America has been Betrayed!



Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay, Contributing Writer

March 14, 2021

America Has Been Betrayed!

Anyone paying attention to the mainstream news in the last year can see that the public is being lied to about this pandemic and that the government’s stated objective to “Follow the science” has devolved into “Shut up and do as you’re told!”

Despite several mask studies that have concluded masks don’t work, and the fact that the Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) just published a report last week on March 5, written by doctors and Ph.D. scientists that admitted:

“Face masks do not provide protection against the Wuhan [Corona]virus (C0VID-19) and potentially worsen the infection risk.” So, why are the Biden Administration and Dr. Fauci still pushing mandatory wearing of masks on us?

Joe Biden addressed the nation on March 11 to discuss the C0VID hoax and not only did he not mention the new CDC report, he doubled down on this mask idiocy! Earlier in the week dopey Joe was seen wearing 2 masks, the question he needs to be asked is, why isn’t he following the science?

Dr. Jay Battacharya from Stanford University told Newsweek that lockdowns don’t work and have proven to be “the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years”.  He went on to say that these lockdowns disproportionately hurt lower-income families and that cities and states with the most draconian lockdowns fared no better than those that refused to implement them. Why do these Governors and Mayors still have lockdowns in effect? What is the real end game?




Earlier this week Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary lied to the American people saying the gene therapy, known as the C0VID-19 vaxxine, is licensed and approved by the FDA, which is simply not true. This so-called mRNA vaxxine was untested on animals and humans and will change the DNA of those that take it. The vaxxines are only approved as an experimental drug approved for use under the “Emergency Measures Act.”

They have no data on the short- or long-term effects of the vaxxine. The truth is they have never isolated this C0VID virus. How is it that they have a vaxxine for a virus they’ve yet to identify? Now they claim variant viruses are out there but they have yet to be identified either. Dr. Fauci says after you get the Vaxxine you still need to wear a mask, self-distance and avoid large crowds. Why in the hell would anyone get the vaxxine in the first place?

There is another reason that people might want to avoid this experimental vaxxine and that is people of all ages and fitness levels are having serious negative effects from the vaxxine. Data from the CDC shows that more women than men are suffering serious side effects and many pregnant women have suffered miscarriages after receiving the vaxxine.

Despite the fact that infants are virtually at zero risk of infection, Johnson and Johnson is planning C0VID-19 trials on infants and newborns. Since the CDC data reveals that minors age 0 to 19 have a 99.997 survival rate, why would anyone in their right mind force this vaxxine on a healthy, helpless infant, much less a grade school or a high school student?

CBS recently confirmed that 80% of those vaxxinated have suffered negative side effects. Many are becoming sick with C0VID-19, others are afflicted with neurological problems, seizures, Gulainne Barre Syndrome, blood clots, anaphylactic shock and death. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny Exposes 10 Deadly Dangers of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson Vaxxines:

Ethan Huff with reports that at least 8 countries in Europe have suspended all administration of the Astrazeneca C0VID-19 vaxxine after dozens of people developed serious blood clots after receiving their jab.




On Friday the CDC released updated figures onto the Vaxxine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which now shows 31,079 adverse reactions including 1524 deaths following their experimental Moderna or Pfizer vaxxine in the US. These numbers by no means tell the full story as only a small percentage of these cases are reported to VAERS and the CDC has a history of being less than forthcoming on these issues. The UK for instance has already recorded 191,832 adverse events which include a number of people who have gone blind or lost their hearing after their jab. Doha Madani with NBC recently reported:

“A large percentage of front-line medical workers in US hospitals and nursing homes have refused to take the C0VID-19 vaxxine…about 50% of the staff at California’s Riverside Hospital and 60% of nursing home staff in the state of Ohio.”

No matter, dopey Joe said this week that if we get our vaxxine, wear a mask, and social distance we might be able to have a few friends over on the 4th of July. Is he crazy?  This is supposed to be a free country? Throw off your mask and call the traitors that represent you in the Congress, Senate, and your Governor and tell them enough of this fake pandemic!

