from the Royal Family, and speaking out.

Given the media frenzy that occurred in Britain, one can gauge the heartbreak and humiliation that will occur when the full truth is known.

I don’t know how much Harry knows about his mother’s death. Or about the Satanism and ped/ophilia in the Royal Family.


But, like John F. Kennedy Jr. before him, I’m certain Diana’s death made a life-altering impression on his mind. (1)

It sets up a paradoxical situation: If he knows that she was killed, then he knows he too risks death. And yet if he knows of the corruption of the Royal Family – and its full extent is not yet known (2) – the pressure of pretending he doesn’t know is probably fairly great. (3)

I believe Harry and Meghan will disclose in a steplike fashion. They take one step. Society catches up. They take another.

But it’d be accelerated if the various movements came together – #Occupy, #MeToo and all their offshoots. And they will.  People at this moment are holding “worldwide” and “global” events. The word is in the air. The energy streamer for uniting for a world that works is in the collective consciousness.


To communicate the power of Light (or what Matthew would call Light/Love) to banish darkness, Sri Ramakrishna used to point out to his devotees how a little light, let into a dark room, will illuminate the whole room.

A little light from the Alliance can unstring many networks of darkness. But the Alliance plays lawfully and the deep state kills so the Alliance needs to be vigilant in ways the deep state do not.


If the celestials and galactics have not let in a hugely-powerful Light before now to vanquish the dark, it’s because too high a voltage too quickly would fry our circuits and our bodies wouldn’t survive. Not because the Light they’re sending us is not powerful in gradually subduing the dark.

However our karma also says that we should do our part in the heavy lifting and that’s exactly what I think Meghan and Harry are doing.

The disclosure process they’ve started probably will take in his brother, Prince Andrew, already implicated with Jeffrey Epstein, and his father, Charles, already known to be a friend and associate of ped/ophile and celebrity Jimmy Saville.

And this, in combination with #MeToo and the Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein investigation, I think, will prove a major factor, I believe, in bringing down the facade on royalty, world leaders, religion, Hollywood, etc.


What will we cling to when the dam breaks? When some of our favorite people are shown to be corrupted and our world seems to be falling apart?  (4)

I can tell you what I’ll be clinging to. My heart. Hindus might say the Divine Mother’s Feet. I don’t believe them to be different.

Is it not said that the Mother’s feet end in my heart? Is Shakti not depicted dancing on Shiva’s heart?

Once things start going there won’t be time to discuss the heart. Suffice it to say that everything we seek is to be found there and flowing from it.

Love flows wonderfully and continually in the heart. Bliss, joy, and peace are all to be found there. (5)


I just remembered this moment something I’d forgotten: In around 1989, I found myself suddenly taken up onto an inner promontory from which I viewed the universe inside. Inside what? Inside the heart.

In the depths of the heart “resides” the Light we are. In another region of the heart is found a tsunami of Love, which becomes an Ocean of Love in time.

It may be that it takes this level of alarm and dismay before some people locate their hearts. (6) And it may take this level of commitment before their hearts open. (7)

We know these events are happening to wake humanity up to the suffering of women and children, the poor, the disabled, the persecuted, etc. and open our hearts.

Maybe this is what it takes to bring in universal basic income, universal medicare, universal accessibility to education, etc.

Whatever the case, safe refuge when everything seems to be toppling can be found in the heart. “Remain Calm and Stay in the Heart.”

These things can accelerate rapidly, once the blockade put up by the mainstream media is successfully circumvented. And we’re expecting that circumvention weekly.


(1) An impression that bends the twig and so inclines the tree.

(2) Among the connections to be revealed is that between the Queen’s uranium mines, the production of depleted uranium via nuclear plants, their use in weaponry, and the omnicidal/planet-killing impact of DU in the atmosphere. The sight of one Iraqi baby, born deformed from DU contamination, will make its omnicidal nature instantly and indelibly clear.


(3) I went through this in 2000 when my guru, a purnavatar (a full and complete Incarnation of God), turned out to be a pedophile. My world fell apart.

(4) Cognitive dissonance builds and we start to behave weirdly if we don’t communicate the truth.

(5) I think the divine qualities are to be found there because the Self “resides” in the heart.  But that’s just my guess.  The Self is to be “found” in the “bottom” of the heart, the depths, what the Bible calls the seat of the soul. It can be reached in meditation – probably far easier now in this Sat Yuga or Golden Age than previously.

(6) According to Sri Ramana, the hridayam or heart aperture, which is usually closed, lies two digits to the right of the sternum. When it opens, we’re able to “enter” the heart.

(7) I’m not referring to open-heartedness. The opening of the heart is a fourth-chakra event which Hindus call spiritual awakening and Buddhists stream-entering. It is a definite event, rather than an attitude or quality.