It is obvious to me that C0VID-19 is part of a dark agenda. The number of deaths is another lie. If 400,000 people died of C0VID-19 last year, why was the total number of deaths in 2020 roughly the same as the previous year? The same people who are buying this hoax are the same people who bought the ludicrous explanation our government gave us for 911. The ignorant Americans that believe Osama bin Laden was behind the attacks on 911 are masked up today, properly distanced, and virtue signaling at the grocery store!

I saw Dr. Fauci on ESPN’s “First Take” this week regaling the hosts Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman with his typical gloom and doom fear porn. These 2 progressive dupes listened adoringly to the little vaxxine grifter but didn’t ask a single question that begged to be answered like, ‘how much is the good doctor making off of the testing and the vaxxines for this contrived pandemic hoax?’, Or, how about, ‘how long have you and Bill Gates been conspiring to use a fake pandemic to destroy western economies and vaxxinate the world?’, Or, ‘has this virus proven to be an airborne threat?’

The truth is, Fauci likely suspects or already knows that it isn’t.

There is evidence the Spanish Flu was created in a US Military bio-lab and after much testing, they knew the deceptively named flu was not an airborne disease yet they still went ahead and ordered a mask mandate. Consequently, many of those that died, perished from bacterial pneumonia due to the mask mandate and not the Spanish Flu.

The Fauci fanboys on “First Take,” should have checked out Dr. Fauci’s interview with Mexican comedian, Eugenio Derbez who asked tough questions that the American media should have asked a long time ago. Fauci explains that we need a high percentage of the population to get vaxxinated to achieve herd immunity, but we will still be carriers of the virus, can still get sick from the virus, and can still spread the virus to Grandma, which is why we will still need to wear a mask after getting our jab. WTF???

Mr. Durbez then asked the obvious question, ‘how do you get to herd immunity if people who are vaxxinated can still spread the virus?’

Like a cornered rat, Dr. Fauci, who was obviously flustered during this entire interview, talked in circles and never gave a clear answer. The question every American should be asking is, what is real purpose of this vaxxine?




This must watch video features Del Bigtree, the Producer of “Vaxxed: From Cover-up To Catastrophe”

We are being deluged with lies, cancel-culture, critical race theory, and open racism against Whites, because we are told that Black people can’t be racist and all White people are racist from birth due to “unconscious bias” according to Black Lives Matter.” Critical race theory is now being taught in our grade schools by virtue signaling racists, and woke, anarchist teachers? God help us!

*Fake Woke- By Tom MacDonald

Disney is flagging kid’s movies like Dumbo, Peter Pan, the Aristocats, and Swiss Family Robinson, with content warnings because they have now been labeled as racist. Disney explained:

“Titles with a content advisory notice related to negative-depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures have been excluded.” Generations of children of all races have enjoyed these films for decades, yet one must now wonder if any of these films could get made today. I can think of a long list of great films that would never get made today, but would we really be better off?

According to a report by the “National Center For Missing And Exploited Children”, Facebook had more than 20 million Child sexual abuse images on its platform in 2020, while they censored evidence of election fraud, vaxxine dangers, human caused global warming and Israel’s continued Apartheid policies in the West Bank and Gaza. Our elected officials could do something about it, why don’t they?

Dementia Joe is like a zombie on “The Walking Dead.” He shuffles around like Marley’s ghost with his mouth hanging open and a blank stare on his face. His handlers are enacting racist policies that we are told have been put in place to fight racism. Trying to use racism to stop racism is idiotic and creating policies specifically targeting White citizens is no way to bring about unity, but I suspect Joe’s handlers already know that.

The America I grew up in is just about gone. Malls are ghost towns, commercial and residential evictions are soaring, inflation is ready to explode, and our good faith in smoke and mirrors is, for the time being, keeping the overvalued stock market from imploding. We have a corrupt FBI, CIA, DOJ, Supreme Court, and Congress who serve the big corporations, big Pharma, drug cartels, Israel, globalists and the CCP, who are blackmailing, bribing, and threatening them to betray us.

Honor and fidelity among these traitors don’t stand a chance against the bankrolls of “Vaxxine Bill” Gates, George Soros, and Sheldon Adelson, to name a few.

I read on various sites that the White Hats are coming. I say the White Hats had better make their move soon while there is still a country to save, because if they don’t, we don’t stand a chance.




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